The Best Sleep Tracker? Oura Ring Review After 18 Months Wearing It


🌙 Written by Stefan Zugor, international lucid dreaming expert and teacher. Learn how to lucid dream in 7 days or less.

Today, we’re gonna be talking about the oura ring. The oura ring is a sleep tracker. It’s also TINY, and very good looking.

If you’ve never heard of the Oura, or you don’t even know about sleep tracking, listen up:

Imagine if you could know WHY you’re not sleeping perfectly?

What specific things caused you to sleep better or worse, any given night?

Sleep is VERY important. It doesn’t have to be confusing.

In this post, we’ll break down what the Oura ring is, and how sleep trackers work in general. In my opinion, the Oura ring is the best sleep tracker, and most effective so far.

What Is The Oura Ring?

It’s a smart looking, wearable ring…

Except it can track your sleep, movements, and heart rate.

The idea is you put this the ring your finger and it kind of senses these different things. And there’s an algorithm that detects how you’re sleeping, your movement, your step count, heart rate, variability, blood pressure, pulse, all of these different things.

And, the app, which comes with the ring, which I’ll go through in a second, it will tell you all kinds of different things that will help you improve your sleep, score, your readiness, your, you know heart rate, variability, your, all of these different things.

It will help you improve those things.

In my opinion, it’s an essential tool that you should use for your lucid dreaming biohacking, and just for overall wellness.

Why You NEED A Sleep Tracker

I think sleep is REALLY underrated.

I didn’t discover this until probably like a year ago, and I didn’t really discover sleep tracking until just about two years ago. So for most of my life, I was just kind of guessing I had no idea what things were impacting my sleep.

I had no idea how to improve my sleep!

And I definitely didn’t know things like how much REM sleep or deep sleep am I getting? And every night, how long does it take me to fall asleep? What things affect my sleep, my body temperature, dip, my core temperature, all of these different stats that you can track with your ring.

I had no idea about these things.

The Oura ring shows you all of that. It tells you things like ‘go to bed a bit earlier tonight, you’re feeling tired’.

Or it can detect if you’ve not slept well, and your recover is struggling. This lets you know that you should ‘go easy’ with your workouts the following day, or give yourself some extra time to recover.

Getting better sleep ultimately, results in better EVERYTHING ELSE.

Now I’ve used this ring pretty much every day, maybe with like a couple of days, exception for the last year.

And I’ve got a lot of data from that and I’m going to make another video about the things I learned, like exactly what it’s taught me, but in this video, I just want to focus on my longtime experiences using the ring and why you should probably get one. If you can afford one.

I mean, there are about $300 which might be too much for most people, but don’t let that put you off. You know, don’t leave this article immediately because in the future, you probably will end up getting this.

What I Like About The Oura Ring

So firstly, the good stuff it’s really accurate as far as I can see, it’s fun. It looks good. It’s completely waterproof. And by the way, I’ve tested this thing everywhere. I’ve worn it in showers. It’s swimming in the ocean, you know, in saunas, in hot tubs, climbing, working out, running.

It’s pretty tough.

The first thing I noticed when you get this thing is that pretty light. It’s not metal or at least that is not solid metal. So the whole ring is actually very light. It feels like it’s made of plastic, but don’t let that put you off.

It’s really tough. And it’s completely waterproof. It’s completely wireless as well. It can charge wirelessly and it has this little Ridge. This is the version I got. It has a little red on the top and I think it looks really cool.

Now it will actually tell you, and I’m going to get into the app in a second. It will tell you exactly what is causing or you know, what could be causing your bad sleep. Interruptions, lack of REM sleep, lack of deep sleep. The app is really,

Really good. And I’m gonna get onto the app in a second, but let me just say that overall I’ve loved the ordering. It’s been probably one of my favorite products I’ve owned.

Oura Ring VS Apple Watch?

Before getting the Oura ring, I did actually try the apple watch for a while, and I use some third party app on it. I think it was like ‘auto sleep’, or some kind of app like that. It was okay, BUT I have tattoos all over my wrists.

And so it didn’t really track anywhere near, as accurately as the oura ring.

If you have tattoos, you wo’nt have good luck with an Apple Watch for sleep tracking.

