I Have Dreams That Really Happen! Precognitive Dreams Explained


🌙 Written by Kai Riverstone, international lucid dreaming expert and teacher. Learn how to lucid dream in 7 days or less.

Jeff woke up from sleep feeling disturbed. He had dreamt that he was sacked from his place of work after he had an altercation with his boss. Two weeks later, Jeff gets the pink slip from his boss. And it happened JUST like it played out in his dream.

This story is not exclusive to Jeff, however. Each of us have had dreams whose future predictions came to pass at some point..

Some people claim to have the ability to see into the future. In fact, this “gift” is so sought after that there is a whole industry founded on dreams and their interpretations. Surely, you must have come across such people or even patronized them.

Whatever the case may be, come along with us as we try to figure out if precognitive/premonition dreams are real. But first, let’s understand WHAT these dreams are:

What are precognitive or premonition dreams?

Put simply, these are dreams that appear to predict an event that will take place sometime in the future. But there is a subtle difference between precognitive and premonition dreams that we would love to point out.

Premonition Dreams

Have you ever been in a situation whereby you were suddenly bombarded with a vision of a future event? This vision could happen while you were eating, driving, or talking with a friend. If you have, did you also notice that you were anxious and had a gut feeling that what you saw in the vision was real?

Precognitive dream

If you are nodding your head in agreement, then what you experienced was a premonition. And it usually occurs while you are wide awake. Majority of the time, premonitions come with nervousness and a tightening in your guts because you are entirely sure that a disastrous event is about to occur.

Precognition Dreams

A precognitive dream, on the other hand, happens while you are sleeping. It is only during bedtime that you get those futuristic dreams that turn out to be mostly accurate. And just like premonitions, you are confident that your dream will surely come to pass in no distant time.

As you can see, the major difference between these two is that while one takes place during the day, the other occurs at night.

Before we proceed, you should note that not ALL dreams, flashes, or visions can be attributed to predicting the future. So if you had a dream where your celebrity crush fell in love with you and you guys got married in a castle and lived happily ever after, we are sorry to burst your Disney bubble, because it probably won’t happen.

Are precognitive/premonition dreams real?

To answer this question, let’s go back to Jeff from the beginning of the article:

If you look at his story, you might conclude that precognitive/premonition dreams are real. He had a dream about getting fired from his job, and it happened! He predicted the future, right?

In reality, Jeff had a turbulent and volatile relationship with his boss. And due to this fact, he was privy to lots of subtle information from his subconscious mind. Even though his feelings were not being voiced, Jeff KNEW deep down (in his subconscious mind) that his days at his workplace were limited. Besides, thanks to the signals he was receiving from his boss, he was sure that it would only be a matter of time before the inevitable happened.

Most of our dreams that tend to show us the future are an expression of our secret feelings. And these feelings are from information collected by our subconscious minds.

Since we cannot share these feelings with anyone, we keep them repressed in our innermost chamber until they find release in our DREAMS!

Based on the above explanation, Jeff’s dream was not real or steeped in the supernatural. They were just a result of his subconscious mind working overtime to be free. To illustrate this further, let’s do an exercise:

Before we begin, we want you to view these dreams as representatives of your senses and instincts. In this exercise, we are going to use something you are adept at doing without even thinking.

Crossing a busy street. Have you noticed that you are so skilled at it that you don’t even have to think before you cross the road?

Now even though this might seem like something you do easily, there is a whole lot of thinking involved. For instance, without being consciously aware, you have already calculated the speed of an oncoming car and the amount of time it will take you to cross the road without being hit by the car.

While this process of crossing a road feels automatic to you, your subconscious was ACTIVELY working in the background, to lead you to safety.

So, precognitive/premonition dreams are just your mind’s way of warning you about a future event that is likely to cause you harm if you do not take care of it. And your mind comes to this conclusion based on information gathered by your subconscious.

In addition, your subconscious can decipher patterns that you are unaware of. For instance, let us assume your neighbor gave you the cold shoulder last week..

Even though you were surprised by it at the time, you have already forgotten about it. But did you know that when that episode happened, there were hidden signs from your neighbor that you failed to pick up?

Consequently, the next time these signs appear, your subconscious will immediately signal to you that something terrible will happen. And this explains the flashes, visions, or gut feelings you have when a bad event wants to occur. It’s that easy!


Even though precognitive/premonition dreams are not real, you should not ignore them. Just see them as your guardian. Besides, science would tell you that they are nature’s way of warning us against unforeseen danger. And we have our ancestors to thank for this evolutionary gift that is now embedded in our DNA. Finally, the next time you have these futuristic dreams, heed their warnings. They are capable of keeping you alive.