Josoubi Lucid Dreaming Products Reviewed


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So a few months ago I got in touch with a lovely new company called Josoubi who are producing these new lucid dreaming products. I’m surprised no one else has really done the reality check bracelet idea, but here we are! Let’s take a deeper look at what they do..

So as you probably know I love to review all sorts of lucid dreaming products on here and every single one is slightly different. I’ve never come across any just like this one, and Josoubi has a unique approach to the lucid dreaming scene. Let’s start by talking about the individual producuts. I also made a video talking about it here as well:

Josoubis reality check bracelet

This is their main product and in my opinion, the most effective. It’s a beautifully designed bracelet with ceramic beads in various color options. You have a metal bar engraved with the words ‘Are you dreaming?’ and then another metal section with the triangle shaped logo.

The idea as I explained in my video is that you need to EXPECT the metal part to start glowing when you stroke the triangle logo. In a lucid dream it will glow but in real life, it will not. This is how you can turn it into a reality check, BEYOND just letting it remind you to do other reality checks.

That’s one of the coolest things about this bracelet, is that it can just be used to REMIND you to do your usual reality checks whenever you look at your hands, OR you can use it AS the reality check. Very good idea.

Josoubi dream journal

Their dream journal is a very interesting lucid dream diary and can be used to write your dreams down. There’s not really much I need to say about this other than it feels very similar to Lucid Dream Leafs journal in size and design, and it’s all in all, very good. It comes in a lovely hardcover sleeve to give it that premium feeling.

The one really interesting thing about this is that it has a reality check built into it. The dream journal itself actually says ‘Are you dreaming?’ right on the front, which encourages the habit to do a reality check as soon as you wake up. This is a very nice touch and one that makes the whole journal more effective.

Josoubi meditation stack

Josoubi have created a very effective meditation stack laced with binaural beats to help you induce lucid dreaming states. The idea behind it is that you should listen to the meditation stack either during your normal meditation or when your’e trying to induce a lucid dream in the early morning.

They explain more about them on their site but there are several tracks, each designed for different things. For example you have one for daily meditation that can be used up to 3 times a day, and another which is meant to be used only a few times a week when you’re trying to induce a lucid dream directly.

From my experience with binaural beats, it’s always best to use these AFTER you can already lucid dream because they’re quite advanced. There’s no binaural beat audio track that can instantly make you lucid dream if you’ve never done it before so please make sure your expectations are in the right place before using these.

Some other binaural beats tracks you might be interested in are:

  • Blisscoded sound: A different approach to binaural beats and based on sacred geometry. These are probably the best brainwave entrainment tracks I’ve ever used.
  • Unexplainable store: A huge collection of binaural beats for all sorts of purposes. If you’re JUST looking for binaural beats as an add on to other things, then go with Josoubi but if you’re REALLY interested in them then check out the Unexplainable Store as well.
  • These headphones: These headphones are the best I’ve found for using binaural beats especially when it comes to lucid dreaming. If you want to you could read my post about other great headphones for binaural beats.

So what’s the verdict?

I’d say honestly, the products are actually really good. They’re high quality and the only real downside I can think of is the price which seems a little high. That’s okay though because (especially with the reality check bracelet) this stuff’s actually gonna work, and hopefully give you more lucid dreams. You can’t put on a price on having more lucid dreams IMO!

You can learn more about the reality check bracelet (and see it working in a lucid dream through a CGI simulation) HERE (You can also see all their other products there as well).