The Lucid Talisman Review: A Fascinating Dream Totem/Coin


🌙 Written by Kai Riverstone, international lucid dreaming expert and teacher. Learn how to lucid dream in 7 days or less.

The Lucid Talisman is a beautifully designed coin/totem from Dreamstudiespress designed to help you induce more lucid dreams.

Lucid talisman totem

The way it works, is you keep it with you all day long and use it to remind you to be more aware and do reality checks. There are beautiful intricate engravings on both sides of the talisman which mean various things and help add to the dream like effect of the coin. When you first pick it up and hold it, you’re almost drawn in to it’s charm and uniqueness.

Does it help you become lucid?

Having used the talisman for a few weeks and tested it out, I’ve found that it DOES help you to become lucid! It doesn’t do it in the way you’d expect though. I found that by carrying it around with me, I just THOUGHT about lucid dreaming more.

This meant that I was more easily able to remember to do reality checks and it just made the whole process easier. It made me take it more seriously, and that’s how I think it worked best. As a reminder to do reality checks and to keep thinking about the whole subject of lucid dreaming.

Dreamstudiespress lucid talisman

Not to mention the fact that it actually also works as a totem. I’ve written about dream totems before but this is an interesting example. If you carry it around with you, and USE it to do reality checks, it will actually work!

There were only a few dreams I had where I did a reality check normally and the totem (talisman in this case) didn’t show up in the dream. It does most of the time though, as it’s so unique.

What do the markings/writing mean?


The markings on the coin mean something! This is what the creator said when I asked him what they meant:

‘The phrase Dormiens Vigila (“sleep with vigilance”) comes from a 1595 wood carving known as the Alchemist’s Library. The phrase is inscribed above the door leading to the alchemist’s bedroom, which hints that lucid dreaming is a part of the alchemist’s practices. The corresponding phrase on the solar side of the Talisman is “Lucide Vive” which translates in Latin to “Live with Lucidity.” A Latin scholar friend of mine translated it, using the same parallel declension as the original Medieval phrase. The typeface for both phrases (its font)is original, directly inspired from the Alchemist’s Library’.

Where can I get a lucid talisman?

As their custom made, they often go out of stock. In order to make sure you get one, Make sure to save THIS page right now, and I’ll include links just here for where you can get them. Sometimes these will go out of stock though so if they do, please come back later. For now though you can get it here

Are there any coupons or discount codes for the Talisman?

If we find any discount codes for the totem, we’ll post them here. Make sure to save this page and come back to it!