Easy Hypnosis Induced Lucid Dreaming Tutorial (HILD Method)


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Hypnosis Induced Lucid Dreams, known as HILDs, is a great way to shake off all the stress from your mind and body. There are many techniques you can use to achieve the lucid dream, from meditation and reality checks to self-hypnosis.

At first, these methods can seem strange and it can be hard to enter the specific state needed for the lucid dream. But when you will master this art, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of the HILD technique.

For the uninitiated

Lucid dreaming is the process of controlling and observing your own dreams. During a regular dream, you can’t control what is happening. Moreover, you have difficulties remembering the entire dream. In a lucid dream, your are aware of all the things that happen. Because your brain is alert, you can control the dream. Some people see lucid dreaming as an alternative reality or a movie.

How to practice the HILD technique (step by step)

Hypnosis is used to access one’s subconscious, which holds memories and abilities we might not be able to access during a conscious state. Among the many uses of hypnosis is inducing lucid dreaming. HILD or Self hypnosis is easy to use in order to enter the specific trance state needed for lucid dreaming.

1: Achieve deep relaxation

The HILD method involves deep relaxation.To get started, lay down on your bed (or sofa). The best time to try this by the way is the early hours of the morning, for example if you normally wake up at 8, try this technique at about 6AM. 

Lay down, close your eyes, and then start by contracting your toes, then relax them, while you exhale. When you relax and exhale, all the tension is released from your toes. Repeat the contraction-relaxation step with each part of your body, all the way up to your face.

2: Enter the trance state

Focus on relaxing your body and feel how tension leaves you, as you enter a trance. Your body feels heavy, but your mind is clear. You can use whatever relaxation technique you prefer for this by the way. There are many to choose from, like the 61 point method or just a basic meditation/relaxation method

3: Begin your positive affirmations

When you are in a trance, your lucid dreaming journey begins, and you can use any positive suggestions you want to direct and control your dreams. You can tell yourself things like: 

  • I will enter a lucid dream and I’ll be in a forest
  • I will lucid dream right now about a beach
  • I’m about to enter a dream of me walking down a long road
  • And anything else you want to dream about. Really believe that it’s going to happen..

4: When you count to 5 your relaxation will double

Now you can start to play around with your brain with self hypnosis. What I mean by that is, because you’re lulled yourself into a relaxed trance state, you can start to suggest things to YOURSELF.

Start by telling yourself things like this: 

  • When I count to 5, my state of relaxation will double
  • when I count to 10, I’ll be one step closer to lucid dreaming
  • When I finish counting to 100, I’ll be in a lucid dream
  • With each number between 1 and 100, I become slightly more lucid (imagine yourself walking down or up a staircase and getting closer and closer to the lucid dream)

5: Enter the lucid dream

Now you should enter a lucid dream fairly quickly. At this stage, you’re still fairly unstable and if you get too excited, you’ll just wake yourself up so make sure you do a reality check or two and spin around (or whatever your preferred stabilisation technique is.

Here’s a little video about making sure you lucid dream tonight, hope this helps!

Tips for a better HILD experience

  • As you enter a trance, tell yourself that you will have long, vivid and lucid dreams, which you will control. You can also tell yourself that you will be able to remember the dreams when you wake up.
  • Always use the present tense, like “I have more lucid dreams”. Use positive reinforcements, as they are more powerful than neutral phrases or negative ones.
  • If you are using self HILD, you can adjust the method to suit you better. For example, you can count during the relaxation phase. The more you will practice HILD, the better you will become at it and you will soon discover the many benefits of practicing lucid dreaming.
  • Try and use the lucid dreaming induction binaural beat track (Below) we created combined with the WBTB technique (in the early hours of the morning!)