This Is The Ultimate Lucid Dream Inducer: Brand New 2018!


🌙 Written by Kai Riverstone, international lucid dreaming expert and teacher. Learn how to lucid dream in 7 days or less.

Or at least that’s the sales pitch for most new lucid dreaming devices or induction devices. WAIT, Don’t click away, I promise you’ll leave this post with exactly what you’re looking for. I know you’re probably thinking ‘I just wanted a lovely little post about lucid dreaming INDUCTION devices maybe with a little picture, what’s this nonsense?’.

I get it, and I’d feel the same, but stick around and you’ll be a changed person! 

What were you really looking for?

Before we can get into the lucid dream inducer and why you’re searching for that, let’s talk a little bit about what you’re really looking for. You probably know what lucid dreaming IS, in the sense that you just want to control your dreams and do cool things like flying, am I right? I started pretty much the same, except my first lucid dream was actually an accident and happened when I was confined to my bedroom as a kid for behaving badly.

But, over the years I’ve had a fascination with lucid dreams obviously, (I made a website!) and so I totally get where you’re coming from. You’ve probably heard a friend tell you how incredible lucid dreaming is or maybe you’ve seen a few devices that are supposed to guarantee lucid dreaming on sites like Kickstarter.

The problem with lucid dream inducers

The phrase ‘lucid dream inducer’ suggests that lucid dreaming can be induced instantly. Now, before you click away, bare in mind that I’m saying all of this with your best interests in mind. I WANT a lucid dream inducer more than anyone, but at the moment, there is NO device that can induce a lucid dream every time, instantly.

It just doesn’t exist, but there are LOTS of myths surrounding the Kickstarter pitches for these devices. The most common one is that by giving SOME people a lucid dream, the device is somehow magically successful.

You have to realise that you can get more lucid dreams by just interrupting your sleep in ANY way! If you have a cat, or a baby, you’ll know that you have more dreams as a result because your sleep is more commonly interrupted during the night, meaning you’re more likely to have a lucid dream or at the very least, remember vivid dreams.

One of the most EFFECTIVE methods for lucid dreaming is to actually set an alarm to go off several times during the early hours of the morning between 4-8AM. This works because it cuts your sleep up and makes you wake up during this state of mind where you’re VERY likely to lucid dream.

So any lucid dream inducer or device that claims to give lucid dreams, if it’s doing it simply by interrupting your sleep, the claims are NOT valid and you could get the same effect with your phone alarm or by adopting a pet.

Not to mention that your phone alarm is already there, and most lucid dreaming devices are very expensive. IMPORTANT: I’m not saying that no lucid dreaming devices work, quite the opposite. In fact I have a post comparing the top lucid dreaming devices so go and read that after this post, BUT don’t click away yet because you need to understand a few things before spending your hard earned money on a lucid device. 

What I am saying is that no device can give instant, guaranteed lucid dreams. No device can INSTANTLY induce a lucid dream, what they can do at the moment is give lucid support. Some of them can increase the chances of you becoming lucid, but only if you work with them in the right way…

What most people do wrong

Here’s what most people do when they see a cool video about a lucid induction device online, they get hyped, invest their savings into pledging it with the super early bird offer that gives you access to the cool new color options (which by the way, probably haven’t even been created yet).

They go to bed and sleep easy knowing that when their device arrives, they’ll suddenly be able to lucid dream, just as if it were a new video game that they just plug into their console and start playing. It’s absolutely not like that at all. In fact what will happen is one of these things:

  • The device will takes ages to arrive or be completed (sometimes years)
  • When the device arrives it just doesn’t look good and isn’t comfortable to wear
  • If it arrives, and looks and feels good, it just doesn’t give you lucid dreams and you can’t figure out why

You’re doing all the right stuff, you’re wearing the mask or band or whatever the device is, but you’re not having lucid dreams; nothings changed. Why is this you wonder, but the reason is very simple.

Lucid dreaming is a skill, and you can’t very often learn or adopt a new skill by strapping on a mask. It’s like expecting to be able to paint really well just by buying a really expensive, high tech paintbrush. It won’t do anything. It might help you if you can ALREADY paint, but that’s where people miss the point..

You need to learn to lucid dream FIRST and THEN if you see a device or supplement that can help you with something, get it and use it sparingly. 

I promise you that you’ll find this out the hard way if you’re just looking for a device that can give you instant lucid dreams. No matter HOW appealing the products sales pitch is (which by the way is ONLY designed to get your money, that’s what a pitch it) nothing on the market today (time of writing August 2018) can induce lucid dreams instantly.

I wish there was, but there isn’t. Now try not to take this all to heart, and if you really want to get a lucid dreaming mask or device, as I said I have a list of the top ones and reviews of things like that, but PLEASE if you do nothing else, do yourself a favor and learn how to lucid dream first or at least while you WAIT for your lucid dream inducer to arrive.

This is the right direction

I truly believe the best thing to do is learn lucid dreaming the simple way first. Trial and error and learning proven techniques while seeing how they can be adapted to work best for you. Here are some options for learning to lucid dream:

  • Learn how to lucid dream (My free article showing how to actually do it)
  • If that doesn’t work, don’t give up, instead go through the lucid dreaming bootcamp (pretty much makes sure almost everyone who follows the steps has a lucid dream)
  • Experiment and always try new things but more important than anything else, DON’T just rely on a device that may or may not even turn up to give you lucid dreams!