This Could Be The Hardest Lucid Dream Challenge Ever


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Lucid dreaming is a very creative skill. You can have the ability to fly through walls, visit the moon or even breathe under water. So it’s no wonder so many people who lucid dream see the entire thing as their private adventure park.

Lucid dreaming is also a very powerful tool for personal development that anyone can use. Since we spend about a third of our life just sleeping, why choose to ignore your dreams until they slowly fade away from your memories and become just another slot in your temporary rest.

One thing that you can do with lucid dreams is to face and overcome your fearsAll of us tend to carry fears and issues that have developed over the course of our lives, whether that’s through conditioning or though instinct.

Whether that is fear of pursuing something you love, or someone you admire. Or it could be the desire to be more assertive or outgoing. Or even some basic ones like spiders and other critters.

You can work through any of the issues you may have through lucid dreaming, which is very empowering, and it’s not even difficult.

The basic idea of how to go about facing and overcoming your fears within your lucid dreams is to live out this fearful situation or event in a dream.

That way, you will be comfortable knowing that you are the only one who is in control of the situation and you can leave by opening your eyes at any time.

There are various techniques that you can you to conquer fears as well as practice new skills, and today we are going to talk about two great ones.

The first technique is done while you are falling asleep. During this process, you need to use one of your regular lucid dreaming mantras that have a very positive tone, like ‘I am lucid dreaming and it is great’.

Next, you will need to combine this mantra with a positive present tense mantra, where you will state your intentions.  Now, do note that the main key here is not at all the eloquence of your mantra, but the intention you have behind it.

The more powerful your visualization and your intentions are, the greater the effects are going to be. And in the case that you find the mantra isn’t that effective for you, just switch to visualizing the same scenario you want to dream about, while you are falling asleep, but make sure you are lucid while doing this. That is the key.

The induction technique isn’t the only thing that matters with this technique. You need to focus all your efforts on becoming lucid. So make sure that you find the time to dedicate to all day awareness, meditation and reality checking, in order for your experiences to become much deeper and much richer.

Then, once you find yourself in your lucid dream, in case you’re not already in the scenario that you previously visualized, you are going to need to focus on getting there. All you need to do is state a command, loud and clear, like ‘Take me to see Nick’ and then spin around until you are in your scenario. Next, you may bring yourself to a full awareness of your situation and go to face the fear you have.

If it’s something that you are really scared of, such as the fear of flying, of heights or of public speaking, just imagine that you are surrounded by a protective white or clear ball all around you and repeat loudly ‘I know that nothing can hurt me here.’

Now, you’re free to play out your experience, just remember that you are the one who is in control. Make sure that you are calm and aware, and pay attention to any moment where any strong emotions or feelings arise within you.

The lucid challenge: Seeing your fear

This is the real challenge. You’re going to get your subconscious mind to show you your deepest fear. This can either be used to conquer it, or just to be aware of it. The chances are, especially if you’ve not been a lucid dreamer for VERY long, you won’t actually KNOW your deepest fear.

For example you might think you’re scared of trains, when really you’re just scared of travel or change.. This is what your subconscious mind can reveal to you, and the things it can show you are really surprising.

Before you do this by the way, be aware that you’ll learn something you didn’t know. This won’t be a walk in the park and the chances are it might upset you or shock you. You’re going to reveal your deepest secrets and fears to yourself. Okay, ready?

So what you need to do it become lucid using whichever technique works best for you. Once you’re lucid, stabilise the dream by spinning around on the spot or rubbing your hands together. Now shout out to the dream itself to ‘show me my biggest fear!’ and wait.

We’ve spoken before about how you can use dream commands to get the lucid dream itself to help you, and this is exactly that. You’re going to let your powerful subconscious do the work. It’s important that once yo’ve shouted out your command, you just WAIT. Don’t move around or do anything else because you’ll ignore or miss the answer.

What will actually happen

What happens next is going to vary from person to person, but in a nutshell you’re going to be shown your fear. This will be shown to you by the dream in either a symbol like PHYSICALLY seeing what you’re scared of, or by experiencing it.

For example if your deepest fear is being abandoned, then the dream will place you in an empty train station and make you feel lonely. If your deepest fear is dying then you’ll experience dying and your subconscious’s interpretation of what death is like.

It’s going to feel a bit scary at first and the chances are you’ll freak out and wake yourself up. This is fine but remember, the real work happens when you go BACK into the lucid dream the next night and try again. This is when you’re going to get real answers and do some great work. Once you’ve SEEN your greatest fear, come back here and read how to REMOVE or change the fear