Luuna Sleep Mask Review 2023: The Most Comfortable?


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We’re taking a look today at the most affordable and promising lucid dreaming sleep mask so far (2023). The Luuna device is set to launch very soon this year and has had a lot of support from people on Kickstarter.

What is Luuna?

The Luuna mask is a brand new revolutionary lucid dreaming mask that’s meant to be comfortable, good looking, and affordable. It’s certainly the cheapest lucid dreaming mask, by about $100 or more, which is really important because one of the most annoying things in the past about lucid dreaming masks is they were too expensive.


It wraps around your head and you wear it when you go to sleep. It can sense your brainwaves similar to the Sleep Shepherd can, (Or the LucidCatcher) and lulls you into deep sleep using relaxing sounds and ambient noises.

It has three main modes of operation: 

  • Sleep: Lulls you into a deep sleep with calming music and sounds (It doesn’t mention specifically how it will help you lucid dream but this can easily be used with the WBTB method to induce a direct lucid dream!)
  • Powernap: For getting a quick 20 minute nap at work or on the train etc, to refresh you and give you more energy.
  • Concentration: This helps you prepare to focus for long periods of time. It’s unclear how this will work but I imagine it will be similar to listening to binaural beats designed to help you focus.

How does it work?

The technology behind it is similar to other masks in that it uses EEG sensors to detect your brainwave state, and then matches it with appropriate sounds, noises and ambient music. It can do almost everything the other masks can do in terms of ability, including a smart wake up alarm that gently lulls you awake without interrupting your sleep cycles.

It has a detailed smartphone app that can be used to see your sleep history and quality as well as set the settings for the smart alarm and various modes. It can also rate the quality of your powernaps! It connects to the app using bluetooth so you’ll probably need to have a small powerpack for your phone or have your phone plugged in at night next to your bed, but that’s the case with all the recent lucid dream masks.

It’s a lightweight mask, and it can actually also record things you SAY in your sleep, as they can often provide interesting insights for dream interpretation that you might otherwise never have heard or known about (And they can be really funny! We say silly things when we’re asleep).

How can you use Luuna to lucid dream?

It’s unconfirmed yet exactly how this can be used to lucid dream as the project is still in development. If you’re interested in a mask that can already help you lucid dream there are many here or you could look at binaural beats mind machines which are REALLY effective for this.

Hopefully the Luuna will develop a lucid dreaming mode that can support binuaral beats played through the mask in response to certain brainwaves, which would put it on par with the Sleep Shepherd, although for such a low price tag, that might be asking too much of Luuna!

Luuna vs Sleep Shepherd, Neuroon and others

A picture says a thousand words so they say, so I’ve included a little image here comparing the Luuna with other lucid dreaming masks like the Neuroon Open, Sleep Shepherd, And various other masks too.

Luuna discount codes and coupons

Here is the best place to get the Luuna so far, you’ll find it useful to bookmark this page and come back to it later on when they’re ready to release the product to the general public as we’ll collect discounts and coupons HERE. For now you can check out the following things:

  • Mind machines like the Kasina are an easy way to blend meditation with lucid dreams. They provide visual and audio stimulation that can let you INSTANTLY slip into deep meditation states and if yo’re smart, you can figure out how to use the device to help you lucid dream too
  • Binaural beats are still the most effective technology you can use to lucid dream, which is why I talk about them a lot especially when reviewing lucid dreaming masks. You can get some great binaural beats for lucid dreaming here.
  • Actually learn how to lucid dream before trying to spend money on any sort of lucid dreaming technology, you’ll thank me later.