Using Lucid Dreaming To Pick Winning Lottery Numbers


🌙 Written by Kai Riverstone, international lucid dreaming expert and teacher. Learn how to lucid dream in 7 days or less.

I’ve seen a few posts online from people, asking if they’re able to USE lucid dreaming to win the lottery.

Now, I thought I’d answer this today, and just talk about why it MIGHT be possible, but why it’s probably not. 

Think about what a lucid dream is for a second…

You’re becoming self aware inside your dreams, in your OWN head.

This means you can’t dream about things OUTSIDE your head, except your own interpretation and memory of those things. So you CAN dream about winning the lottery, but you can’t dream about the ACTUAL winning lottery ticket NUMBERS.

What can you do in lucid dreams?

In your lucid dreams, here’s what you can do: 

  • Experience incredible things
  • Play with ideas, concepts and thoughts
  • Interact with dream characters which are versions of your subconscious

Dream ABOUT things like winning the lottery

What you can’t do however, is interact with REAL life things like actual lottery ticket NUMBERS. But here’s where things get trippy.

By dreaming about certain things and focusing on certain things like lottery winnings, we can attract wealth and certain other things INTO our life.

Here’s how it works…

How reality works

We know now that reality is ‘waveform’. 

This means in quantum physics terms that everything we see and experience is not actually SOLID, but WAVES.

Particles that can or could exist in any number of configurations. And these particles only become in form (what we define as ‘real’) when someone looks at them.

This means that reality or what we consider to be ‘reality’ is only REAL as long as we’re looking at it. 

I know this sounds crazy but the nature of waveform reality ALSO means that by observing something or focusing on something, we attract and manifest it. This can mean that by focusing hard and long enough on something, you’ll start to attract it into your life.

Now, without going into things like astral projection or non linear time, there are some useful things you can do with lucid dreaming that aren’t QUITE winning the lottery, but it comes close.

Let’s explore this…

Winning the lottery in your dreams

Sadly, it’s very difficult to use lucid dreaming to predict the lottery.

Lucid dreams are largely in our own head and don’t affect of interact with the outside world much. Shared dreaming is another area of research but there’s not much known about it right now. 

So you can’t use lucid dreaming to accurately predict the lottery numbers, but don’t close this tab yet.

Don’t give up hope, because there ARE some really cool things you can use lucid dreaming for, which come pretty close to winning the lottery.

And I’m not talking about just things you can do IN your dreams.

I’m talking about things you can do in your lucid dreams that AFFECTS your real life. Things that will REALLY help you attract what you WANT into your life.

This hasn’t been spoken about before anywhere else, so don’t go away. 

So we know that by focusing on something for long enough, you’ll start to CHANGE reality to become that thing you’re focusing on.

This has been called many things over the course of time:

  • The law of attraction
  • Manifestation
  • The golden rule
  • The secret
  • Changing reality

And so on. But it’s the same thing. What we FOCUS on expands. 

And this is something that anyone can prove for themselves. You’ve probably had the experience of buying something new, let’s say a new phone or a new car.

And then for the next few weeks after buying that new thing, you notice ALL AROUND YOU dozens of the same car?

They’ve always been there.

But you’re now noticing them and bringing them into your awareness, because you’re focusing on them subconsciously. You’ve just bought one, so you’re more aware of the others all around you.

And it’s EXACTLY the same thing with what you want in life.

Let’s say you want to get rich. By focusing on that, and constantly thinking about it and picturing yourself as being rich, you’ll start NOTICING things around you.

You’ll start noticing the money making opportunities that have ALWAYS been there, all around you. Because you’re now focusing on them, you notice them and they start to become more physical and obvious in YOUR reality.

And this is how you can use lucid dreaming to essentially WIN the lottery. You can’t win the actual lottery, but you can get anything you can imagine. Here’s how.

Start with a goal and then make it lucid

Start by coming up with a clear goal that you want to achieve. 

It could be in this case, a lot of money. A giant pile of money, as if you’d just won the lottery.

Now find lots of pictures of that goal and put these pictures around your house or bedroom. This can form what’s called a ‘vision board’. A vision board is a beautifully designed collection of images of the things you WANT most. 

But here’s how lucid dreaming can take it to the next level…

By lucid dreaming ABOUT the things you want to achieve, you make them manifest in your life.

To your brain, dreaming about a huge pile of money and REALLY having a pile of money is the same. Your brain can’t tell the difference. So when you lucid dream about that pile of money, it has the SAME effect that buying a new car has on your brain.

You’ll start noticing the ‘piles of money’ all around you.

The money making opportunities that have ALWAYS been there, but you’ve ignored. Now you’re tuned to them, and you’ll notice them. 

But come on.. Don’t take my word for this, it sounds crazy!

Try it out. For the next 30 days, hold your goal in front of you every single day. Lucid dream about that goal and you’ll notice that thing expanding in your life. You’ll notice more and more of it.

Other things to do in lucid dreams

There are many things you can do in lucid dreams. 

But remember:

What you WANT in life, you should focus on. If you want something specific, let’s say yo want to become a pilot? 

Lucid dream about flying planes.

To your brain, the experiences are the same, and you’ll start noticing the opportunities all around you.

I created a huge blog post about the things you can do in lucid dreams, so you should go and read it!

Here are some other things you can do in lucid dreams: