How Anything Is Possible (Lucid And Shifting Belief)


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Are you wondering if lucid and shifting are really possible? 

So many people say that it isn’t possible, that people are just making it up.

But there are also more and more people claiming that they’ve done it.

So, who’s telling the truth?

We have been bombarded with people telling us that it’s silly to believe in this stuff.

Why? Because they don’t want us to know that anything is possible.

Yes, I said it. Anything at all.

That goes for lucid dreaming and reality shifting as well.

Don’t believe me?

After reading this article, you will believe that lucid and shifting is possible and you can try it out yourself.

Are you ready to know how anything is possible?

Let’s dive in!

Lucid And Shifting

I really need to make this article talk about belief and how easy lucid dreaming, reality shifting, and anything that you want to experience can really be. 

How Is Lucid And Shifting Possible?

Lucid and shifting are possible because your beliefs are powerful and your brain is like a hologram. There are just industries tricking you into thinking otherwise so they could make money but there are experiments to prove this.

We will talk about this in more detail later. First, I want to tell you the reason why I’m writing about this topic.

lucid and shifting

Why I’m Writing This Article

Because you would be amazed if you saw how many messages, emails, and comments I get from people about this.

“I was finding lucid and shifting so difficult until I found your channel. You told me how easy it is and almost instantly things shifted and I was able to do these things.”

You know there’s a comment here that’s got dozens of uploaded videos. 

You saying lucid dreaming is easy after everyone else telling me it’s hard has inspired me to go back to learning how to do it.

There are so many comments like this where people say that they were inspired to go back to lucid dreaming after years of being unable to do it. 

This is the power of belief and I want to explain in a few ways why this is so powerful. 

how to shift realities while awake

What’s Happening Now

So what’s happening now in the world is there’s a big change and people as a whole collective consciousness is realizing that. 

We’ve been lied to about a lot of things. We can actually do almost anything. 

We have this immense power within us to heal our bodies and minds with our consciousness alone.

Lucid and shifting are no different. 

I’ve heard recently this funny statement that said that our bodies, our minds, are unable to heal our bodies or that there’s this separate connection. 

If you look at the quantum level and read books about it, you will understand that there is no difference between physical matter, our bodies, and consciousness. 

In fact, consciousness creates the physical matter that we think is outside of us. 

what does shifting feel like

It’s very clear that anyone saying otherwise has not looked into quantum mechanics and the experiments that have been done and are continuing to be done.

These experiments show that there’s no separation.

Consciousness is matter is consciousness. 

When you think about questions like: “can you heal yourself in a lucid dream?”

Of course, you can. Can the mind heal the body? Yes, it can. 

It doesn’t happen any other way, it really doesn’t anyway. 

Healing is not the topic of this video.

dreaming and spirituality

Lucid Dreaming Is Easy

The topic of this article is that lucid dreaming is easy.

That lucid dreaming is easy because when really this applies to anything. 

But when you have this belief that something is easy, it becomes easy. When you have a belief that something is difficult, it becomes difficult. 

And you know this is not just me preaching at you. This is something that I’ve heard myself from so many people, countless people, books, videos, interviews, really anything. 

If you look at the interviews with, let’s say, top-level athletes, and celebrities contain really anyone that you could consider to be successful. 

Let’s look at self-made or successful high achievers. 

If you actually listen to the words they say in the interviews, almost all of them attribute their success to the power of consciousness.

man wearing business suit

It’s very hard to find somebody who’s reached a pinnacle of success who doesn’t attribute it to these things:

The power of manifestation, conscious intention, belief, and of course hard work. 

But that comes secondary to the belief, intention, and manifestation.

This applies just the same to lucid dreaming. 

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How Lucid And Shifting Are Possible

what does shifting feel like

1: Your Beliefs Are Powerful

You can try any technique you want, you can try any supplement, any device. 

None of it’s going to work unless you believe it’s possible. 

Why did you search for this article? 

For you to do that, you must believe it’s possible.

You must have heard somebody else do it, thought it sounded like a cool idea, and then you subconsciously or consciously decided to check this out. 

That sounds like an interesting experience. I want to do that, so it must be possible. 

Belief comes first, the techniques and the actions come second, and in many cases, belief alone is enough. 

This applies not just to lucid dreaming but also to healing manifestation and anything that you’re trying to do. 

man doing experiment

2: Experiments Prove This

There are a series of experiments that have been done that show the power of conscious awareness and intention. 

You have the experiment where they took somebody’s DNA, separated it from the guy by about 200 miles and they stimulated his emotions.

