Magnetic Memory Method MASTERCLASS Review: Read Before Buying!


🌙 Written by Kai Riverstone, international lucid dreaming expert and teacher. Learn how to lucid dream in 7 days or less.

Here’s my review of the Magnetic Memory Method Masterclass, a cutting edge complete memory and learning system for improving your memory powers, created and developed by Anthony Metivier.

This review might be a little long, because there’s a lot to talk about here, so get comfortable. Also, click here now to open the course detail page in a new tab, so you can refer back and forth between this review and the course, and follow along!

Pros & Cons

  • Very, very detailed and incredibly effective memory improvement system
  • I personally know Anthony and can vouch for him, he’s really passionate about this subject
  • The exercises will REALLY improve your memory
  • If you put in the work, you will get a really powerful memory
  • The techniques are explained really well, and it’s easy to understand
  • The price; for some people the investment cost is too much to spend on memory
  • Time; consider if you have time to go through a big course (that being said, you can take it at your own pace)


Anthony Metivier has been a professor for several years, teaching at various universities. Funnily enough, he’s been a follower of my lucid dreaming stuff for a long time and he was happy for me to include a small introduction snippet:

Stef: Could you tell me and my audience a bit more about yourself?

Anthony: ‘In brief, I was a Film Studies professor for 10 years. I’d had a really bad bout of depression during my graduate years and discovered memory techniques. They helped me focus, concentrate and of course remember so that I could pass these enormous qualification exams, language requirement, dissertation defense, etc.

Then I just taught Film Studies and did a lot of dream memory experiments while using the techniques to study German.

Some years after that, I wound up teaching some kids and showed them a couple of memory tricks. They asked me to write down a description of what I’d taught them and that became the basis of my first book which became an instant bestseller. Things have just been getting bigger and better since then!’

Anthony’s knowledge and passion for memory and helping people improve is really apparent when speaking to him face to face as well, and he encourages people to reach out to him for help with going through the masterclass.

Memory masterclass review

So what actually IS this memory masterclass? On with the review!

What is the Magnetic Memory Masterclass?

The masterclass is a complete learning system, teaching you everything you need to know about memory, improving your memory and a huge number of specific feats like:

  • Memorising a deck of cards
  • Easily remembering peoples names as soon as you see them
  • Remembering languages and learning them faster
  • Easily recalling information with unique memory palace techniques
  • And a LOT more

It’s full of information that you just can’t find anywhere else, and it’s effective.

There are a lot of videos, articles, templates, worksheets, and audio downloads included in the masterclass. It’s the sort of thing that really does teach you everything you need to know.

The Magnetic Memory Method Masterclass is so effective because it teaches only the most effective methods for improving memory. The stuff that actually gets you results, and really improves your memory.

Lots of other courses about the same thing are watered down and vague, but not the masterclass. If you’ve ever thought about improving your memory, you’re not alone. Your memory is one of the most important things you have, because without it, you’re stumbling through life in a state of confusion.

Memory is IMPORTANT!


Because we use it every single day. The things you use every single day are the things you should invest the most time into improving.

Things like your sleep quality, the food you eat, the HABITS you have and the skills and abilities you use and that are ESSENTIAL to your daily life. Memory is one of them.

But when’s the last time you tried to improve your memory?

It’s never nice to be the one person who just can’t remember who that person in front of you IS, or where you met them. It’s awkward when they CAN and you can’t, right?

Memory is used every day and it helps you make a good impression on others. Imagine if you went into a job interview, and within a minute you’d memorized everyone in the rooms names, job titles and a small fact about them.

Imagine if you then effortlessly used their name at the end, as if you’d known them for years. Much better than forgetting it instantly, right?

Think about how awesome it would be to start learning something new like a language, and be able to cut your learning time IN HALF or even better, by using the most powerful memory methods in the world…

All of that is just scratching the surface of how much the masterclass can improve your memory, if you take the first step and get on board with it.

Good points

Here are some of the best points about the masterclass:

  • Contact with the creator is easy, and Anthony encourages members to reach out and ask for help at any point. Unlike many other courses when the relationship ends when people buy!
  • Lots of content: It will take you a while to go through this content, but don’t be scared because it’s all useful, actionable, and you’ll learn a LOT
  • VERY detailed content: This stuff works, and it’s effective. You can just try one method after listening to a few minutes and you’ll see how instantly effective it really is
  • Explained very well: Anthony is a bestselling author, professor, and memory enthusiast, and you really can tell he knows his stuff by how well he explains it!
  • The techniques are very potent and really do work: And I’m not just saying that, you can see for yourself. The methods work well, and
  • I’ll be using them from now on! They’re GREAT for remembering dreams as well!)

