Lucid Dreaming And Spirituality Explained: It’s A Gateway


🌙 Written by Stefan Zugor, international lucid dreaming expert and teacher. Learn how to lucid dream in 7 days or less.

I want to talk about lucid dreaming and spirituality. This is one of those things that is very diverse and has a lot of different meanings.

First of all let’s start by describing what is spirituality, and how does lucid dreaming interrelate with spirituality. So don’t close of this tab, stick around, and I will explain the differences and also how Lucid dreaming can be used for more than just flying around.

More than just having sex, and actually can be used for more of the higher purpose type things associated with spirituality.

What is spirituality?

Spirituality can be defined as a non-religious belief or idea that there is more to life than just this physical body. This 3-D avatar, and what we presented with that we would consider real.

This is the idea of there being something more, something extra to that.

Now on the surface, lucid dreaming is very much about about having fun. doing things like flying. having sex. whatever that the crazy fun experiences that you could expect from a video game right?

That’s what lucid dreaming is for MOST people.

But here’s the thing:

If you really take it to the next level lucid dreaming has the ability to raise your consciousness raising awareness, and by the way there’s loads of different terms for the stuff…

You can for example, raise your vibrations, raise your frequency, raise your energy:

These are also of synonymous terms which mean roughly the same thing. I just mean it’s going to increase your self awareness and consciousness, and make you a more positive, personal development focused person.

And that’s great, but here is where it gets really interesting:

Lucid dreaming and the soul or afterlife

We know that lucid dreaming happens in the brain.

It happens in the mind, and for that reason it can’t interact with other dimensions, different realities, and things like that. The association between lucid dreaming and your spirit or your soul is something that is just massively misunderstood.

To be honest no one really knows HOW it works, so here is where it gets interesting:

If we know that there is something that happens after death, and again this is where it gets very debatable and a lot of people are going to have very different opinions on this because none of us truly know for sure…

But if lucid dreaming can connect us to our subconscious mind, then we can get in the middle of the dreaming process. We can start interpreting our subconscious beliefs and thoughts, those in turn will allow us to do number of different things.

Firstly by becoming more in touch with our subconscious mind, we’re able to much more easily understand how we work as people, and how our beliefs work.

How are beliefs work, and how are different psychological functions actually happen.

So lucid dreaming can be used to unlock that aspect of our psyche in my opinion, and again this is just my personal experience. I mean you could completely ignore this, I don’t really mind whether you listen to this or not.

But in my opinion, lucid dreaming can be used to access the subconscious mind and then to go beyond that, and actually help you to not access but to think about different things.

Things like the soul, like life after death, like an intelligent design, a creator, the concept of karma, incarnation and all of those spiritual things which go way beyond just having a dream about climbing a skyscraper.

Now let me to be very clear about one thing:

I’m not saying that lucid dreaming gives you access to things like your soul, because obviously it doesn’t. What I am saying is that by lucid dreaming, I truly believe that you will want to do exploration into those other aspects of your psyche and of your being.

I believe that by lucid dreaming of having these incredible experiences (and they really are mind blowing when you have these experiences), you will want to learn MORE.

You won’t just be satisfied with having a normal dream, or having even a lucid dream, you’ll want to learn more about why are we HERE! What is the purpose of life on this planet, and what is this body.

How can we best use this, and you start thinking about all kinds of things, you start thinking about your purpose, you start thinking about what are you doing in your life to fulfil your mission…

And all of this is made possible by that seed of lucid dreaming.

Lucid dreaming is like the gateway into all of that spiritual stuff that you might have never considered even learning about. And that’s what really excites me, the idea that lucid dreaming can be used to act as a gateway into a lot of other things.

You could just say, I just want a lucid dream to do fun things, and that’s fine lots of people like that. But you could also approach this with an open mind, and think how can I use lucid dreaming to unlock different opportunities in different aspects of my being.

Most people don’t even remember their dreams or even care about their dreams, so the fact that you’re actually interested in lucid dreaming means that you’re one step above them in terms of your spiritual development.

To take it even further you can look at things like out of body experiences, near death experiences, these things are very well documented.

It gets better:

Although we can’t physically prove that something happens after death, we can look at all of these experiences these millions probably tens of millions of experiences every year from people who have had a near death experience, an out of body experience, and they’ve been able to verbally describe what happened.

The descriptions go way beyond lucid dreams.

There is a lot of documentation, and a lot of personal stories about out of body experiences and near death experiences where people report vividly seeing something outside of this physical reality.

Here’s a little video I made talking about astral projection actually: 

They report seeing something beyond this reality that we call home and that is what fascinates me about lucid dreaming, it’s very connected to all of that.

I’m not saying that lucid dreaming can enable you to have an out of body experience, because it can’t really. What I am saying is that lucid dreaming can be used as a sort of a gateway to open you up to the possibilities of more, and of furthering your spiritual development.

And I know this is kind of a random topic and there’s gonna be a lot of you who don’t really understand or even want to learn about spirituality, I totally get that, but in my opinion lucid dreaming can act as a gateway to spirituality in general.

Here’s the thing:

Don’t forget the GOAL of lucid dreaming

Lets not forget the ultimate goal of lucid dreaming is of course you wanna have fun, you wanna experience these crazy fantasies, but beyond that?

You want to raise your consciousness. You wanna raise your awareness and your vibrations and frequencies, your life force, whatever you want to call that.

You wanna raise that you don’t just wanna be stuck in his lower vibration experience. You wanna take that and go from this point, to a place where you’re living with PURPOSE and with passion and you’re excited about what you’re doing every single day.

I truly believe lucid dreaming can help you do that, even if you don’t care about spirituality. Lucid dreaming can open your eyes to the possibilities of what you can experience in this reality.

Lucid dreaming can inspire you to do things like go on that trip that you’ve been postponing for so many years inspire you to do things like follow your dreams and just do all these crazy things which most people don’t actually have the courage to do.