Microdosing Psychedelics: Taking LSD With Breakfast


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Microdosing of psychedelics has become a trend in an effort to improve mental agility and clarity. Here’s everything you need to know, plus a few warnings.. 

What does it mean to Microdose?

Once known for their trippy effects and euphoric highs, psychedelics are now being taken in smaller doses by people that want to experience an extra pep in their cognitive functioning.

In some ways, microdosing of psychedelics is the amateur experience when compared to the “far out” experiences that are commonly attributed to these types of drugs.

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With the ever growing popularity of microdosing psychedelics, more people want to know how psychedelics work when taken in their traditional forms as well as when carefully micro-dosed. It appears that many people, including medical professionals are reaping great mental, emotional and physical benefits by introducing psychedelics into their lives. Those considering the use of psychedelics in this manner are encouraged to become familiar with psychedelics and the correct ways to micro-dose for optimal benefits.

Why Use Psychedelics?

When taken, psychedelic drugs have been known to offer the user an altered state of consciousness. Some people may refer to this as “tripping”.

In regular doses, psychedelic drugs such as LSD or psilocybin, also known as magic mushrooms, can induce levels of consciousness where reality is altered in a manner that oftentimes makes people feel and see things in a way that is completely different from “regular” reality.

Psychedelics, such as LSD, affect the brain’s dopamine, serotonin and adrenoreceptors which ultimately impacts brain stimulation as well as how the brain perceives visual stimuli. This change of perception in visual stimuli is what is often referred to as hallucinations that are experienced by those that take psychedelic drugs.

Taking psychedelic drugs has a way of bending the mind, so to speak. They allow the user to  go beyond the stereotypical left-brained thinking and to open themselves up to higher levels of creativity that are sometimes not able to be reached consciously. In understanding this, the idea of microdosing psychedelics is better understood. 

With microdosing, users want the expansive effects of psychedelic drugs without the intensity of the hallucinations and other traditional experiences. It is for this reason that many people are now microdosing psychedelics.

How Does Microdosing Work?

Microdosing of psychedelics is the process of taking very tiny amounts of psychedelic drugs in order to obtain cognitive benefits.

In terms of amounts, a typical micro-dose of a psychedelic is 1/10 of the traditional psychedelic drug dosage. 

Often times, users will take the psychedelic drug of choice such as LSD or mushrooms and measure out a small dosage that is usually placed in pill form for easy digestion. In most cases, users microdose psychedelics every few days in order to maintain the effects.

The Effects of Microdosing

Microdosing of psychedelics has become so popular because of its cognitive enhancing benefits. People from all walks of life from housewives to Silicon Valley employees are using psychedelics in small doses to increase their mental clarity and function.

Many people report that by using psychedelics in very small doses they feel like all their mental blocks are removed. There is a greater sense of mental clarity and much more motivation when trying to complete tasks especially of the creative nature.

It is believed that microdosing psychotropic drugs such as LSD and mushrooms excites the cerebral cortex which controls cognitive functions such as perception in the same manner as  Ritalin and Adderall without the irritating side effects. 

Microdosing of psychotrophic drugs similarly has a stimulant effect on the dopamine pathways of the brain which helps to increase mental acuity and is believed to be one of the reasons why individuals are able to experience increased mental awareness and problem-solving abilities after taking low doses.

In addition to a number of cognitive benefits, many people also experience a deeper sense of well-being and peace. Shared experiences of individuals that consistently microdosing psychedelics reveal that these individuals are more at peace with themselves and others, and they tend to not take things so personal.

Many people reported being less stressed and better able to have an open perspective about their life experiences. These relaxed reactions to life experiences may be a milder form of the “letting go” process that is typically experienced when taking psychotropic drugs at full dosages.

Microdosing is going mainstream

As more and more people look for ways to increase their productivity, microdosing of psychedelic drugs will continue to become popular. It is interesting that people are considering the use of traditionally “trippy” drugs as a way of obtaining better mental clarity, concentration and relative peace of mind.

In some ways, it could be considered a paradox being that psychedelic drugs are known to alter states of consciousness as opposed to making people more clear of their current states of awareness. In many ways, the once feigned psychedelic drugs made ever so popular during the 1960’s have now become a burgeoning thing amongst various people…many of whom are professionals that are looking for a way to increase their mental stamina and abilities.

Although microdosing of psychedelics is becoming popular, it is very obvious that a drug is still a drug no matter how small the dosage given the level of secrecy and privacy that many of its users request when speaking about their usage of psychedelics even at the most minute of dosages. Those considering the use of psychedelics in low doses are advised to conduct research thoroughly.

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