NeuroSky MindWave Complete Review 2023: Brain Sensing Headband


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Before we begin, this is a confusing product to review in a way because NeuroSky refers to the company, but most people think NeuroSky is the brain headband. For the purposes of this review post, we’re reviewing the HEADBAND called MINDWAVE that you can buy which is MADE by the company ‘NeuroSky’.

I’ll also mention a few other things the company does but the main focus of this review is going to be the NeuroSky headband which can sense tour brainwaves in real time and show you that information (biofeedback). I’ll mention the device going forward as ‘NeuroSky’ to make it easier to talk about and understand.

So what is the NeuroSky headband?

The NeuroSky Mindwave headband is a wearable headband that can detect and track your brainwaves. This lets you see in real time, on your app what your brainwaves are doing. This is something that a few years ago no one could do without going to a specialist doctor. This is a device you can order on Amazon and use in your own home with your own phone.

You can even play games using your brainwaves using their app and the package sold on Amazon comes with over 100 mini games you can play using your brainwaves, the device that senses them, and the app. Pretty impressive stuff so far and VERY affordable as well.

What’s the verdict

So it seems that the device DOES actually respond to brainwaves and can relay that information to the software and games, but it’s not perfect. It’s near the cutting edge of this technology but it’s not perfect by any means and has it’s glitches.

The only other bad thing about it is that there’s no rechargeable battery so it’s going to chew through AAA batteries fairly quickly if you’re using it every day for several hours. They say one battery should last about 8 hours though! For measuring brainwaves, there are some alternatives to consider which are:

  • The MUSE headband: This can do pretty much the same thing and also has more meditation focused features. Read my review of the muse headband or just click here to buy the Muse headband.
  • The Kasina mind machine: This is another option but to be clear, the Kasina can’t detect your brainwaves and show you them, it’s a visual brainwave entrainment machine meaning it plays binaural beats at the same time as showing you trippy visuals which move you into a certain brainwave state. You could use this alongside the Muse or Mindwave to see it in action! Click here to shop for the Kasina.

Does The NeuroSky Mindwave work?

Well, there are mixed reviews bust most bad reviews seem to be related to technical problems. For example people who can’t get it to connect to their phone or computer or can’t get it to sync up in the right way. I think these problems can be found with most sleep devices these days because sometimes new technology isn’t always the MOST user friendly like apple.

That being said, the device itself should work fine for you providing you follow the instructions and don’t give up as soon as you hit a problem. It might not be as simple as an Iphone to setup but once you do get it working you’ll be able to see and interact with your brainwaves in a fun and interesting way.

Discount for the NeuroSky Mindwave

The best place to get the Mindwave right now seems to be Amazon but I’ll update this page if they bring out better pricing on their own site. Right now they aren’t actually selling it on their own site as it looks like they want to build their Amazon reach. Click here to check the latest prices for the Mindwave. Remember, here’s a summary of the Mindwave device:

  • Brainwave sensing device that can show your brainwaves in real time in the software and on the app.
  • Comes with software and over 100 mini games to play with your brainwaves
  • Can show you visually how far you’re leaning towards certain brainwave states like Alpha, Beta, Theta Etc
  • Has health and wellness mode to let you track how you’re feeling and whether you’re stressed or not.
  • Another alternative to the NeuroSky if you don’t want to track brainwaves, would be the Spire Stone which can track your BREATHING and remind you to breathe better throughout the day