Instantly, the DNA is affected as well. 

Again, that was 200 miles away from the guy and it instantly responded electrically to the guy’s emotions. 

There’s no explanation for that according to traditional physics. 

So when you hear people say that your body is completely separate from your mind, it’s not true.

How is there any separation between your consciousness and your body?

man lying with healing stone on forehead

There are so many stories of people who were able to heal their bodies with intention and belief. 

This happened across the board way beyond the margin for error.

Do you know how people are able to miraculously make tumors vanish?

People with a terminal diagnosis from a doctor, and after some time, it’s gone and the doctors have no idea what happened. 

These things are happening more and more and more as the knowledge gets more and more circulated.


3: Industries Are Just Tricking You

“Well, why doesn’t this happen all the time?”

Because you have people saying that it’s not possible which is actually a whole society. 

I also want to repeat, there’s a whole industry that makes money when you’re sick. 

If there was a natural way that you could heal anything, they’ll be the last people to tell you.

The doctor doesn’t have an income unless you’re sick. 

So hopefully you understand that.

money hungry

4: Your Brain Is Like A Hologram

Here’s more scientific proof. 

You can take somebody, and this happens very often with brain damage victims.

They used to think that each part of the brain had a correlation to a specific trait or function within our body. 

They used to think that if you remove a specific tiny chunk, you would no longer be able to speak French. 

If you remove another chunk, your left leg won’t work.

But it’s been proven that actually, you can take out a huge chunk of the brain and the whole thing still works exactly the same. 

They also used to think that memories were mapped to a specific area of your brain. 

doctor looking at brain scans

But there are people who have had chunks of their brain removed in an accident and they still have all their memories.

There’s really no explanation for that other than the ancient and now modern explanation that it’s a hologram.

Every piece of the image reflects the whole. 

It doesn’t matter if you take out a piece of the image because it’s redundant. 

If you take away a piece of your brain, the whole thing still works because it’s a hologram. 

4: You Are Not Your Thoughts

You can prove this again with meditation. 

If you meditate properly, you notice that your thoughts are very separate from your consciousness.

man meditating

The majority of people never notice this because they never meditate and they are constantly locked into their egos and into their minds.  Very left-brained. 

These are the sorts of people who will be very attracted to things like numbers, logic, and reason.

Left-brained people are kind of black-and-white as opposed to right-brained creative flow people.

The best is when you synchronize the two through the corpus colossi, which is the bridge between the two hemispheres of the brain.

As I was saying, through meditation, you realize that actually, these thoughts that your mind is having are not you.

They’re very separate from your consciousness, which is outside of you. 

There’s no way you can say this is where my consciousness starts and this is where my consciousness ends.

Your consciousness is everywhere you are. Everything that exists is consciousness.

how to shift reality

Try It Out Yourself!

If you want to prove this to yourself, try to meditate.

Your thoughts are created in your brain and these are based on things like subconscious programming, beliefs, memories, the ego, and all of that.

It’s kind of like this monkey chatter that just goes on and on. 

When you meditate, you separate from that and you have this awareness of the thoughts. 

But you are not the thoughts. So the seat of consciousness is not your brain, it’s not your mind and it’s certainly not these little thoughts that you keep having or that your ego keeps having. 

So when you come at it from that approach, your consciousness is essentially operating your body and mind like an avatar. 

man playing with a gaming console

So through consciousness, you can then direct the mind and body. 

The biggest proof, by the way, is just to try it for yourself for about 30 days. 

You know I could talk for a long time about this stuff but I’m just going to share my opinion on healing specifically lucid and the ability of consciousness and the mind to affect the body. 

I have a list of the smallest of the studies, but I will collect a larger list.

Let me know what you think!


How To Lucid Dream Tonight?

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How To Shift Realities?

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lucid and shifting are possible

Lucid And Shifting Is Possible

So, is lucid and shifting possible?

Lucid and shifting are possible because your beliefs are powerful and your brain is like a hologram.

There are just industries tricking you into thinking otherwise so they could make money but there are experiments to prove this.

You can try it yourself by starting with meditation.

When you meditate, you separate from your thoughts so all that’s left is your consciousness.

This consciousness, this state of being, is the key to making lucid dreaming and reality shifting.

Remove all those doubts telling you that it’s impossible because anything is possible.

When you start to believe, that’s when everything will start to work.

Now you’ve learned how lucid and shifting is possible. What do you think is the reason why you don’t believe that anything is possible?

Let me know in the comments!