Most nights that we actually say we couldn’t gather any data because the laser couldn’t penetrate through the tattoos. It’s kind of annoying. So I had to get something different, but I’m glad that I did because then I can get the order room. All right.

How The Oura Ring App Works

The Oura app itself, this is available on Apple and Android.

And so firstly, what you notice, is the dashboard just tells you basic things about, you know, your overall health, what you should be doing, how many calories you burned, different exercises, you can track your readiness.

The main thing you’re going to want to be looking at is the sleep tab. Obviously now this dashboard might be a bit confusing at first, but you DO get used to it.

It will tell you things like your total sleep time and you can track that and you can put tags, like what things affected it, walking different exercises, your time in bed, sleep efficiency, resting heart rates, your overall sleep score, which is a combination of all of these different things here, total sleep efficiency, restfulness.

This is for example, how much you toss and turn in the night.

For REM sleep, It tells you how much and what percentage of your total sleep it was. If you click on each item, it tells you like a bit more about it, how you can work on it, how you can improve it, that kind of thing.

It will also track your sleep STAGES.

It tells me when I was in deep sleep, when I was in light sleep REM when I was awake. And exactly when that happened, it also tracks my heart rate throughout the night.

So you can see your sleep day by day here. And then on the online version of this, you can actually track your trends and you can go on like a weekly view and that kind of thing. Now what it will actually do is it also tracks your readiness.

So this is like your overall ability to physically perform.

And it gives you a score, tells you your resting heart rate, your heart rate, variability, very important statistics to know your respiratory rate, your body temperature. So it can tell you, like, for example, on one night I got a 9.4 degree drop in body temperature. And I think that’s because I left a window open on some nights.

It’s a slight rise. Very interesting to know, actually, because this can even tell you if you’re getting sick a day or two before you actually know which is very useful to know, obviously, because you can, you can start recovery before you even know you’re sick.

And then you have like these kind of this dashboard of statistics here telling you about your body temperature, recovery index, very useful heart rate, variability tracked throughout the night, resting heart rate, and then the activity. This is more for during the day.

So at the time of writing this, I’ve already been on quite a long walk today. So I’ve got almost 10,000 steps in. And then it tells you these different things. This is an algorithm based on the last seven days, rolling average, but it tracks pretty much everything like, the intensity of your exercise.

When you walked, when you, when you worked out, how many calories you burned and so on and then on the homepage. So it shows like the battery level battery level of the ring.

Can You Use Oura Without Bluetooth/Wifi?

Yes, you can. Oura has a ‘airplane mode’ which doesn’t connect to your bluetooth or emit or receive any Wifi frequencies. This is particularly good for the ‘biohackers’ among you, who are aware of the dangers of EMFs and frequencies.

You can turn on airplane mode.

So it will actually store the data for up to a week, without you needing to connect it to your phone.

A whole week!

You Can Tag Certain Events

An interesting feature is that you can actually add tags. This is really important because if you don’t add tags and you don’t know which things actually contributed to your sleep improvement or decline.

So let’s say if today I I drank some alcohol, I would add the ‘alcohol’ tag to that day. Whatever else, I don’t know, coffee, cold shower. And then if you do that every day, when you look back on it, you can see exactly which things affected your sleep quality.

So overall it’s super useful to see those things in a really clear dashboard like that. You can can see exactly what things are affecting your sleep, and it might be things you didn’t even know, like leaving the window open causes a 10% rise in your deep sleep.

For example, that might be true for you.

You can see exactly what things are having, which effect on your sleep, and then that will let you improve it. So that’s been my experience with this thing.

I will actually be making more in-depth videos and posts, going into specific aspects of the oura ring, on my other channel, which is focused more on like biohacking, and that is transcend your limits.

Summary Review Of The Oura Ring

$300 is quite expensive for what it is, but if I lost it, I WOULD buy it again.

BUT, I’d do two things If I had to buy it again:

  • 1: I’d get the GOLD one, I think it looks much better than black or silver.


  • 2: I’d get just one size smaller.

I opted for a larger fit because I didn’t want it to be too tight, but I end up having to wear it on my pointing finger now, just to make it have a ‘better connection’ with my skin. I’d get one size smaller than I THOUGHT was the right size next time.