The Neurochemistry of Lucid Dreaming Pills Explained


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Let’s explore how lucid dream pills and supplements really work, and what’s going on in our brains, neurochemically. This way we can better understand how to lucid dream and influence our dreams!

One of the keys to having a truly out of this world lucid dreaming experience is understanding the basics of the neurochemistry behind the phenomenon. As you’ve probably guessed, the whole thing starts out in the brain. The rest is actually far more straightforward than you may think.

Let’s take a look at the main functions and chemicals behind the art of lucid dreaming, and then talk about how you can activate these to help make your lucid dreaming experience even more successful.


The neurochemistry of lucid dreaming

First off, there are two primary transmitters that are responsible for lucid dreaming in your brain.

One is called Norepinephrine and the other Acytelcholine. Norepinephrine is what help you keep your awareness during the dream and feel “in control”.

Acytelocholine, on the other hand, is the chemical that allows you to gain access to your memories.

This is a super important player in lucid dreaming because memories play a huge role in our conscious/unconscious lives.

When you dream, you kind of lose touch with your memories, which is one way that being unconscious manifests itself.

Of course, being conscious means that we consciously remember things from the past, and thus have total awareness of what’s happening and what happened already. It’s a bit different from dreaming, wouldn’t you say?


Norepinephrine, which is vital in bringing on your deep sleep, or REM sleep, also helps you stay alert – both in your waking and sleeping life. Like we’ve already said, it’s responsible for allowing you to remain aware during your dream.

There are a few different ways that you can increase its supply in your brain.

One of the best options is to take a supplement, although this means that you will need to wake up about four hours into your sleep cycle and take the supplement for it to really work.

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One of the best things you can take is DHEA. It’s completely natural, easily available to buy, and it doesn’t come with any negative side-effects like bringing on nightmares or other unwanted experiences.

DHEA is actually a natural chemical that becomes active during your sleep cycle, so taking a bit more of it to enhance your experience is really harmless. It’s known to help your brain functions in general, especially when it comes to dealing with things like brain fog or alertness.

This is why taking it during your sleep can help enhance awareness even while you dream.

A little funny-sounding substance called Yohimbine is another supplement you can take. It’s very strong so it should be used with some caution and taken in pretty small doses. It can bring you some incredible lucid dreaming experiences, but it can also mess up your sleep. This is because it triggers the production of adrenaline in your body, which is responsible for the fight or flight response.

Now imagine trying to fall into a nice, deep sleep while your body thinks it needs to run away from a raging tiger. Not so easy. That’s why, if you’re starting out, we recommend that you stick with DHEA.

Acetylcholine help bridge the gap between your conscious and subconscious, and gain greater access to your memories while you sleep. This, in turn, also turns up your awareness and helps enhance the lucid dreaming experience. There are a few different supplements that can help increase and activate it, as well.

Well, actually, the supplements that are meant to regulate acetylcholine in your brain do so in two different ways: they either help increase its production, or help decrease their breakdown. Choline supplements, which include choline bitartrate or alpha GPC work in getting acetylcholine levels up.

They also help in dream recall if you’re interested in staying up to date with your dream life. Huperzine-A (an herb that’s been used for hundreds of years in Asia), on the other hand, slows down its breakdown. Typically speaking, huperzine-A seems to have a much greater effect on lucid dreams than the choline supplements. However, if you decide to take both kinds of supplements together, then the lucid dream experience can truly become something incredible.

Before you decide to take any supplements, though make sure that you do thorough research on them, or even contact your doctor or natural health practitioner and ask them if there are any precautions that you, personally, should take.

Also, remember that any supplements that you do decide to go for to enhance your lucid dreaming experience should be taken only four hours after your normal sleep cycle begins.

Otherwise, they won’t work and it would just be a waste of both your time and money. Alternatively, if not taken correctly, they could really mess up with your sleep and make you an all around grumpy person.

Another thing to remember is that simply taking the lucid dreaming supplements (like dreamleaf, for example) themselves will not magically throw you into the wondrous world of an aware dream experience. Lucid dreaming takes practice and focus, and you need to rely on your skills and experience first and foremost.

Taking the supplements that we talked about, however, can really help enhance this experience if you are truly able reap their benefits and have laid down the foundations first. We wish you a thoroughly out of this world lucid dreaming experience, and hope that you find some of the information in this article helpful, or at least inspiring.

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