Best Crystals For Lucid Dreaming And How To Use Them


🌙 Written by Kai Riverstone, international lucid dreaming expert and teacher. Learn how to lucid dream in 7 days or less.

I should preface this post by saying that the link between lucid dreaming and crystals hasn’t been scientifically proven. What follows is a collection of crystals that people BELIEVE to have an effect on lucid dreaming.

The idea is that crystals are said to be able to resonate at certain frequencies and project that energy into the bodies and minds of the people around the crystal. There is also the theory that you can program crystals to be effective for lucid dreaming.

I personally haven’t tested this, and so this is merely a collection of what people widely consider the best crystals for lucid dreaming, and the effects they supposedly have. Enjoy!

The best crystals for lucid dreaming

Next to each one I’ll include a link which should open in a new tab, so you can check out the crystals and read reviews on Amazon (or wherever they’re being sold, some are only sold on a specific website).

1: Ametrine

Ametrine is said to be great for learning, increased cognitive ability and creativity. It’s great for dreaming up more vivid and interesting landscapes and can help you be more creative when dealing with problems in the dream (and waking life)

2: Azurite

Azurite is said to be great for helping you meditate and get in contact with spirit guides or lucid dream guides. It’s also said to be a powerful crystal for intuition and empathy.

3: Quartz

Quartz is believed to be a powerful crystal that can be easily programmed to channel whatever energy you like into yourself. This means it’s a great all rounder and you can program it with certain energy (which could be lucid dreaming boosting powers for example).

4: Amethyst

Amethyst is said to be a potent lucid dreaming crystal, with abilities such as helping you reach a state of serenity and bliss very quickly. It can be effectively used for meditation and well as just relaxing and getting into a lucid state of mind.

Using these crystals to lucid dream better

The most common belief with using crystals for lucid dreaming is that by storing the crystal in a place near your head while you sleep will be enough to let you absorb/channel it’s energy. It’s also thought that certain crystals need to be pointed either towards you or away from you.

There are also more complications, as certain crystals supposedly need to be placed in certain parts of the room, (in the middle of the floor, or right in the corner for example).

For lucid dreaming, most people seem to agree that just placing any of the crystals on this list near your head while you sleep will produce a mild dream boosting effect.

The link between crystals and nightmares

It’s believed that some crystals can actually cause nightmares and some can help reduce nightmares. It’s widely believed that amethyst is a great crystal to sooth your sleep and help reduce night terrors. It’s also thought that pointing a citrine crystal away from your head (but keeping it near your bedside) can reduce nightmares.