Ultimate Spiritual Guide To The Pineal Gland (Third Eye)


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In this post, I’m going to explain everything you need to know about the pineal gland (third eye). You’ll learn what it’s for, how to unblock it, and how to USE it.

This might seem a little strange for you, if you’re ONLY into lucid dreaming.

I don’t often talk about this sort of thing here, but that will be changing.

What Is The Pineal Gland?

The pineal gland or the third eye, is like a small rice sized piece of your body. It’s very small, and it has a really high blood flow. The pineal gland is located at the centre of your brain, which is in the middle of your head. It’s ok if you are not sure how to find it because it’s very small and hard to see.

To find it, try pressing the top of your head with two fingers. The spot you feel under one finger is where the top of your nose is pointing. That’s where the pineal gland is!

So compared to any other organ in the body, any other kind of system in the body, it has the highest blood flow, relative to its size. So what that means is that anything you ingest or put on your skin or inhale is going to very quickly find its way to the pineal gland.

This is why there’s been a global kind of a conspiratorial effort, to have as much chemicals in junk and nonsense in your system as possible.


So that most of it will go to your pineal gland and sever your connection to source, and make you more easily manipulated and controlled. And this is not just me saying this.

There’s a lot of research behind this. You can look into the dangers and of fluoridation fluoride in the water has been shown to increase the amount of phosphate crystals in the pineal gland, which is bad. It’s also a poison.

And you know, if you don’t believe me, look on the back of your toothpaste bottle and it will literally say if you ingest too much of this call poison control because it’s probably not good.

And I actually discovered another confirmation on this recently is that I now have kind of a couple of pet rats. And so what I learned is that they have to have filtered water because the fluoride in the tap water is so dangerous that it could actually kill them.

So you need to be very careful about fluoride in particular.

What Does The Pineal Gland Actually Do?

The pineal gland does a lot of different things. One of the most important things it does is produce melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleep and wake cycles. When the pineal gland gets dark, it makes more melatonin to help you fall asleep.

When the pineal gland gets dark, it makes more melatonin to help you fall asleep. If your sleep cycle is disrupted, you may not be able to get the melatonin you need.

There are of course, other problems with having a blocked pineal gland, like reduced connection to Source, your Higher Self, and more.

What Are Some Signs Your Third Eye Is Open?

We can tell if we opened our third eye by our abilities to sense things that we couldn’t before. For instance, we may see colors or hear sounds that we normally can’t. We might also be able to feel electricity and energy like static electricity on a balloon.

It’s pretty interesting.

When you open your third eye, you will feel like you’re floating on the ceiling. Your brain might get really hot and your body might shake. You might hear some strange sounds or see colors that are very bright or more easily noticed than before.

The annoying truth is:

MOST people, have a blocked or CLOSED third eye (pineal gland).

But the good news, is that you can easily unblock it or open it again.


How To UNBLOCK Your Pineal Gland (Open Your Third Eye)

How can you open the third eye or the pineal gland, as fast as possible, and as easily as possible?

So there’s kind of two components to this, right? The first one is the practical stuff. You can do the physical things, exercises, habits, and routines, and even equipment that you can buy, that will help you to decalcify and open the pineal gland.

And then the second part, which we’ll go into a bit later on is how you can use your willpower and actually request help from other sources and other dimensions, your higher self, your guides you know, there’s a whole team that you can ask to kind of come in and help you do that.

1: Check Your INTAKE Of Substances

The first step really is to understand that, well, like I said, there’s a high blood flow going into the pineal gland, right? There’s a huge amount of blood going through that organ.

So, firstly, get a notepad, write down all of the different things that you put onto your body, or you inhale or you eat and drink on a regular basis.

Things like your shampoo, your toothpaste, your deodorant, your face creams, your everything, all of these different things. And then you want to basically look for better versions of those things.

And I mean, even down to the food you eat, and I won’t go too much into diet because as I’m sure many of, you know, I’m an advocate of the plant based diet, not vegan as such, but the plant-based for 90% to 95% of your calories.

And there’s a good reason for that.

But you want to basically clean up the substances that you’re putting on or into your body in space specifically, you want to focus on the things that you put in and around your mouth like toothpaste.

The things that you put on to sensitive areas of your skin like deodorant, because the under the armpits is a very sensitive area.

There’s a high concentration of blood vessels there.

And when you spray the odor and directly into those, into your sweat glands, you obviously, it has the effect of stopping your sweating, but at the same time, that stuff is going into your bloodstream and it’s not good.

