“How To OPTIMISE Your Dreams, Increase Dream RECALL And Understand What Your Dreams MEAN”


What if you could ‘OPTIMISE’ your dreams? What if you could go from ‘fuzzy fragments’ of a scene you don’t really understand to vivid, crisp, 4K adventures that you both REMEMBER and UNDERSTAND?

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If you’re into lucid dreaming, you’ll love this:

The most important things you need to be able to do are:

  • REMEMBER your dreams (without dream recall, you’ll really struggle to lucid dream)
  • UNDERSTAND what your dreams mean (dream meanings can be powerful messages and lessons for you to learn)

But most people NEVER try and improve their dream recall, or understand what their dreams mean. And they’re missing out on SO MUCH!

Turns out: 

There are actually some really simple ways you can improve your dream recall, and understand what your dreams mean.

This has been part of my obsession over the last few years, to really understand how and why we remember dreams. How do the memories form, and WHY do we forget them so easily?

It’s almost like a different world, but there are PROVEN ways to bring those crisp memories back to this reality.

And then once you can remember your dreams, well…

That’s where the magic happens.

When you can REMEMBER your dreams, you can:

  • Lucid dream MORE (much more often, and more easily)
  • Actually feel inspired and excited because you remember your adventures
  • Understand and interpret them and figure out what they mean

But most people don’t know how to do that!

Let me share my ‘nerdy’ research and concepts with you!

People responded really well to our ‘Black Friday’ offer…

…so we thought we’d offer something else, something even better.

Introducing: The ‘Green Monday’ DREAM OPTIMISATION PACKAGE. Increase Your Dream Recall, Interpret Your Dreams, And Supercharge Them

Time Until This Deal EXPIRES (This Is A ONE TIME Deal, Just For 'Green Monday')








This deal combines some of the most important parts of dreaming into one package. 

  • How to REMEMBER more of your dreams (in incredible detail, most mornings)
  • How to INTERPRET your own dreams, and really understand the meanings of them 

Plus we’ve thrown in a bonus ‘mini course’ on binaural beats and dream optimisation strategies.

Here’s more about what’s included:

1: Our Highly Effective Dream Recall Program: Remember Vivid Dreams In Just A Few Days (Value $67)

A huge PDF program showing you how to remember your dreams in VIVID and incredible detail.

This is my dream recall ‘master blueprint’ that will take you from not being able to remember ANY dreams, to being a master. Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

  • Several proven memory improvement methods specifically for lucid dreaming and remembering more dreams
  • Never forget another profound lucid dream again, so you can always experience awesome things in your mind
  • Learn how to go BACK INTO your dreams (lucid or normal) once you’ve woken up, and explore the vivid detail all over again! (This is great for recreating those special experiences)
  • Instant access to the PDF download so you can start improving your dream recall today. There’s also a 60 day money-back guarantee
  • A secret memory trick that lets you memorize a list of 150 WORDS in 3 minutes or less, so you never have to forget important things again!
  • A highly effective ‘mind hack’ you can do while you’re still in bed to remember 6 times as many dreams, just by closing your eyes and doing this!
  • The proper way to THINK about dreams and dream recall: Almost everyone gets this part completely wrong, and as a result don’t remember any dreams properly..
  • A brand new, revolutionary way of keeping a dream journal and writing your dreams down that lets you ALWAYS find the dream you’re looking for, and remember far more than ever before (as well as be able to find/remember dreams from years ago in just a few seconds)
  • Learn why you’ve been approaching dream recall all wrong, and how to fix it in just 4 days or less!
  • How to use a strange subliminal messaging soundtrack to let you unlock your mind, remember more and feel better: This alone is a very powerful method that is usually only available in very expensive memory courses and training sessions..
  • A highly effective thing you can do while you’re still in bed to remember 6 times as many dreams, just by closing your eyes and doing it
  • An effective way to change your mindset about dream recall that will make everything to do with memory finally make sense for you.
  • The technique for capturing dream memories forever in a mind capsule: This will be massively beneficial when it comes to writing your dreams down and living the adventures again later on..
  • Learn the surprising reason your dream memories FADE as soon as you wake up, and what to do about it!
  • The weird way to calm your body in order to fall asleep faster that you can do in just a few minutes
  • A way you can LAY DOWN during the day and remember dreams as if they’d just happened
  • How to use ‘REM fragmentation’ to experience SEVERAL vivid dreams every night, and recall them easily
  • Plus loads more!

2: The Dream Meaning Matrix: Interpret And Understand Your Dreams Meaning, And The Messages Behind Them (Value $197)

Advanced lucid dreaming with superpowers

Your dreams contain powerful guidance and messages from your subconscious mind, and higher powers.

They’re pretty important.

Interpreting them can help you TRANSFORM your life, and unlock your potential. I remember when I first started learning about the meaning behind dreams… I was AMAZED at the level of detail and how profound these messages can really be, when you break them down and listen to them. It’s really amazing.

Several of these dreams have quite literally changed my life and given me guidance and advice that has MASSIVELY helped me to improve my circumstances.

And I truly believe this came from a higher power. But even if you don’t believe that and just want to know the meaning behind them: This is really special.

