Galantamine Review: Smart Nutrition Have Got It Right!


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I recently tested some Galantamine sent to me by Smart Nutrition to boost my lucid dreams. This is my review of Galantamine, and their service/product.

Here’s how it went:

To start off with, up until I tried their sample I hadn’t really had much experience with Galantamine. I figured that it would be best to take in the early morning, as this would target the REM sleep. After some research this assumption was proved correct.

I heard stories of people who’d tried it as soon as they went to sleep and they’d experienced all sorts of horrible things like –

  • Terrifying nightmares that never seemed to end
  • Scary ‘real feeling’ memories that never happened
  • Or just not being able to sleep properly at all
  • Feeling like their head was being ‘scraped along the bottom of an iceberg’

Luckily I didn’t experience this as I took it as I was doing a WBTB. This is therefore the best way I’d suggest to take Galantamine if you’re trying to have a lucid dream, and not a terrifying nightmare experience. Okay, let’s get into my official review of Galantamine.

Galantamine from Smart Nutrition

I was very happy to receive my bottle of their Galantamine in a fairly short time.

It was coming from a location far away from where I live yet the delivery didn’t take very long at all. The bottle came packaged nicely in a box with bubble wrap, and there was no damage to the packaging.

Smart Nutrition Galantamine review

The company and team replied swiftly to all of my emails, and I have had a nice conversation with the Smart Nutrition team. They sell various supplements on their online shop, and we agreed that Galantamine would be the most appropriate product for lucid dreaming.

Why buy Galantamine from Smart Nutrition?

Well, firstly they have great customer service, which is what you want when buying anything really. Especially when buying things online, you want to make sure that you can contact SOMEONE about the purchase, in case something goes wrong.

I love the products they offer as well, as in a short phrase, they WORK.

I tried their Galantamine and had a lucid dream 4 out of the 5 nights I tried it initially. I now use it now and then to have a more vivid lucid dream and it works almost every time. Of course it won’t work EVERY time, because nothing can work every time. It comes pretty close though!

How to use Galantamine for lucid dreams properly

There are a few tips I would give you for using Galantamine to boost your dreams, and there are some things you definitely want to avoid!

Firstly, make sure you actually know what lucid dreaming is and how to do it. If you don’t, it won’t really do much for you other than maybe give you some vivid normal dreams. This is still cool, but to get the most out of it, you’ll want to at least know what you’re doing.

Also, for maybe a week before you use it try and make an EXTRA effort with reality checks, writing dreams down and having lucid dreaming ‘on your mind’.

This will make sure you don’t have what happened to me – I lost focus for a few weeks before trying it and the first lucid dream was very hazy. This isn’t because of the product, but because I’d let my dreaming habits ‘slip’. Don’t do that.

Make sure that you’re getting the most out of your Galantamine and keep up your lucid dreaming habits, skills and practice before you actually use it. It doesn’t make sense spending money on Galantamine of any lucid dreaming supplement if you’re not going to put the work in and use it properly.

Dream diary logging! Another thing is make sure you write in your dream diary the nights you used Galantamine. This will help you to look back and see which nights you had the best lucid dreams and what caused them.

If you don’t do this, then you won’t know which nights you tried to lucid dream with Galantamine and you’ll never know where to improve and what to focus on in the future. Just write a small note at the top of the nights you used it for future reference. You’ll thank yourself for doing this later, trust me.

Keep it by your bed

What I did is I kept the bottle right next to my bed so that when I woke up to do my WBTB or other technique, it was right there ready for me to take.

Keep your Galantamine by yourr bed for lucid dreams

Make sure you’ve got some water to take with it as well. Some people find they need to eat a small amount with the supplement to counteract any small feelings of nausea. I was fine just taking it with water but if you need food, keep that by you bed also.

Mix it with the Wake Back To Bed technique

The WBTB technique is a great partner to Galantamine because it targets your REM sleep In the early morning.

Here’s how it works:

The half life of Galantamine (This means the time it takes for over half of the substance to decay or be absorbed by your body) is about 3-5 hours. This means that if you take it at the START of the night you won’t feel the effects that much when it comes to the REM sleep in the early morning.

It’s strongest when you take it at about 3-4AM and then do a WBTB. Of course, experiment with this yourself.

You can also use the SSILD technique

Another lucid dreaming method you can use with Galantamine is the Senses induced lucid dreaming technique. This is a very beginner friendly method which goes hand in hand with supplement use in the early morning. You should try and find which technique works the best for you with this supplement.

Side effects of Galantamine

Some side effects I found were that in the day time the day after I had increased focus and mental energy. There are other Nootropics which have a similar effect as well.

Galantamine is primarily used to get ‘dream support’ but it can give you a daytime boost as well!

Galantamine for lucid dreaming

It sounds great, and it is but there are some warnings I’d give you as well. Firstly, don’t use it all the time. There have been reports that for increased use, (And I mean heavy amounts daily for several weeks) you’ll get side effects like –

  • Nausea
  • Insomnia
  • Trouble concentrating

But DON’T WORRY these side effects only usually occur when you take MUCH MORE than the suggested daily does for several weeks, without a break.

If you use it with the suggested dose every few days you’ll be fine! I would suggest if you’re going to take it as part of your lucid dreaming life to have a Galantamine night maybe 1-2 times a week at most.

This way it will be the most effective, you won’t get any side effects and you’ll also give yourself the chance to improve at lucid dreaming naturally, so you’re not so reliant on supplements.

Where to get it

Smart Nutrition have a great source of Galantamine, which you can get here. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed my review of Galantamine by Smart Nutrition. You can find many more lucid dreaming supplements if this doesn’t sound like it’s for you, and there are also many Nootropics you can use for lucid dreams.