What Is The Best Mind Machine For Lucid Dreaming?


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We all want to lucid dream more often, right? And we we’re trying to learn these techniques and trying to figure out ways we can get it to happen more often.

What if there was a device which actually let you do it on autopilot almost like by magic?

A ‘lucid dream machine’.

I’m not talking about lucid dreaming mask or headset or visor, or even really a lucid dreaming device at all. I’m actually talking about a ‘mind machine’ or a ‘meditation device’.

And this is something which I’ve spoken about before.

But in this article, I want to explain how you can actually use these mind machines to kind of lucid dream on autopilot.

What Is A Mind Machine?

A mind machine is a device which combines binaural beats with visual stimuli, like flashing lights and colors that show in your eyes through the special types of goggles that you can wear.

They can help you meditate better, sleep better, and yes, lucid dream.

Now, I have actually made several videos reviewing these which you can find on my channel by just typing in machine.

If you just searched for the word ‘machine’, you’ll be able to see all of them. So the way they work is that they actually ‘prime your brain’ to lucid dream.

And there’s other things you can use them for too.

They can train your brainwaves in different ways, but in order to lucid dream, you really want to be targeting specific types of brainwaves, or a specific brainwave state.

See my other posts about Theta brainwaves and brainwaves for lucid dreaming. Or yo could read my post about how to CREATE brainwaves specifically that you want, for a certain outcome.


The idea is that what you should do, is to put this device on, these goggles, the headset. And if you do this and listen to the right tracks, then before you go to sleep, I’m talking about just before you go to bed, then your brain will be in the right ‘brainwave state’ to actually have a lucid dream.

It makes it much more likely!

So this is something that anyone can try, and considering the other things it can do as well, it’s a really good investment. It will last a lifetime, but you’ll be able to improve various things like I mentioned:

Alright, so what’s the best machine?

The Problem With Mind Machines Usually

The only thing is, and this is the kind of, I guess the most annoying thing about mind machines in general is firstly, there’s not many to choose from, right?

There’s only a few companies that actually make these devices.

And then secondly, they’re quite expensive usually.

They’re a few hundred dollars, compared to the cost of binaural beats or, you know, meditating, which is of course free. And binaural beats, which you can find for free on YouTube, or you can very inexpensively get them online.

So it’s more expensive.


The question is, are mind machines worth the investment?

And I would say YES, because the benefits you will get from a mind machine can be kind of compared to meditating for about an hour, and you get those benefits in just a few MINUTES.

Meditate In 4 Minutes?!

4 minutes of mind machine = 1 hour of meditation.

Pretty powerful.

So instead of having to meditate for a whole hour, the idea is you use a mind machine for about three to five minutes and with the right track, then you will get the same kind of benefits and feeling, as about an hour of meditation.

And this is a reason that they’re really powerful because they let you get those benefits without having to spend that much time doing it.


To lucid dream with this device, tell yourself, ‘I will listen to it tonight, put the headset on, listen to the right track’ and give it a try.

You can get results with different types of brainwave states, different frequencies.

So you can experiment with different types of binaural beats like Theta, Gamma, Delta, even Alpha, and you can use these to effectively move your brainwave into the right frequency band, that will make lucid dreaming much more likely, more likely than if you didn’t use these.

Do you think it’s worth doing, if it can give you the benefits of an hour of meditation in just a few minutes or is it kind of like a hype maybe not necessary too expensive?

You know, I’d love to hear what you think.

What’s The Best Mind Machine For Lucid Dreaming?

People have different opinions on mind machines in general, but for me, at least I personally used them. I really liked them, especially the Limina, which is at the time of recording this, it’s in my opinion, the best device out there, the best mind machine.

The Limina is sort of the ‘Tesla’ of the mind machine world.

It’s pretty affordable, looks amazing, easy to use, programmable, and it has the same/more tracks than other models. I’ve used it and still use it almost every day, for my morning meditation and evening session.

It’s so easy to use, and I think that’s one of the biggest things to look out for.

You don’t want to buy something you’re just going to use ONCE and then never again. The Limina is something I use almost every day. Even a few years after buying it.