Lucid: The Awakening Review: The Board Game About Nightmares


🌙 Written by Stefan Zugor, international lucid dreaming expert and teacher. Learn how to lucid dream in 7 days or less.

Lucid: The Awakening; is an exciting new game created for horror genre enthusiasts. Developed under the concept of Lucid dreaming, you can finally enjoy a world of nightmares by completely immersing yourself in the game. This game is a product by Voxcore, a gaming company set up by childhood buddies.

Lucid dreaming has been a phenomenon that is at the heart of our imagination. An interesting state where you are asleep but consciously aware of it. Even with those who haven’t explored the topic more, you can relate with such an experience.

Lucid takes gaming to new heights. In The Cortex, a testing facility with futuristic design, you start of as a patient being uploaded into a world of nightmares. Each level presents its own horrors and you have to battle to stay alive.
In order to be uploaded in the world of lucid dreams, you will begin in the elevator of The Cortex. A voice called the

Icarus will guide you in finding your way. There are certain objectives that will need to be fulfilled. Only then can you rise to the next level. Each level has its own villain whose main purpose is to make it as hard as possible for you to progress to the next level.

Here’s a small gameplay trailer to get you buzzing for it:

If you are successful at completing the objective, you will get to the elevator which will then take you to the next level. Lucid has a total of 9 levels, or dreamscapes. Each more challenging than the last and has its own set of horrors and monsters. The more you rise in the levels, the closer you get to attaining your main objective which is to wake up.

As you play, you will come across different files. These files give you a clue as to what is happening in The Cortex. They will also explain how the different patients in The Cortex are connected to you-the main character.

No weaponry

To defend yourself from the monsters, there are two main tactics at your disposal. Run away or distract the monster.

They will be roaming around each level trying to locate you. Different levels will have different sources of light.

A heart rate monitor on the screen lets you know how close you are to the monster. This will increase the pulse when the monster is close and reduce when it is far away. The good thing is that you have plenty of spaces to hide away. If you are unable to hide or distract the monster and it gets too close, you will lose and wake up. Then you have to start the level all over again.

What if you cannot hide from the monster? Well, the game level provides certain objects that you can throw to distract the monster and provide you with ample time to find a good hiding place.

The creators

Lucid is the product of the imagination of Derek Mueller and Patrick Hansford. They are both video game creators have been friends since their childhood days. Partnering with their other friend Nick Graham, they set out to create a new and unique survival horror game using the concept of lucid dreaming. While the initial idea was Patrick

Hamsford’s, Derek was responsible for developing the sound and audio part. Gradually, the game developed into the futuristic, thrilling horror filled marvel it was intended to be.

The creation of Lucid begun with the formation of Voxcore, a gaming company by the three friends. With the intention of improving on the features of the game, Voxcore plans to incorporate many different ideas which lead to the sequel of Lucid.

Voxcore now has more developers, artists, programmers and writers. What continues to make Lucid a reality for many horror fans is the funding of willing individuals.
Some of the levels found in lucid the awakening include the library level, water tower in the woods level, corn field level and woods level.

Benefits of playing video games

Common belief is that video games are for mere entertainment. However, much recent scientific study has proven the contrary. Video games actually offer benefits that can make the player better at a few things. Let’s look at these things below. Video games are also GREAT for lucid dreaming by the way!

1: Enhanced Problem solving

The nature of video games is that the player needs to abide by certain rules in order to advance. In the process, decisions need to be made within seconds. This ultimately results in the development of problem solving skills.

You are also able to solve these problems at a faster pace.

2: Better Coordination

When playing video games, there are a lot of activities that happen at the same time without the realization of the player. You have to use your hands to control the keypad or joystick, as well as your mind to make decisions.

This also happens at a fast pace resulting in the development of better coordination.

3: Better Concentration

When playing video games, the player is required to keep their attention focused on the screen throughout the duration of the play. This results in an enhanced ability to stay focused.

Your concentration abilities are thus improved.

4: Improved memory

Your memory is certainly improved through video games. This is thanks to the nature of playing itself. The player needs to remember the various keys and their actions.

When the game is starting, there are usually instructions that are meant to guide you. You need to remember these throughout the level in order to progress. These result in better memory.

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