Here’s The Best Thing To Do During Coronavirus Lockdown


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So this article I want to talk about what is the best thing to do doing a coronavirus lockdown. Chances are many of you are stuck at home or in your rooms and you’re not able to leave the house except for very limited things.

For example to go to the shop to get food or to exercise.

You’re certainly not allowed to interact with people and meet your friends and family, so this is actually a really good time to learn some really fun things that you can do during your lockdown time in the house.

These are things which will actually make your life much better.

So firstly let’s just talk about what lockdown actually is and how long it’s going to last. I’ll keep it very brief, because I know that many of you already know this or don’t really care.

So firstly, lockdown is the situation or a set of rules imposed by government when they think that a pandemic or an epidermic virus or disease is so bad that they need to limit peoples contact with each other.

It also happens when they need to drastically reduce meetings and public gatherings and other social situations.

This is to stop the spread of the virus.

So this is an interesting situation, because you have millions and millions of people who are used to going out and meeting people every single day, who are now confined to their houses.

Pretty serious stuff.

This means that many people have a lot of extra time which they would otherwise be spending at work or doing other things like socialising.

This gives an interesting opportunity for almost everyone to learn new skills, and to read, reflect, meditate, and learn things about themselves that they didn’t know before.

In terms of how long the lockdown will last, it’s really quite unclear at the moment but I think it really depends on how bad the virus REALLY is, and how much the spread is slow down by people being a lockdown are not actually meeting each other.

There are some other ways you can stop the spread of the disease and actually boost your immune system, but I’m not gonna cover those in this article, because this site is mainly about lucid dreaming.

The best thing do do during lockdown

So what is the best thing that you can actually do during a coronavirus lockdown?

You could learn a skill called lucid dreaming.

Lucid dreaming is the ability to become self away during your dreams, and become aware of the fact that you are dreaming while you’re still dreaming. This enables you to control the dream and it will feel very vivid and real, and it was actually feel like you can do almost anything.

This will feel like a new world where you can experience what ever you want to almost like a video game but it feels much more vivid and much more real.

It’s an incredible thing and experience, and most people don’t actually have but there are huge number of people who accidentally lucid dream and don’t really think much more of it except that it was just a random trippy experience.

There are many ways you can learn to lucid dream and actually have this experience on a regular basis.

In fact this site is dedicated to teaching you how to lucid dream, and sharing the information about the various lucid dreaming techniques you can learn.

Here are some quick links if you just want to get straight into it:

Why learn lucid dreaming?

So why is lucid dreaming so useful and interesting to learn during the coronavirus lockdown?

Since you’re in your house or your bedroom already, and you can’t really leave it seems to be the perfect opportunity to practice lucid dreaming, and actually learn how to do it.

It lowers your stress, and helps you sleep better. It also gives you an amazing way of passing the time and feeling better. At this time, you need your immune system to be really strong and powerful, and sleep is a great way of boosting it!

This just gives you another reason to sleep more.

Perfect, right?

Here’s The Best Thing To Do During Coronavirus Lockdown

Sleep and the immune system

I think it’s really worth noting the important things here. Sleep MASSIVELY boosts your immune system. Probably more than almost anything else.

It’s been shown again and again that sleeping more, and sleeping better increases your immune system. Want to avoid getting sick?

Sleep better.

Now I’m not saying that lucid dreaming helps you sleep better. Not at all. 

I’m saying that lucid dreaming gives you anther reason, another excuse to take sleep seriously. It just makes it more fun. It makes it so that you’ll WANT to sleep more, because you’ll want to have these incredible lucid adventures. 

I have to be clear on that. Lucid dreaming will NOT make you less likely to get coronavirus, but it hopefully will make the concept of sleeping more even more appealing.

And by sleeping more or better, you’ll increase your immune system strength which is the only defence against the coronavirus. 

So what does this all mean?

Well, it’s pretty clear you should sleep better to boost your immune system, right?

So if I told you that you can also learn this skill that lets you experience your ultimate fantasies WHILE you sleep, what’s not to love?

How to lucid dream easily

The most useful technique for lucid dreaming is to do is called a reality check, which is where you test whether you’re dreaming.

I have many tutorials on this, but basically all you do is just hold out your palm and then try and push the finger of your other hand through your palm.

At the same time as doing this you need to ask yourself am I dreaming.

Look around the room and look round of the details in the room are you’re in, and try and really question whether you’re dreaming or whether you’re awake or not. This will take a bit of practice but eventually what will happen is your reality check will show up in your dream.

At this moment you realise you’re dreaming and you’ll be able to pretty much do anything you want.

For more you can read my long tutorial on how to lucid dream tonight

What does lucid dreaming feel like?

It’s incredible feeling, and there are many things you can actually do with this as well as many practical benefits of reasons might want to learn how to lucid dream.

There are some basic benefits to lucid dreaming that might interest you that you can read about. 

I’m sure we have many questions about lucidity mean which might not be answered here so I will look out to my lucid dreaming FAQ page which has answered to many of these questions as well as things like:

The virus lockdown could be a good thing

So how is the lockdown actually a good thing?

Well the coronavirus lockdown means that you have to spend lots of time indoors and this might be a nightmare for extroverts, but for everyone else, who have been doing this a whole life this is really nothing new.

For people who are used to spending time on their own or indoors and you don’t really socialise much, this is really not much of a big change except for the fact that social media is full of people panicking.

Don’t succumb to the fear messages and the negative programming, and instead try and remain positive and just use this as an opportunity to work on yourself to learn new things.

Use this time to learn to lucid dream, meditate, sleep better, catch up on your friends and families messages or watch your favourite TV shows.

If you are still able to work from home you should do that but you should also focus on your well-being and sleep and just generally feeling positive and not in a state of panic of it.

I truly believe that during this lockdown many people will want to learn things like lucid dreaming or meditation if for no other reason than to just pass the time and have something fun to do.

Video games are great, but Lucid dreaming feels much more like a real life simulation or a situation where you’re actually in the game and you can feel everything as if it really happening. This gives you a unique ability to actually experience things that you otherwise would never experience in your waking life.

This makes it a very useful skill to learn and especially when you consider that it doesn’t take hardly any effort to actually learn the skills and practice the techniques, this makes it a very attractive thing to do during a lockdown or quarantine situation.

Don’t panic during the coronavirus lockdown

The lockdown imposed by the government have many countries of the world has let many people to think that everything is doom and gloom and everybody is going to die. The truth is actually far from that.

In fact the lockdown is just a way of stopping in the spread of the virus (COVID-19 coronavirus) to a point where it’s manageable for the health systems of the world.

It targets mainly older people but can affect younger people as well, just not as badly.

I don’t think anybody should panic about this, but we should remain inside and use your common sense and also practice good hygiene like watching your hands and social distancing in times like this.

However like I said earlier this is a really good opportunity to actually learn new things and work on yourself and go inwards.

Start lucid dreaming tonight

Hopefully you see the value of improving your sleep, and lucid dreaming. You might want to start by looking at some of these articles:

Above all else trying to remain positive, kind, and loving to one another, and try not to let negativity or fear influence your actions of thoughts.