Lucid Dreaming In 2023: Here’s Why It’s A Bright Future!


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As we come into 2017, more and more people have started learning about lucid dreaming and what it can do. There are many reasons why this is a GREAT year to learn to control your dreams.

Lucid dream 2017

Why 2017 is a great year to lucid dream

2017 is the PERFECT time to lucid dream because there are more opportunities to learn than ever before. There are so many new advances being made into this area, that you wouldn’t believe it. I’m taking about new technology, scientific breakthroughs and much more, happening year on year.

If you do one thing this new year, make it this: Learn how to lucid dream. It doesn’t have to be difficult, and if you use something like the cycle adjustment technique it’s not even going to take you very long to learn.

New sleep tech and wearables

In 2017 there are more sleep tech products than ever before! We’ve seen the neuroon sleep masknew binaural beats providers, and many more lucid dreaming masks enter the market and get people excited about lucid dreaming.

Never before have there been this many sleep tech products on the market. You can even get a background noise generator now to make gong to sleep that bit easier, if you don’t like to sleep in silence.

There’s information EVERYWHERE

There is just LOADS of information out there now. If you want to find an article about some weird obscure technique that no-ones hardly ever heard of, you can now! (usually because we’ve covered it here on!).

There is an abundance of information out there for those who want to learn. Anything about lucid dreaming that you want to learn about in 2017, you CAN. You can get books, read articles, whatever you want! Even watch videos.

New techniques and methods

Every year more and more techniques are founded and refined. These techniques are sometimes discussed on reddit, on forums, on social media and in the comments sections of videos on YouTube. The more people get involved with lucid dreaming as time goes on, the more techniques and methods will be invented.

More widely accepted

Another thing is, as time goes on and more and more people learn about this stuff, it becomes more and more accepted in society. It’s no longer a weird thing that you have to shy away from telling your friends about. The future of lucid dreaming is a bright one!

Learn to lucid dream in 2017

If you do want to learn to lucid dream in 2017, there’s really only a few things you need to do:

Get my beginners guide: The only Ebook you’ll ever need to get started with lucid dreaming. Read this, apply what you learn and you’ll be lucid dreaming before you know it. There’s a discount on it at the moment, so check it out!

Consider trying some supplements: Supplements are a great way to boost your dreams, and this little collection will help you get good results faster.

Look out for new lucid dreaming sleep tech: I have regular articles posted on this site, and in this section I cover reviews of new sleep tech, supplements and more. When something new comes into the market, I usually check it out and let you guys know how it is!