I don’t know if you’ve ever looked at the ingredients of an antiperspirant or a deodorant spray – It’s not very good, at least in terms of your your blood.

You don’t want that stuff in your bloodstream.

2: Improve Your Circadian Patterns

Then you want to focus on your circadian rhythm. And this is actually a process that’s heavily linked to the pineal gland. The secretion of hormones, like serotonin and melatonin. I’ve spoken a lot about this in other videos.

In a nutshell, you know, you want to follow the SUN as much as you can.

So when the sun rises, you want to wake up and go outside and, and move around.

When the sun sets, you want to slow down, you know, turn off as much light sources as much light as you can turn off your screens turned, you know, turn things on to night mode have things like this, which is a pair of blue light blocking glasses and download software like Iris or flux to remove the blue light from the screens that you’re watching.

Now, what that will do is that will actually help your pineal gland to function better.

And a stronger pineal gland is less likely to be blocked by even if you are consuming some trace level of bad stuff, if you’re not able to afford, let’s say a fluoride water filter, let’s say at least if your pineal gland is functioning properly and you’re using the sun to regulate your circadian rhythm, that’s going to at least help compared to if you didn’t do anything.

So then you want to focus on things like having a sleep mask when you sleep, or at least at the very least having a very dark room, having all of your led lights turned off, or like put some electrical tape over them, turn unplugged things that you’re not using and make sure that it’s as dark and cold and quiet as possible because.

Doing this will stimulate the production of melatonin.

And obviously the more you do that, the stronger the pineal gland will become.

And the more open your third eye pineal gland will become.

3: Take An Anti Inflammatory (Natural)

You want to be taking some kind of anti-inflammatory, something like a turmeric or a ginger supplement and omega three capsule to unblock your pineal gland.

Or if you’re not, let’s say if you’re not fully, plant-based, a Cod liver oil capsule, something like that. And then you also want to be supplementing with at the very least some kind of allergy or spirulina extract.

And what that will do is that will actually detoxify your system of things like fluoride and heavy metals, which might have accumulated in your bloodstream. And the most benefits you’ll see from this will be after let’s say one or two weeks of daily supplementation, or, you know, taking this stuff daily.

I have a video on my other channel, about the biohackers breakfast, which is in my opinion, the most nutrient dense and supercharging breakfast that you can possibly have and includes various different supplements.

Also, things like hydrogenated water but among all that stuff, it also has this, this kind of green super greens powder, which contains 80 different nutrients and amino acids, probiotics, prebiotics, and specifically spirulina.

You can watch that video here:

It’s able to bind to things like heavy metals and fluoride and eliminate them from your system much better than almost anything else.

This is especially true, if you have been subjected to kind of EMF a lot, which 99% of you have, including me.

EMF is electromagnetic fields, and this is produced by things like laptops, electricity, anything running an electrical current through it. The worst culprits for this, are big led TV screens, fans and big moving things that are powered by electricity.

Also, things like if you have like an internet tower worse, even still a 5G tower or something producing high levels of radiation or electromagnetic fields, these things damage your pineal gland and your whole biological system as well, to be honest.

But what spirulina will do is it will actually kind of reverse the effects of that. I will give you some kind of protection and kind of fight back against that EMF damage.

4: Reduce The Effects Of EMF Radiation

A few more things you can do with EMFs, is you can actually install like a timer switch for about seven bucks on Amazon, a timer switch that will turn off your internet, wifi router at the plug at certain times.

So let’s say if you go to bed at 10, you could set this thing to go off and just turn the internet off at 10 30 or 10, and turn it back on again in the morning.

So that at least you’re getting six to eight hours, wifi free every day.

It makes a big difference over a long time. Okay. And then you have things like, obviously your phone should be on airplane mode, 99% of the time, unless you need to make a call the effect of phone, radiation of very powerful and dangerous, especially to a blocked pineal gland.

But if you don’t believe me, there was actually a video at least a while ago, where they put like like a piece of aluminum foil in the center of about 10 different phones and they had each phone call the phone opposite.

So there’s 10 phones laid out in a circle.

The foil was in the middle, they had the phones call each other and it actually set the aluminum foil on fire. That’s literally how powerful the the effect of this radiation can be.

And I’ve seen various other tests where they like cook eggs and stuff. It’s not good.

And if you don’t believe me, you can, well try one of those experiments or get yourself a an acoustic meter, which is a small device, and it cost about $20 on Amazon and you can measure electromagnetic fields and electrical current.