It’s like having a personal guide or partner in crime who knows you better than you know YOURSELF, and who can guide and advise you on literally anything and everything. It’s really a powerful tool that you can use to change your life, and upgrade yourself.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn in the course:

  • The MOST common 101 dream meanings, interpreted and explained in great detail, so you can get a head start on understanding your dreams, today
  • How to INTERPRET any dream within minutes, even if they’re confusing, weird, or scary, and you’ve never interpreted dreams before
  • WHY dream meanings are so damn confusing and complicated, and how they really work. No more waking up thinking ‘what on EARTH did that crazy dream mean?’.
  • How to avoid, master, overcome and USE sleep paralysis to your advantage, so you can either have more vivid dreams, or lucid dream, and CONTROL the dream to be whatever you wish
  • What the FEELING of a dream really means, and what the most common ‘dream feeling states’ mean or how to spot them easily. This will let you get a really accurate foundation of the meaning and ‘set the scene’ for the dream meanings to surface
  • What the DREAM LOCATION really means (The location can change and influence the entire meaning of everything else, and completely change the interpretation, so you need to know how to analyse this!)
  • The immense power of the subconscious mind explained: How it’s able to create such incredible and intricate dream stories, and WHY it does this in the first place (‘theories of dreaming’ are also explored in this section)
  • What your specific dream CHARACTERS mean, and why you dream about friends, family, or people you know (There’s a couple of things to really watch out for here!). 55% of dreams or MORE are about people we know. This has a very important meaning which we’ll explore.
  • Dreams that can predict the future explained: Can you predict the future or see into other ‘timelines’ with dreams and their interpretations? This might actually surprise you quite a bit.
  • How you can use ‘mind mapping’ to understand dreams you THOUGHT you already knew the meaning of (go really deep here, and unlock the TRUE meaning of even the most simple dreams). This is a really powerful technique that I use to extract hidden ‘layers of meaning’ from my dreams that I’ve already interpreted.
  • How you can use LUCID DREAMING to get your dreams to interpret themselves. This is a HUGE time saver but also, just another option for you. It’s another way of analysing your dream meanings and getting your dream symbols to DIRECTLY tell you what they mean
  • How you can control your dream symbols and signs, and literally talk to your subconsicous mind as if it were a person standing next to you at the bar!
  • And much, much more.

3: Binaural Beats Mastery: How To Easily Supercharge Your Dreams, Dream Recall, And Lucid Dreams (Value $77)

Advanced lucid dreaming with superpowers

A high quality PDF ebook and mini video course showing you how binaural beats really work. You’ll learn how to use these special sound waves in combination with lucid dreaming techniques to massively increase your chances of success.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn in the course:

  • What are binaural beats, and how do they REALLY work on your brain?
  • How the different frequencies come together to produce the ‘ghost frequency’ and why it’s so MAGICAL for your brain when this happens
  • How binaural beats can help reduce stress levels, improve your sleep, speed up your healing, give you more lucid dreams, and unlock your dream life
  • How often SHOULD you listen to them? This is not what many people talk about!
  • The best time of day or night to listen to the different frequencies, to MAXIMISE their effect on your brainwave state
  • The best time to mediate and how to use binaural beats to BOOST your meditation practice through the roof
  • Using binaural beats to FOCUS: A complete lesson on how to focus more, and reach ‘flow state’ very quickly, every time so you can get more done, and unlock your creativity
  • Using binaural beats to LUCID DREAM: Complete lesson on using brainwave entrainment to have a lucid dream including an exclusive lucid dreaming technique guaranteed to give you powerful lucid dreams when combined with binaural beats
  • Improving your SLEEP QUALITY with binaural beats: Learn how to sleep better/longer, and fall asleep FASTER using bianural beat tracks properly
  • The truth about whether or not binaural beats are SAFE, and how to avoid the dangers of listening to them
  • How to STUDY better and more effectively using binaural beats, and why you find it difficult to concentrate normally (explaining your brainwave states and how they stop you focusing)
  • SUBLIMINAL LEARNING and messaging with binaural beats: Learn things while you sleep, and wake up SMARTER?!
  • How to actually CREATE your own binaural beats using a simple program you can download for free, so you can fine tune binaural beats to give you the EXACT results you’re looking for
  • A curated list of the BEST places to get binaural beats and the most effective, high quality and most tested packages online.
  • Plus much more

That’s a total value of $341 if you bought everything individually…

 Get All Of This In The ‘DREAM OPTIMISATION PACKAGE’ Right Now For Just $29! Optimise And Enhance Your Dreams TONIGHT!

  • You’ll get unlimited lifetime access to all of these programs, courses, ebooks and resources for just one price today
  • 60 day money back guarantee so you don’t even have to decide now. But I bet you’ll love it! 
  • HowToLucid.com programs and products are backed by proven psychological principles, thought patterns, lucidity induction techniques and NLP (neuro linguistic programming) concepts. This is the most effective way to learn to lucid dream
  • Our students rate us 5 star on Trustpilot and our work has helped millions of people all around the world to lucid dream
  • 1: The Dream Recall Program: Remember Your Dreams In Vivid Detail, And Increase Your Clarity – Value $97
  • 2: The Dream Meaning Matrix – Value $197
  • 2: The Binaural Beats Mastery Program – Value $77

Total Value: $341 if you bought everything individually.

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It’s A Complete No Brainer: Here’s Why:

This is for you if: You struggle to lucid dream or REMEMBER your dreams. Or if you’re interested in learning the MEANING behind your dreams, and what they’re telling you. This is the best package for ‘optimising’ your dreams and enhancing your experiences. 

There’s actually a 60 day money back guarantee, EVEN on this deal.

So you could buy it today, try everything out, and then still get your money back. And keep the products. I’m not sure how much longer I’ll keep that offer there actually, but for now, you can try it all out risk free.

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