Things that could be improved

  • Could take a while to go through: There’s a LOT of content here, and going through it all will take a fair bit of time, but when you first enter the members area, you are greeted with an intro video that tells you where to start. That’s because there’s a ‘basic’ overview section giving you the foundations you need to explore the rest of the course. That’s definitely where I’d suggest starting as well.
  • I can’t go through it all fast! The main thing I didn’t like is that I just wanted to absorb all the information instantly! I loved it so much that I wanted to know it all already, but it’s not yet possible to absorb information instantaneously yet sadly!

Tips for going through the masterclass

I have a few tips and suggestions for going through the Magnetic Memory Method Masterclass, which will help you learn faster, take action more and improve in less time:

  • TAKE NOTES: One of the best ways of learning things is to engage more of your senses, so don’t just read or listen to it (or watch it), repeat the information by writing it down in note form, to look over later. Try and write just keywords and sentences that remind you of the main concept or lesson
  • As fast as you can, learn his memory palace technique and use it to help you learn and remember the rest of the content. Kind of ironic how you’re using the actual memory masterclass method to help you memorise the content, but it’s effective and makes sense!
  • Think about what you’re going to use it for: Are you trying to memorise names faster? What about studying for an exam or a test of some kind? Dream recall? Try and think about what you’re going to use it for most and then focus on that
  • Go through it little and often: As I’m sure Anthony would agree, one of the best ways of learning is spreading the information intake out as far as possible over time. Don’t just cram it all in at once and try and learn it all straight away, go through the content little at a time, every day. Morning and evening are the best times in my humble opinion!

Lucid dreaming and dream recall

The masterclass has several specific sections for people that want to a achieve particular things with the masterclass. One of this things is ‘how to remember more dreams’ and it’s great!

As you’ve probably heard me mention many times on my videos and in my blog posts, dream recall is one of the most important 3 things for having lucid dreams.

Without dream recall, lucid dreaming is hard to impossible, so it really is vital that if you want to lucid dream, you improve your dream recall. There are a number of ways of doing this, and you can take supplements, use NLP anchors, dream journals etc, but nothing compares to just following the methods of a memory expert.

The dream recall section shows you how to more effectively remember your dreams and engage all of your senses to remember the dream scenes. It will actually be hard to FORGET your dreams if you’re following these methods, so it’s well worth a read!

My experiences with the Masterclass

I have to say that having gone through the Masterclass I LOVE the way this is laid out. It’s beautiful presented and the information is just easy to actually understand, which is NOT something I can say for most courses out there, especially ones about complicated subjects like memory. Anthony has a natural ability to make complex subjects easy to understand and that’s something that’s very useful for teaching memory!

I find that I can now remember things much more easily, and not just random things like shopping lists but complex ideas, concepts and especially things like peoples names and foreign languages (I’m currently learning Spanish!). Of course, nothing will work unless you actually follow the steps and put the work in, but for those who are serious about memory this is highly recommended.

Masterclass review summary: A resounding YES!

The Magnetic Memory Method Masterclass is the most effective memory course or method I’ve ever seen. I’ve been a long time lover of mind tricks, memory improvement and all things psychological, and I’ve been using the ‘linking method’ that I first heard from Derren Brown for a year or more now.


The masterclass gives you unique powerful insights into the methods of an expert in memory, presented in a beautiful way. You’ll see what I mean just after going through the first video.


It’s really a great feeling when you notice your memory has improved, because memory is something that 95% of us just don’t put effort into improving! Make the decision to improve your memory and mind today and go through the masterclass. I know you’ll love it as much as I did!

Pros & Cons

  • Very, very detailed and incredibly effective memory improvement system
  • I personally know Anthony and can vouch for him, he’s really passionate about this subject
  • The exercises will REALLY improve your memory
  • If you put in the work, you will get a really powerful memory
  • The techniques are explained really well, and it’s easy to understand
  • The price; for some people the investment cost is too much to spend on memory
  • Time; consider if you have time to go through a big course (that being said, you can take it at your own pace)