Lucid Dreaming Resources/Tools


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Onto the lucid dreaming tools list..

As this page grew, we’ve collected a huge load of lucid dreaming coupon codes, discount links, and deals for you.

Each link here should open in a new tab, and in MOST cases, should give you an exclusive discount on the product! 

Shortcuts: Coaching!

We have partnered with the best sleep coach and lucid dreaming coach to offer you one to one personal coaching and tuition, if you need it! Coaching has been shown to MASSIVELY speed up the learning process, giving you instant feedback, one on one support and increased motivation. 

Lucid Dreaming Courses

  • The 30 Day Lucid Dreaming Bootcamp: Our own unique 30 day lucid dreaming bootcamp (downloadable course) which has grown into the most effective dreaming course on the internet! It tells you exactly what to practice, every day for 30 days. Results are guaranteed in less than 20 days, and you can read peoples testimonials on the site (at the bottom). I also collected dozens more reviews here.
  • Lucid Breakthrough Video course: This is specifically for anyone who’s ALREADY tried to lucid dream using whatever technique or method, but it’s NOT worked and you need specific troubleshooting and guidance. This is what will work, even if nothing else has
  • Lucid Superpowers Course: This is for ADVANCED lucid dreamers who want to go beyond basic lucid dreaming methods and dive DEEP into the world of lucid dreaming.
  • Magnetic Memory Method Mastermind (From Anthony Metivier): A VERY detailed and unique memory improvement course. This is for more than just remembering your dreams, and it’s not for everyone because it is a serious, large memory improvement course.
  • All our lucid dreaming courses/ebooks: There are lots of ebooks, guides, PDFs and courses I’ve created to help you do specific things in a lucid dream, check them out!

Other Useful Tools

  • Lucid dreaming app: An app I created to help REMIND you to do reality checks, it also has a dream journal, night mode, auto shutoff alarm and more. You can find this on the IOS store, it’s not currently on Android.
  • Lucid dreaming acronyms: A list of the shortened words and ‘lucid dream speak’ you’ll no doubt hear in the forums!
  • Lucid Dreaming chat bot: A custom lucid dreaming coach I coded into a small chat bot. It can teach you basic things and answer certain questions about lucid dreaming!
  • Our Custom Lucid Journal: This isn’t as nice looking just yet, but we’re constantly updating it! Our custom lucid dreaming diary has lucid tips, mind hacks for writing dreams down, and specific sections for writing the techniques you’ve used and what’s working well!

Lucid Dreaming Masks And Sleep Tech

Here are some technology and devices that can help you dream or sleep better.

There are also some ‘mind machines’ that can help you meditate and get into certain brainwave states.

Meditation is a HUGE part of lucid dreaming, and by improving your ability to meditate, you’ll naturally have loads more lucid dreams, so it’s important to work on your meditation.

Here are some useful links for you:

  • Limina mind machine: It’s a mind meditation machine that can GUIDE your brain to meditate. You get the benefits of 1 hour of meditation in just 4 minutes. This is very effective and I’ve never really used anything quite like it. To get this particular discount you need to click that link above and then enter this code at checkout: ‘LUCID10’
  • Procyon mind machine: An alternative to the Kasina and slightly cheaper. Performs in a similar way but doesn’t have a screen showing the exact sessions and tracks you’re listening to.
  • Other mind machines: I’ve compared and reviewed the TOP mind machines and meditation devices and got you guys discounts on most of them!
  • Lucid Dreaming Masks and Devices Compared: A comparison of the current lucid dreaming devices or masks out there at the moment. This list is regularly updated and improved

Brainwave Entrainment (Binaural Beats)

Brainwave entrainment is a special type of soundwave/audio that you can listen to, which boosts your chances of becoming lucid in a HUGE way. They can do more too. 

It’s fairly cheap, and you can listen through any stereo headphones. You’ll get results fast by listening to these.

  • Binaural Beats from Ennora: Binaural beats are a VERY fast way of having lucid dreams. You listen to these soundwaves as you go to sleep, and you’ll find yourself drifting into a lucid dream easily! You should be able to get a discount and listen to free samples on their site using that link!
  • Blisscoded Sound: A unique type of meditation music that uses the ‘golden ratio’ found in nature to guide your mind into DEEP trance states very quickly. This is probably one of the biggest breakthroughs in dream technology I’ve ever experienced.
  • Binaural Beats Meditation: A fairly new provider of binaural beats and audio tracks. That being said they’re very effective and I like their meditation packs.

Lucid Dreaming Herbs And Supplements

Lucid dreaming herbs and pills or supplements are a great way to boost your dream life and have more vivid, profound and more LUCID dreams.

Here are my top picks for lucid dreaming supplements:

  • Mind Lab Pro: Not specifically for lucid dreaming, but this nootropic gives a powerful mental focus boost. It’s like the pill from the movie ‘Limitless’ but without any side effects. I use this every day.
  • Acetylcholine (From Natural Stacks): This is a powerful neurotransmitter that can aid in lucid dreaming by improving brain activity and improving memory. It won’t be labelled on the site as a lucid dreaming pill because it has other uses too, but believe me, it is.
  • Claridream PRO: A dream supplement designed to help you have more vivid dreams (that are more likely to be lucid too)
  • Lucid Dream Leaf: A classic lucid dreaming supplement modelled around the red and blue pills from The Matrix. Really cool supplement with some solid ingredients

Bedroom optimisation devices

These are various things that can help you set up your room for lucid dreaming, and make the sleeping and dreaming experience easier and better.

  • MoonCandles: Soft color changing candles that make your room feel special and magical, and can set the mood for softer more relaxing sleep
  • Background Noise Generator: If you like sleeping with some sort of noises in the background, get yourself one of these and you’ll fall asleep a lot easier
  • Sunshine Simulator Alarm Clock: If you want to wake up at a certain time naturally, to the sunshine in your eyes, this alarm clock can create a virtual sunrise for you! Great for dark houses or if you need to wake up softly while it’s still dark outside.

The most useful articles

Although you’ve no doubt heard me mention these things before, here is a list of the most useful articles. This is how I would suggest starting to lucid dream and learn about lucid dreaming. 


I made a series of question and answer style videos that will help you learn to lucid dream, check it out! But don’t forget to subscribe to the channel to get daily updates and tips! 

  • Get A FREE Ebook and email lessons: Download my free report, ‘100 Things To Do In Lucid Dreams’. You’ll also get a series of free lucid dreaming lessons over email as well as a PDF resource guide showing you the most useful things to help you, and where to get started!