Best Video Games About Lucid Dreaming: Live The Dream


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Lucid dreaming is a state of mind which is highly sought after by a lot of people. It’s the ability to do and experience anything, and it’s kinda trippy and profound in lots of ways.

There have been a number of attempts to put this mind altering experience into a video game that you can play while you’re awake! It’s been proven that there is a clear link between video games and lucid dreaming, but this makes the link stronger because you’re ACTUALLY playing a game about lucid dreaming.

List of the best lucid dreaming games

Here is my list of the best lucid dreaming or dream/lucidity related games out there for you to try. I’ll include links where I can but not all of them have very good links or are easy to find online! Enjoy!

1: Among the sleep

Among the sleep is a first person action/horror game where you play the part of a small girl battling through a nightmare. You’ll explore nightmare landscapes, terrifying figures and uncover an interesting storyline!

Among the sleep game

2: Dreamfall chapters

Dreamfall chapters lets you play the part of a character in a scary/exciting parallel world, exploring and trying to figure out where/how you’re there in the first place. It explores the butterfly effect style idea that your choices affect everything and making the right or wrong choice can change your future.


3: LSD dream emulator

This interesting and slightly strange game lets you experience what it might be like to trip on LSD. It explores various paradoxes and confusions, and sometimes the levels are complex and totally random, simulating the mind altering and distorting effects of LSD.

LSD dream simulator

4: Lucidity (platform game)

Lucidity is a simple yet addictive and fun platform game where you play the part of a lucid dreamer.

5: Dream

Dream is a simple game where you play the part of someone who is bored and tired of their waking life, but their dream and lucid life is more and more interesting and exciting. Uncover the mysterious dream plot!

Dream the game

And that’s it guys! Sadly, there aren’t that many lucid dreaming games out there, but I’m sure in the future there will be LOTS more as it’s a fast growing market and people are hungry for interesting mind expanding games like these!

It’s annoying that it’s quite hard to get hold of some of these games as well, but that’s always the way with the best games. One of my favorite games in the world was Impossible Creatures and it’s very hard to find a copy of it anywhere on the internet! Always seems to be out of stock etc…

Anyway, if you’re looking for a gaming PC to try out some of these games (most of them are available on Steam which is mainly a Windows platform) you might like this awesome gaming PC I found:

Lucid gaming PC