FREE Lucid Dreaming Coaching From My Chatbot: Learn Right Now

I’ve created a well programmed automatic chat bot for you, to teach you how to lucid dream tonight. 

This chatbot can answer most questions and guide you through the lucid dreaming process, and help you learn more about it. It’s coded into THIS page, so you should be able to see it right now. In fact, it should appear in the right hand side corner, so you can get started right now.

What the bot can teach you

The Lucid chat bot can teach you how to lucid dream and answer MOST questions you’d have. I tried to create it as more of a guide to my site, showing you the content, products and articles that you need.

This is because I have a LOT of articles on my site now and I wanted a good way for people to be able to navigate through them. So now, depending on what you’re trying to learn, the bot can guide you to the right thing. It’s also a very big timesaver, if you don’t want to search through loads of tutorials and articles.

My plans for it going forward

For the future, I’d like to program this bot even more and make THIS page where the bot LIVES. 

I have other chat bots to help manage questions and guide people through the site, but THIS page is where I’ll host the bot that can teach you how to lucid dream specifically.

Think of it like a personal, free and INSTANT lucid dream coach. If you’ve been looking for how to get lucid dreaming coaching but didn’t know where to get it, or didn’t want to PAY for it, this is your best solution. 

If it’s not showing for some reason, please take a few seconds to email me letting me know! Sometimes these things don’t work properly. You can email me at contact AT howtolucid DOT com.