5 Of The Best Lucid Dreaming FanFictions/Fiction Novels


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We’ve talked about the best nonfiction lucid dreaming books, and even the best ebooks but we’ve not spoken about the best FICTION books on lucid dreaming.. 

There are a huge amount of beautifully written lucid dreaming fiction novels out there, and they can help you immerse yourself into lucid dreaming and get inspired!

Fiction novels inspired by lucid dreams

1: Misery by Steven King

Misery shows someone enduring a car crash and then waking up not knowing what’s going on. A dreamy narrative and a dark undertone make this the perfect lucid dreaming inspired fiction novel. It’s interesting because it shows the story of someone who’s IN a book themselves and experiencing things that the write decides should happen. Very surreal.

2: Zone One by Colson Whitehead

This is an interesting one, because the author was directly inspired to write this zombie survival horror novel by watching scary zombie films at a young age. In this case it wasn’t lucid dreams that inspired the novel but rather nightmares.

3: Stay Awake by Dan Chaon

A series of dreamy short stories inspired by a lucid dream, Stay Awake shows how fragmented reality can really be, and how our dreams can overlap into our waking lives. Dan has written about things that in many cases are inspired by his nightmares as much as his lucid dreams.

4: Stuart Little by E B White

Stuart Little is another fiction novel that was inspired by E B Whites earlier dream, which then also later became a film! This is a classic dream inspired storyline, with a talking mouse taking centre stage. This is exactly the sort of thing that’s normal to experience in a lucid dream.

5: Poet Anderson: In Darkness

This is a fairly new novel which brings the dreamyness of a lucid dream into the reality of waking life.


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