If You’ve NEVER Had A Lucid Dream

Well this is an easy one. If you’ve NEVER had any lucid dreams in your life, I have a couple of options for you actually. Firstly, let me just say, you’re in for a HELL of a ride when you have that first lucid dream.

BEST option: The Lucid Dreaming BOOTCAMP

The first thing I would suggest is that you get our lucid dreaming bootcamp course. It’s a printable calendar template telling you EXACTLY what to practice for 30 days. It guarantees that if you follow the steps, you WILL lucid dream within 20-30 days or less. IF not you can get your money back.

It also contains a TON of free bonuses worth over $50, and you get lots of value here. This is the course that’s helped the MOST people lucid dream, and you can read lots of peoples reviews of the bootcamp as well. THIS is where I would suggest starting, because it makes SURE you’ll lucid dream.

SECOND option: The Beginners Guide

Well, this is a way of sort of ‘dipping your toe in the water’. Nowhere near as effective as the bootcamp, or as detailed.. BUT it’s a great way to get into lucid dreaming and learn the basics, it’s my FIRST ebook but also one of my best. Get the beginners guide here!

THIRD option: My VIDEO course

My video course on lucid dreaming is a good way to learn how to have your FIRST lucid dream. It’s mainly for people who like learning things by WATCHING something visual. It contains hours of videos of me explaining lucid dreaming concepts and techniques to you, and it also comes with a couple of free bonuses too. Get a discount on it by entering this code at the checkout: ‘HOWTOLUCID’

FOURTH option: Learn for FREE

If you want to take a bit more time and learn at your own pace, I have several free options for you to help you learn to lucid dream:

  • How to lucid dream tonight: A post showing you the main techniques you can use to get started, and try and have your first lucid dream tonight
  • How to remember more of your dreams: An important post about dream recall, and how to remember MORE of your dreams
  • Get our free email lessons: I’ve created a series of free email lessons that will guide you through having your first lucid dream, as well as give you some bonus tips!
  • Watch my videos: A series of free YouTube videos that explain lots about lucid dreaming and the various techniques

Tools to make it easier

There are some things I’ve found over the years that make lucid dreaming EASIER. But bear in mind, these are just ‘add ons’ and you should really LEARN how to lucid dream before trying these. 

  • Lucid dreaming app: An app I created to help REMIND you to do reality checks. You can find this on the IOS store, it’s not currently on Android.
  • Kasina Mind Machine System: (From MindPlace.com) A meditation machine that helps you meditate and puts you into a deeply relaxed state by changing your brainwaves. It uses lights and sounds to lull you into the right state. This is very effective and I’ve never really used anything quite like it. To get this particular discount you need to click that link above and then enter this code at checkout: ‘HTL10’
  • Blisscoded Sound: A unique type of meditation music that uses the ‘golden ratio’ found in nature to guide your mind into DEEP trance states very quickly. This is probably one of the biggest breakthroughs in dream technology I’ve ever experienced.
  • Mind Lab Pro: Not specifically for lucid dreaming, but this nootropic gives a powerful mental focus boost. It’s like the pill from the movie ‘Limitless’ but without any side effects. I use this every day.