The Most Powerful Reality Shifting Method EVER (87% Success Rate)


The MosMos method for reality shifting has about an 87 success rate for most people. It’s pretty likely that you WILL be able to shift, if you follow this technique or this method.

If you’re new to shifting, this might not make much sense. I’d suggest you start by watching some more of my videos on shifting, which you can find here:

Quick note about shifting, and this method: This is not intended to convince you of anything, or even to ‘prove’ that shifting is real. This is merely an interesting exercise and technique I’ve used.

It can be used for shifting, but even if you don’t want to believe or can’t use it for shifting, it’s a very effective meditation, or guided hypnosis exercise to try out.

I think you can find value in this, even if you aren’t able to shift, or don’t believe shifting is a real thing. Just go along with it, and use it as a ‘guided meditation’ adventure.

Make sense?

Let’s just get right into it:

How To Shift With The MosMos Method

Step 1: Get REALLY Comfortable

Get into a comfortable position that you could kind of easily fall asleep in, and for some people this will be on your side, for some people it will be on your back.

Step 2: Close Your Eyes And…

Step two is to simply close your eyes, and imagine that you’re in a small room with a large staircase in front of you, and it’s kind of leading upwards.


You can visualize different types of staircase, like different designs and patterns and colors.

Step 3: Walk Up the Staircase

Walk up the staircase slowly, and as you feel yourself walking up the stairs, try and remember moments from your current reality, both good and bad.

It’s important to have that ‘duality of memories’.


Don’t just focus on the good, and don’t just focus on the bad, remember both.

Step 4: Look Around At The Top

Keep doing that, and when you reach the TOP of the staircase, take your time. I really really need to make sure you understand this, take your time slowly, arrive at the top of the staircase…

Then, look around, and don’t try and rush this.


This is a really important one;

Step 5: Look Into The Mirror

At the top of the staircase, there will be a mirror.

I’m saying there will be, because you need to you know intend and expect there to be a mirror, and then there will be. So look into the mirror, and see your current self, your your current reality self, look into the mirror knowing that this will be kind of the last time that you will be able to look at this person in the mirror and call it yourself.

Step 6: Turn Around To Face A Door

Now, turn around and you’re gonna face a door that should be in front of you. This door will be alight color, it might be white, it mightbe kind oflike a light blue, even a light green.

You’re gonna put your hand on the doorknob, and just try and really try and feel the energy going through you rushing through you as you turn the doorknob and enter the door.

Step 7: Open The Door

Push the door open, and there should be another staircase with kind of like a wall and like some kind of barrier and then another white door.

So far so good?

Push open the door, and then you’re gonna see this at this secondary door.

Step 8: Feel The Positive Energy

Try and feel all of the positive energy rising within you with each step that you take down the stairwell.

The FIRST staircase goes up, then you open the door look in the mirror and then you will see another staircase going down. You need to feel the positive energy rise within you with each step that you take down the second set of stairs.

Step 9: The ‘Other Door’

When you reach the end or the bottom of the staircase, you’re gonna put your hand on another doorknob.  There’s another door now, and you’re going to open that door.

Before we go any further, I just want to make sure you understand that these kind of visualization sections, or you know this the kind of visualizing that we’re doing here .

The shifting technique is not over yet by the way, I’m still on step nine of several more steps, but it’s important to really strongly visualize these things but don’t get hung up on the details so much, just visualize what a staircase would mean to YOU.

That’s really key.

Visualize what a door would look like to you..

It’s different for everyone.

You don’t have to have a specific design of a door, as long as it’s what you would imagine a door to be, then it’s going to work.

Step 10: Expect To See Someone You KNOW

When you open the door, you’re going to see or you know expect to see somebody who is kind of important to you, from your desired reality not your current reality, your desired reality.

This could be your best friend, could be your partner, could be somebody fromyour family.

Now, they’re going to hold out their hand and kind of laugh, smile at you, say hi etc…

Then they’re going to ask you if you’re ready… if you’re ready to go with them, and at this point you need to be pretty certain that this is what you want to do.

Step 11: Take Their Hand

You’re going to kind of take their hand, and just walk with them through a hallway, and they’re going to ask you questions.

You’re going to imagine them asking you questions about the reality you want to shift into, like for example, what are you going to do, where shall we go, what kind of things are we going to do, or even what are we going to eat.

So then…

Imagine them asking you questions.

Step 12: Final Door

You’re going to walk through one final door, into your desired reality, and you’re going to walk through this door with the person that you just imagined whether it’s your friend, your partner, whoever it was, you’re going to walk through the door with them.

You will be kind of greeted and met by all of your desired reality friends, family, and people you know.

You’re going to talk to them, and emotions will be running high.

It’s going to be pretty interesting, now what’s going to happen next is they’re going to kind of ask you questions. Emotions will be running high you’ll be doing different activities and at this point, you have the choice to go further, or to go back to your current reality.

This is the mosmos technique, it’s pretty effective, compared to some of the other techniques. This is a really effective one that you should try. I hope you enjoyed this and regardless what you think about shifting, it’s certainly a very powerful visualisation exercise.