The Best Lucid Dreaming YouTube Channel Out There (Probably)


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I’ve started a YouTube channel for Lucid Dreaming, and we’re going to tell you all about it in this post. I want this to becoe the most useful lucid dreaming youtube channel out there. You can help! on YouTube

I thought it would be a great idea to share our ideas on video as well as just through the blog. It’s just another way to connect with you guys, and the more content we share with the world, the better. It’s essentially going to bed videos about all aspects of Lucid Dreaming..

  • Techniques
  • Q and A (I answer my email subscribers questions on the channel)
  • Reviews of Supplements, dreaming gear etc
  • Other psychology related things as well (Although closely linked to Lucid Dreaming)
  • My thoughts on life and how this site is going

So there will be a nice little mixture of content on there, and it should be posted about every day or so.. Fairly regularly. Because of my schedule I’m no longer able to post loads of new articles on this site every day any more, instead I’m focusing on my email list (If you’re not subscribed, do it!) and my YouTube channel.

I have some other things going on now as well. (By the way, I know I’ve switched from third person to first person, I’m speaking as the owner now, Stefan). So like I was saying, the channel is a great way for you to keep up to date with what’s going on and new questions and ideas. I’ll still update the blog of course, but more so the channel.

It’s just an easier and more effective way to share ideas. In time, I’ll be able to ‘flow’ more naturally on the videos and express ideas more clearly and in an easy to understand way. It’s also faster, so I can upload or record several videos in just an hour, whereas it would usually take about an hour just to write one post.

Why should I subscribe to it?

Well, if you want to stay updated with new content and get new ideas almost daily, then this is the way to do it. Of course my email lesson series sends out about every day or two but this is a way of getting a little extra for your Lucid Dreaming ‘fix’.

The future of our Lucid Dreaming YouTube channel?

The plan is to build a huge community and teach them all to Lucid Dream. In order to do that and to establish authority and expertise, It’s going to take some time. (Of course, I don’t know EVERYTHING about Lucid Dreaming, as no-one can. I’m always learning too).

The plan is to build up that community and bring Lucid Dreaming to a wider audience. This website is also part of that goal, it’s just another leg of the plan, if you will..

Some ideas for things I’ll be doing on the channel are –

  • Interviews with Lucid Dreamers
  • Product reviews
  • Supplement reviews
  • Inspiration and ideas for Lucid Dreams
  • On-going Q and A for any problems my subscribers and viewers are having

And some other things too. Pretty cool, and I know it’s going to be great fun doing it. I am getting used to being in front of the camera, the only problem really is getting enough people to see the videos and engaging with them, and that’s where this little post comes in. I’m sending this post out and sharing it a bit more than the other posts I write.

This one is a call to action.. A pledge if you will. I would like you to subscribe to the channel, and let me know what you think of the videos by leaving a comment on them, liking them.. Sharing them, whatever.

I’ve also introduced ‘whiteboard videos’ where I draw things out on a little handmade whiteboard on my laptop. I can also voice over it and explain what I’m doing and hopefully this makes it easier to understand the ideas. I’ll share a few videos in this post, but please make sure to go here and subscribe to the actual channel! Thanks.

Some videos from the channel

Here are some videos from the channel, in no particular order.

The wake back to bed technique tutorial

The mnemonic induced lucid dreaming technique

The difference between astral projection and lucid dreaming

The entire Q and A playlist


Get your question answered!

If you’d like to feature on my channel as an interview or even if you’d just like me to share a message, experience, idea or story with the audience, let me know. email me (If you’re on my email list) or leave a comment on any social media profiles. Make sure to subscribe here.