And so what you can do is you can actually hold your phone next to this thing, and you can measure the current coming off of it. You can measure the electromagnetic field and it’s not good.

This thing, the, the device, when you hold it in your phone, it will be beeping like crazy.

It will be giving you the red warning light, right?

So when you’re not using a phone airplane mode if you want to go one step further, you can actually get a Faraday pouch, which is lined with kind of insulating electrical insulating material so that no signal can get through the, the patch might, but you probably don’t need this.

It’s just as effective to, to put your phone on airplane mode.

The phones were always holding it next to our brains, not good.

And then we’re sitting with our laptops directly over our groin. And the radiation is basically being emitted in all directions around your wifi chip, when really only needs to be connecting from the laptop to the router. So it doesn’t need to be going through your body.

Another thing recently is people have started using these infrared thermometers, to measure your temperature for whatever reason, they should not be pointed at your forehead.

Because as I said, the pineal gland is literally there.

And so when you shine an infrared beam through your brain, it’s not good for the visual optical cones in your pineal gland. It’s not good for anything. And you can just as easily take your temperature from your wrist, which is why that’s always what I suggest you do.

That’s certainly what I do.

So that’s how you can block out the effect of EMFs, which are quite dangerous to your pineal gland and your third eye. So I could go into more detail on that, but that’s really the realm of my other channel, which is called transcend your limits.

5: Invest In An InfaRed Sauna

One more thing I should mention is that you should invest in something called an infrared sauna.

Basically what that’ll do, is that when you sweat, firstly, if you go into any sauna, it’s going to be good, right? Because when you sweat, you release toxins and you detox your body.

But when you have, when you go into an infrared sauna, the infrared light goes much deeper than just a normal heated sauna would. So the infrared light actually penetrates between four and six inches into your body and makes you sweat from the inside out.

Instead of just for example, your skin getting hot.

And then you sweat because you need to cool down. This actually kind of heats up your cells from the inside out, and you might think that’s bad, but the effect of infrared saunas have been shown to increase your lifespan, you know, to increase cell regeneration, improve your immune system and a whole bunch of other stuff.


Why should you care?

BECAUSE they cause you to sweat out heavy metals and toxins like fluoride and like other things not just fluoride, but heavy metals and toxins.

Now you want to start thinking about the more intangible side to things that’s like the basics.

6: Meditate Every Morning

What you also want to be doing is to be meditating twice a day, at least for I’d say between five and 10 minutes at the bare minimum five minutes, twice a day.

In the morning, and then last thing in the evening.

There are HUGE benefits to meditation, and I’ve spoken about this a lot before. Even better if you use a mind machine to do it. 

7: Ask Your Higher Self For Help

You also want to be subconsciously unconsciously kind of asking and opening your mind up to your guides and your higher self.

This is where I’m probably going to lose everybody who isn’t open to this.

Or, those who are only scientific minded and that’s fine, but you want to be asking for help with doing this right now. You can call it whatever you want.

You can call it a prayer.

You can call it an affirmation, a mantra, you know, you can call it whatever you really want to. But the idea is you just want to ask specifically your higher self to come in and help to unblock and open your third eye at the same time as doing that.

You want to be constantly going back to your intuition. Your intuition is very closely linked to the pineal gland. And it’s the idea that you can kind of sense whether something is bad or good.

You can kind of sense whether if somebody’s energy is slightly off, even without really knowing why you sense it, you can sense whether you should go down one path or another one.

And you know, at a higher level, you can sense what your purpose is, where you should be going and more advanced things like that. But specifically you want to be listening more to your intuition because that’s when messages will come from your higher self directly through the pineal gland, into your informational system to be interpreted by your brain.

Conclusion To Unblocking Your Pineal Gland

So I hope that helps with unblocking and opening your pineal gland and your third eye now specifically for lucid dreaming.

Now, the reason I’ve left this to last is because lucid dreaming is kind of the tip of the iceberg with this stuff, right? When you open your third eye, you’re opening yourself up to a whole range of different things.

Your purpose, your messages will come, downloads will come in and you’ll have more access to things outside of this physical duality based dense reality that we call earth.

So I hope that’s helped if you want to use this to lucid dream, basically when you do those things, you will naturally have more lucid dreams because the lucid world is a way to connect to those higher dimensions in one way or another.

Even let’s say, if you aren’t able to connect to higher dimension, so your pineal gland, by using those things to unblock your third eye, you will then have more lucid dreams, which then get you onto that kind of frequency, where you can be open to those other things.

So I hope that’s made sense.

I do have some other articles about this, which you might find useful.

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