I’ve Had 1-3 Lucid Dreams In My LIFE

If you’ve had 1-3 lucid dreams in your whole life, there are probably one of a few reasons you’re not having MORE lucid dreams. I’ll assume by the way, that you WANT to have more lucid dreams. If you DON’T want to, click here


BEST option: Lucid Dreaming Bootcamp

I would suggest that you get our lucid dreaming bootcamp course. It’s a printable calendar template telling you EXACTLY what to practice for 30 days. It guarantees that if you follow the steps, you WILL lucid dream within 20-30 days or less. IF not you can get your money back.

It also contains a TON of free bonuses worth over $50, and you get lots of value here. This is the course that’s helped the MOST people lucid dream, and you can read lots of peoples reviews of the bootcamp as well. THIS is where I would suggest starting, because it makes SURE you’ll lucid dream.

SECOND option: Improve your reality checks

If you’ve had a few dreams, and you KNOW how lucid dreaming is supposed to work, but it just doesn’t happen for you, it’s likely your reality checks are the problem. This could be a number of issues, but I’d suggest doing one of the following: 

  • Get The Ultimate Reality Checks Guide: A detailed PDF ebook that troubleshoots ALL common problems with reality checks, and explains exactly why they’re not showing up in your dreams, and what to do about it
  • Learn how to do reality checks: Read our article on reality checks and make sure you’ve actually learned them the right way to begin with, because most people don’t

THIRD option: Improve your dream recall

There’s a good chance if you’ve had a few lucid dreams that you ARE having more. But what’s likely is that you’re just not REMEMBERING them in the morning. This is a super common problem, and for this I’d suggest my Dream Recall Guide. 

I created a detailed guide called the Dream Recall Guide that tells you how to remember more dreams, in beautiful, vivid detail. This is a MUST have for regular lucid dreamers, as you’ll be able to recall vivid and complicated dream scenes effortlessly.

Want to learn for free?

I have several articles teaching you HOW to lucid dream, for free. These are MUCH less detailed than any of my Ebooks or products, but they’re still a great option for you! Here are the most important articles and things you’ll need to learn to lucid dream (They open in new tabs):