Illumy Sleep Mask Review 2023: Could This Be The Best Sleep Mask?


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The Illumy sleep mask is a smart sleeping mask that is going to help you sleep better. It’s essentially a lightweight mask that will block out all of the unwanted surrounding light, while simultaneously providing you with its OWN light to trigger the body’s natural responses.

It has blue lights that are designed to get you to wake up gently and effectively in the morning around your chosen alarm time. It also has red toned lights in order for you to fall asleep faster and easier in the evening. 

How does the Illumy sleep mask work

The system that this sleeping mask uses is referred to as light therapy. It has a learning curve and you will need some time to get used to the entire thing, but it’s great if you’re someone who has trouble falling asleep or travels often. The mask is also a bit bulkier than a regular sleeping mask, so it’s best to use it while sleeping on your back.

The sleep mask comes with its own Sound Oasis App that you can download on your smartphone. In the app, you can choose your desired alarm time, the sound it will make, your sunrise and sunset preferences, and you can even choose to put it in a sleep enhancement mode. After you set up all of your preferences, you need to turn it on to sync it with the app on your phone. You’ll see a red light that indicates that the sleeping mask has been turned on.

Once you put it on, you can see that the hue on the inside of the mask will remind you of a sunset, and they will gradually dim, to get you feeling sleepy. And then, when you’ve indicated that it’s time to wake you up, the mask is going to slowly wake you up with a bright blue light.

There are several features that the mask has, including:

A built-in alarm

The Illumy sleep mask has a wake-up alarm clock with a light inside of it. You can set up your alarm time with the app on your smartphone or on a browser. Then, the mask will wake you up with a gradually increasing blue light that imitates a sunrise.

Silent Alarm

You can either choose to be additionally woken up with an audible chime of your alarm or you can put it on silent. If you choose the silent option, the mask is going to wake you up with a simulation of a sunrise that is going to get brighter as your alarm time approaches.

Custom length of sunset and sunrise

You can easily fall asleep with the mask by selecting how long the sunset and the sunrise should be projected for in the mask. You can choose between 10 to 60 minutes for each option, and you can find all of the settings in the app.

Advanced Sleep Enhance

This feature is used to prevent any possible distracting thoughts you may have while falling asleep. It will help you calm your mind by using some calming sunset pulsations in the evening. It will also project an energizing and quickening sunrise in the morning when it’s time to wake up.

This is a really good feature, and I’ve always mentioned how important it is to wake up naturally and as close as possible to natural sunrise and light as possible. Just hearing a blaring alarm and an annoying noise is not good enough and will just make you feel terrible all day! 

Home/Away Time

An added bonus of the Illumy smart sleeping mask is that you can take it with you when you travel to different locations. It has an internal clock that can take care of any time zone calculations. This way, you can easily choose a time zone even before you reach a destination. Simply choose the time zone of your destination and then set the alarm. Once you arrive, the mask will be all ready to wake you up.

The mask also comes with its own travel case, a charger, a micro USB charging cable, a programming cable, a user manual and a warranty card. Its Sleep Enhance feature uses lights that pulse at slower Delta frequencies before bed, to get you to fall asleep. Meanwhile, it pulsates at faster Alpha frequencies with the blue light in the morning, to get you to wake up. You can even use it during your afternoon nap, and you won’t even feel an energy dip. Combining it with a cup of coffee is going to give you the ultimate coffee nap.

Benefits of the Illumy

The Illumy sleeping mask is going to improve your memory. It does this by helping you achieve a better quality of sleep which is important for your mind. During sleep, your mind strengthens your memories and practices the skills you’ve been learning while you were awake. It will also improve your overall quality of life and make your lifespan longer because sleeping too much or too little is associated with a shorter life.

The mask will curb any inflammation you may have by getting you to sleep an optimal amount. This is essential for your body, as lack of sleep means a higher blood level of inflammatory proteins.

By getting you to sleep properly, you will also increase your creativity and sharpen your attention. Furthermore, many studies have shown that a lack of sleep leads to gaining weight, so getting enough sleep, thanks to this mask mean you not only will not gain any additional weight but when you exercise, you are going to lose fat instead of muscle mass.

Sleeping also reduces stress and this mask is perfectly designed to help you calm down with its pulsating lights. Lowered stress also means an increase in your overall happiness, so not only are you going to wake up feeling rested, you will be in a positive mood all day long!

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