My Lucid Dreaming Experiences Over 7 Years (Very Interesting!)


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I’d like to share some things I’ve learned over the last 7 years of Lucid Dreaming, and hopefully these experiences can help you to become a better dreamer and make you more aware of things that you might be doing wrong.

There are plenty of little beginner mistakes that are easy to ‘fall into’ and I’ve made just about every mistake there is to make, so let’s get into it; here are my lucid dreaming experiences!

My first lucid dream

I had my first Lucid Dream when I was still in school, probably at the age of about 12. I remember going to bed after watching a film, and I was so charged up and excited about this film that I was thinking about it right up until I went to sleep. What happened? You guessed it, I dreamed about the film.

My lucid dreaming experiences

I was ‘acting out’ the film for a good while before I realized that actually, I shouldn’t be able to do this and that this couldn’t be real. I then remembered going to bed earlier and therefore worked out (at this young age) that I was dreaming.

Of course I was shocked and didn’t believe it at first. I was aware and could make decisions but it’s like I was in another world. At the time, I couldn’t explain it very well and certainly wasn’t aware of things like the subconscious mind and all of that. The best way I could explain it at the time was ‘I was awake in my dream’.

I later realized that I had been Lucid Dreaming and this experience led me to become mildly obsessed with the subject. It was so fascinating and utterly amazing to me that I dedicated hours to researching it and learning all I could about the subject. I then had some other things come into my life, and with moving out of home, starting college and getting a job I wasn’t really finding the time to keep it up, so I took a break for a few years.

Now of course, I have this website and my very own eBook; The ultimate Lucid Dreaming guide in the making, but you’ll hear more about that later (subscribe to our newsletter). For now I’d like to share some things that I’ve learned and how you can apply them to your own dreaming to improve!

5 things I’ve learned about lucid dreaming

1: You can never know it all

This is something which has become apparent as I’ve tried to teach others the skill. You can never know everything about a subject. You can get pretty close, but there are always going to be things that you can learn, improve upon or explain better.

If you’re experienced at Lucid Dreaming you’ll probably agree that you’re always finding out new things about it, or having different dreams that blow the old ones out of the water. It took me a long time to finally experience lucid dreaming transcendence, and even now I can’t ALWAYS have this sort of lucid dream. 

2: You still have nightmares sometimes

No matter how good you are at controlling your dreams, you will have nightmares. They’re just a part of life and a part of sleeping. NO one can live a life completely free of stress and worry and therefore nightmares will always show up in some form throughout your life. With practice you CAN become great at turning these nightmares around and making them into dreams that you control but they’ll still happen.

3: It’s best to change things up

I was stuck in the mindset that I had to just keep the same reality checks and induction techniques as they were the ones that worked for me. There are LOADS of techniques and tips to try out, and it’s always a good thing to experiment. If you’ve never done a WBTB lucid dream before, try it! If you’ve never tried becoming lucid through sleep paralysis, do that! find what works for you and build upon it.

4: It’s difficult at first, but gets easier

If I’d given up when I found it difficult of experienced a ‘lucid dreaming rut’ where I wasn’t making any progress, I’d have missed out on hundreds of amazing lucid dreaming experiences. This is not a good thing and I don’t want it to happen to you so please make sure you stick with it, even if it takes months to have your next lucid experience.

5: Always write your dreams down!

I’ve lost out on the memories of a good few dreams because I just didn’t bother to write them down. I’d wake up sometimes in the middle of the night after having a very profound and mind altering experience and I’d be too tired to turn on my phone light and write the dream down, even though the diary was right next to me! Don’t make this mistake. You’ll get so much more enjoyment from this if you religiously write them all down!

What I use lucid dreaming for now?

I use lucid dreaming to help me improve at languages, learn new skills and understand my mind and emotions. It’s done so much for me, I can hardly begin to explain what a life changer it’s been. Here’s some more things I use lucid dreaming for (Subscribe here!)

Advice for a beginner

If you’re JUST getting started, and you’re reading through exciting stories about peoples skills and lucid abilities, don’t worry. It gets EASIER and you’ll learn a lot in the next few months and years. Here’s some things to help you on your way:


  • Learn the right stuff, from the beginning. It will save you HOURS and probably months. Trust me
  • Listening to binaural beats like these will make lucid dreaming happen faster, and with less effort. Either try it for yourself, or learn the hard/long way
  • Meditation every morning will help you lucid dream more than almost anything else
  • Watching my videos on youtube will make you lucid dream faster! (Hopefully)