Can’t Lucid Dream? What To Do When You’re Stuck In A Rut


🌙 Written by Kai Riverstone, international lucid dreaming expert and teacher. Learn how to lucid dream in 7 days or less.

If you’re STRUGGLING to lucid dream or you’ve done it before but you’re not stuck in a rut and can’t get back into it, you need to read this.

As with any skill, it can be easy to fall into ruts, or get stuck at certain plateaus, making any progress seem impossible. You may even find that you can’t Lucid Dream like you used to be able to. This is okay, and it’s not something to worry about. Here, we will help those of you who are struggling to lucid dream.

Can't lucid dream any more

So, you’re struggling with having another lucid dream, but you’ve had them before so why have they stopped happening? Your night-time adventures seem to just be turning into a haze of sleepiness and ‘forgetting’ what happened the next morning. What can you do?

This post applies exactly the same to people who HAVE had a lucid dream before, but can’t seem to keep having them OR to people who haven’t had ANY lucid dreams. The same tips apply here 99% of the time.

What to do when you can’t lucid dream


Like with any skill, you either ‘use it or lose it’ as they say. If you don’t focus your intent on practicing it and progressing through the levels of achievement, the skill declines until eventually, you can’t do it any more. It’s the same with lucid dreaming.

You must be sure that you actively practice it, learn more about it and are always pushing your limits and boundaries with it. It’s common for lucid dreamers to get to a certain skill level and then just ‘coast’ on that skill. What happens is you’ll start being less excited by the idea of lucid dreaming and you’ll stop trying with the reality checks etc.

There are a lot of potential reasons why you’re experiencing a lucid dreaming ‘wall’ but we’ll try to give 4 useful tips for getting out of your rut, and back on track with growing as a dreamer. Let’s get right into it..

Tip #1 – Double the amount of reality checks you do

Reality checks or tests are the minds way of testing reality. They’re the basis of controlling your dreams, you know this. This alone may even be the main reason you’re stuck with your dreaming progress, so make sure this is sorted out. To do that, double your amount of reality checks in any given day.

Not only that, focus on them more. When you do a check, make sure to really question yourself, and think back ten minutes to what you were doing before. Tracing your last ten minutes in your mind helps you to realize if you were dreaming, as often in the dream when you do this you can actually remember going to bed!

Tip #2 – Your honest INTENT to dream

This is probably the most important one. Your dreaming intent. Without your intent, you’ll likely not be able to get your skill back, because it all comes down to your self belief and focus. If you don’t intend to have a lucid dream, you won’t.

Be honest with yourself, do you still go to bed buzzing with excitement waiting to try this ‘new skill’ you’ve read about called lucid dreaming? Do you still read for hours about it before going to sleep, and then think about it all the time until you sleep?

Chances are, if you’re experienced you will have seen a slight drop in your excitement about this ability, therefore leading to your intent, deep down, to actually decrease. You need to get excited about it again! Think back to your most interesting and thrilling dream experience, what happened? Remember it fully, and try to imagine having something like that again.

Tip #3 – You might need to take a break

Sometimes, the only option when stuck in a lucid dreaming rut is to just take a complete break. Don’t even read about it or think about it. If you’ve just read the last tip you’ll probably be saying ‘You just told me to focus on it and now you’re saying to not even try?’ No. I’m saying try each tip until you find the one that works for you.

Everyone’s different and will react differently to different things, therefore the only way to ensure that you fix the problem is to try each one in order, until you find the one that works. Some people just need a bit more focus on their reality checks, while others are focusing too hard and need to take a break.

So for this tip, try and take a break, try something new and don’t even write in your dream diary. Just get a clean break and then in a few days come back to it with a fresh mind, ready to try again.

Tip #4 – Do DIFFERENT reality checks

For real results, you might want to try doing more than one reality check when you do them. This will take slightly longer, and people may look at you a bit funny when you check your watch 3 times and then try and push your finger through your hand while also showing a puzzled expression as you recall the last 10 minutes, but it works.

You’ll get more success by doing more reality checks, it’s just easier to do only one.. However if you’re stuck in a lucid dreaming rut then you may want to try adding one or two to your reality check sessions. Another thing you could try is to just change your current reality check.

Because you get used to the same old reality check over and over, you might find it works to change it, and ditch your old one. Swap it for something different to train new pathways in your brain, and this might just be all you need to get back on track.

Tip #5 – Use the WBTB method more

If you haven’t already been doing these, you might want to try this technique. It’s not recommended every night because it interferes with your sleep patterns, which isn’t good. It is very effective for inducing a lucid dream however and if you’re struggling with lucid dreaming you might want to try this.

If you’re not aware of this technique for entering the dream, you can read our guide here. Hopefully one of these tips will get you out of your lucid dreaming rut and back on track to learning more and getting more skillful..Have you ever experienced a ‘brick wall’ with your dreaming progress? Let us know.

How to make it happen FASTER

There are some really simple ways you can make lucid dreaming happen faster, if you’ve been stuck or can’t manage to have a lucid dream. You need to get your mind to such a place where lucid dreaming becomes the only thing that can happen. You need to force it to happen if you’re stuck in a rut!


  • Go through our bootcamp course that FORCES you to lucid dream by telling you exactly what to practice on each day, for 30 days. Print it out, and read the ebook manual that comes with it. This is a very powerful way of making sure you lucid dream within a few days
  • Increase your chances by listening to binaural beats while you’re performing an induction technique like the WBTB in the early morning (or as you’re falling asleep)
  • Make it feel exciting again! Get yourself a nice dream journal, a unique lucid dreaming totem/talisman, and whatever else you like the look of. Make lucid dreaming feel magical by investing into it and getting more involved!
  • Be patient, and follow the steps here. Also, go back to the first thing mentioned, the bootcamp. It really works. Enjoy!