Lucid Dream MEANING: What Does It Mean If Your Dreams Are LUCID?


🌙 Written by Kai Riverstone, international lucid dreaming expert and teacher. Learn how to lucid dream in 7 days or less.

Today we’re not talking about your dream meanings

We’re not even talking about what lucid dreaming IS.

We’re talking about:

What lucid dreams actually MEAN

Lucid dreams can have several meanings. 

In particular, I’m talking about what it MEANS if you have a random LUCID dream. 

Some people (lucky few) have RANDOM or unplanned lucid dreams. These lucid dreams involve them doing or experiencing random things, and there is a meaning to it all. 

So get comfortable, buckle up and get ready to learn this.

Lucid dreams mean that you’re after more control in your life. More excitement and control over what you’re doing. 

They often also mean that you might be accidentally practicing things that make you lucid. This is actually a good thing and you can use this to your advantage.

If you’re having RANDOM lucid dreams, it could mean that you’re practicing one of the following techniques:

As these techniques are known to give random or unplanned lucid dreams.

Flying dreams

But if you’re NOT practicing those techniques, it could be that you’re just accidentally practicing those things without KNOWING that they’ll make you lucid.

Lots of people do that actually, and it’s sort of funny. There are millions of people trying SO HARD to have lucid dreams, and you’re just having them naturally.

So make the most of it. In terms of what lucid dreams mean, it really depends. It depends on what you’re doing in these lucid dreams. Here are some more meanings of lucid dreams…

If you’re doing fun exciting things

If you’re lucid dreaming about doing fun or exciting things like: 

Then there’s a good chance you’re just looking for more excitement in your life! This is normal, but there are many things you can do about this. In many cases, you can just do NEW things.

Lucid Dreaming exercises to fly

It might be that your subconscious mind is CRAVING new experiences, and the only way it can get those experiences is by having dreams about them.

Lucid dreams. 

And if you’re having these dreams, there are many ways to make them more fun, more vivid and more interesting:

Those articles should give you a good start. But it’s a journey, and you’ll find out more and more about this stuff as you go through the journey. 

If you’re doing negative or bad things

If you’re doing bad things in your lucid dreams like: 

  • Hurting other people
  • Stealing or breaking the law
  • Being nasty or doing negative things
  • Running away from someone you love

Then it’s likely some things are going wrong in your life. These aren’t normal things to dream about, and you should look at what’s making you feel this way.

I’m not a counsellor, so I can’t advise on what to do but there’s something not quite right here. If you’re hurting people in your lucid dreams, something is very wrong or unbalanced within you.

No-one REALLY wants to hurt other people unless they themselves are very hurt. 

If you’re just exploring

The meaning of lucid dreams where you’re just exploring is similar to when you’re doing crazy intense things. You just want to experience new things! 

Get out there, travel, and do exciting things. They don’t have to cost lots of money, but they do take your TIME. Dedicate a chunk of time every week to doing things that make you feel excitement or joy. This can be something as simple as going to a new cafe, or trying a new sport.

What do other dreams mean?

Other dreams have very random meanings, and it’s hard to interpret them without knowing YOU. 

Flying in a lucid dream

And that’s the problem with trying to figure out the MEANING of any dream really. It depends on the meaning the dreamer themselves has attached to certain archetypes and images.

And that differs from person to person. Your dream about an apple means something completely different to MY dream meaning of an apple. 

That being said, I did create a large post talking about what your dreams mean. It covers the 100 most COMMON dream symbols and meanings, and should help you understand a bit more about your dreams. 

How to HAVE lucid dreams

If you’re really serious about learning to control your dreams and you REALLY want it to happen, you need to build up the HABITS you’ll need to lucid dream. These are very important, and learning the wrong things will mean you’ll waste HOURS. 

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Here’s some of what you’ll learn in the bootcamp course: 

  • Exactly what to practice, which techniques, reality checks, exercises and ideas you should do on specific days for 30 days (and how to do them) so you can just save loads of time
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