Dream Commands To Communicate WITH the Lucid Dream Itself


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You can actually use dream commands to ask the lucid dream things DIRECTLY, or to control or extract information from your subconscious mind. Here’s exactly how to do it.

First off, let’s talk about what exactly a lucid dream is and what YOU can do to achieve this state.

Basically, when you dream every night, you experience a sense of being transported into another world or reality, one that seems to be scripted, almost like a movie.

Most of the time, your dreams seem to be totally out of your control.

This means that you’re definitely part of the experience and you sense all of the events and emotions of the dream, but you don’t really control or contribute to its “storyline”. You’re kind of just forced to accept what the dream throws at you.

This is all fine and great, but if you’re looking to gain a truly deep dream experience, one that crosses the typical boundaries of consciousness, then lucid dreaming is what you should aim for.

What we know of dreams is that they often teach us, guide us, and show us hidden aspects of our subconscious that are meant to give us insights and make us generally happier human beings.

If you could learn to dive even deeper into your own subconscious, to become its co-creator in a sense, then just think of what this could do for your well-being.

People who practice lucid dreaming often experience a complete change of perspective when it comes to the nature of reality.

It becomes much bigger and more wonderful than they originally believed.

Lucid dream scene

The best way to develop your skills as a lucid dreamer is to become conscious of little, repetitive signs, people, or events that happen throughout your dreams.

This means that you should take a mental (or literal) note if, say, you dream that you’re at a costume party in Venice nearly every night – even though this seems totally out of this world, and hey, you’ve never even to been to Venice! Soon enough, you’ll catch yourself in your dream, realizing that this is a pretty bogus situation and that you are in fact dreaming. Practice this and you’ll soon be able to become more conscious of other aspects of your dreams.

Eventually, you should be able to be able to consciously be aware of many other things while you dream, even coming to the point of controlling what happens, and deciding where the story continues all on your own. Once you reach this point, this is where the excitement really starts to happen. This is when you can begin to truly interact with the other characters and events in your dream.

There are a few techniques out there that make controlling or communicating with your dream reality easier and smoother. This could even include things like wanting to change the lighting of your dream of making a specific creature appear!

How to use dream commands to control the lucid dream

Firstly, we need to realize what it is that usually controls our dreams. The answer is pretty easy: our subconscious. So, in order for us to get in the driver’s seat of our dreams, so to speak, we need to learn to better communicate with this deeper part of our own consciousness.

Sounds a bit confusing? It really isn’t as complicated as it sounds. It takes some practice, but it’s definitely possible to achieve. Here’s what you need to do:

  • 1. Become lucid and stabilise the dream. Make sure that you are truly experiencing a lucid dream, i.e., one in which you feel aware of your own dream state.
  • 2. Think about ONE thing you want to change. To save yourself from being completely overwhelmed, think of one aspect of the dream that you would like to change or bring into being.
  • 3. Directly ask the dream to do it. Consciously try to make contact with your subconscious by giving it a command. For example, try focusing all of your attention on a command such as “show me a white unicorn.” Try it out with other requests or questions. Remember, practice makes perfect!

The most important part of mastering dream commands is being confident and trusting that the dream will give you what you asked for. You could try shouting your request in your dreams for even greater effect. Try something like, “make it snow purple snowflakes!”, or, “make my sister appear right now!”

You could even ask for your dream to reveal deeper questions and curiosities. Think along the lines of showing you your life purpose, your worst fear, the key to passing your math exam, your true love, and the like. Another thing you can try is asking more open-ended questions, and seeing all of the crazy possibilities that your subconscious comes up with. For example, ask the dream to show you something really funny, or to take you to a strange new place.

Other than showing you answers, things, people, or creatures, you could also make commands that affect your own abilities in the dream.

This can include giving you superhuman abilities, like the ability to walk through walls, to become invisible, to run at 500 miles per hour, or to have x-ray vision, for example. The possibilities really are endless. It’s up to you to decide where you want to take your dream, and what answers you are looking for at a given moment in time.

If mastering these commands seems a little crazy or even impossible for you at first, don’t give up! Remember, it takes practice to truly master the art of lucid dreaming and all of its intricacies.