Float Tanks & Their Incredible Effect On Lucid Dreams & The Mind


🌙 Written by Stefan Zugor, international lucid dreaming expert and teacher. Learn how to lucid dream in 7 days or less.

Float tanks (sensory deprivation chambers) are an incredible way of relaxing, reaching deep meditative states and improving your health. Let’s look at the effect they have on lucid dreams and the mind:

Most of the things we really want to achieve in life, other than world domination and being built like a Barbie or Ken doll, are actually well within our grasp. Yes, you can be 100% fit. As 100% fit as your body allows!

Yes, you can be happy in your marriage. Provided that you married your soulmate and you’re both working on the relationship. As humans, we control our alignment.

And the more we align with something different, the more we, and our surroundings change to bring that new environment about for us.

If you make a magnet, the old Blacksmith way, by repeatedly heating and beating that piece of iron while exposing it to a magnetic force (like magnetic north, or an electro-magnetic magnet if you have one), you are effectively changing the internal structure of the metal.


The more you change the structure of the metal, the more it aligns all bits of metal around it, to how it thinks they should be lying around!

So – what’s the most pliable state you can think of for your mind, body, and spirit?

And – while we’re at it, what’s the most receptive state you can think of, to connect your mind, body, and spirit into the Universe? Yes – you can see where I’m going, like a predictable plot twist in a romance novel!

I’m referring to spending a couple of hours in a R.E.S.T, or sensory deprivation tank as they used to be called, while engaging in lucid dreaming. By the way if you click here, you can see an affordable HOME BASED float tank that you can have delivered to you if you’re interested in trying this out for yourself.

Introducing Float tanks (sensory deprivation chambers)

This is a bit like planting, harvesting and mixing your own coffee beans, roasting them yourself and brewing your first pot all by yourself – there’s so much power in the potential outcome, that it’s almost obscene to think you don’t need a license to try it!

What I’m really after is that a brain trained in any state, is a trained brain in any state. Let me explain. When you spend a bit of time with someone who is really high on cannabis, you may have a conversation with them that they won’t necessarily recall having, without jogging their memory, when they’re no longer stoned.

However, when they’re stoned again, they continue the conversation with you, remembering clearly where you stopped listening to their dissertation. Floating lucid dreams, open the doorway to not only embracing your inner space, but to living your inner space.

So – with all those expectations, a complete realignment of our psyche… Let’s start looking at the fine print.

If you haven’t had your first float yet, don’t start out thinking you’re going to set the world record for lucid floating on your first appointment. Before you sell your first coffee shop to a nervous billionaire, you have to plant those beans!

So – start out getting a few experiences under your belt, until you have the rituals figured out. The shower ritual, the quieting your expectations and thoughts, the earplugs, the settling in… Figure out how to really relax in the tank, and how to really just “be”.

Once you get to stop being so busy being in that tank, then start with meditation techniques. These are your warming up exercises.

Have a look at the Cabalistic Cross meditation. You’ll find various examples on the web. It involves finding a connectedness to the Universe, and embracing all that is, to the point where you feel yourself as a part of the Creative Energy of the Universe, rather than a temporary component in creation.

The practice of the Cabalistic Cross is a key practice in visualization, and a great quieting tool for your mind, to start meditation. It is a state in which you can enter, with a short time of training, within moments, and it helps you to rise above any frustrating or scary situation with ease.

It helps to align your lower physical body energy centres effectively, which in turn create the base for your Solar Plexus and higher chakra points, to come into their own. There really is no way of entering a spiritual focus space, like meditation, unless your chakras are all in alignment, and supporting your higher functions.

In the interim, stock up on the natural supplements discussed in our other blog article. Natural teas, natural spices, and get into the rituals that assist in enhancing your lucid dream experiences. This helps you to practice your skills as lucid dreamer.

Your skills as lucid dreamer entail learning to identify your dream state, and learning how to stop heeding the usual limitations like gravity, pain, and natural consequences of actions. This enables you to take control of your dreams, and to enter into a lucid dream state.

Using float tanks to lucid dream

Lucid dreaming is uncharted waters for many of us, and floating is new for many of us. The expectations we create before we get in the tank or get to that first dream, leaves many people wondering “Am I doing this right?”, “Is this all it is supposed to be?”, “When does it start?”

These create a natural barrier that in itself takes time to overcome.

If you rid yourself of the expectations, just getting in, and doing what you always do, settles you right in, and gets you to your inner space faster. Lastly, I’ve found that setting a ridiculously irrelevant target, leads me to forget that I’m working towards a goal I’m unable to navigate towards.

So my strategy to achieve lucid dreaming in a float tank (again, click here to get a cheap home float tank), as an enhanced lucid experience, was to pre-book my 10 float sessions, and call them my warm-up training over ten weeks.

By the time session three rolled past, I was already a “local” at the float centre, the staff knew me by sight, and I’d identified my favourite rituals before the float.

By the time session six rolled past, I’d started to sleep deeper, and easier at night, as the weekly sessions made an impact on my everyday life. I’d started to feel a difference in my everyday meditation, and my connected state when doing spiritual work.

I finally settled into the float experience enough. I’d spent hours meditating in the tank, fluttering about in my inner space, discovering the grand features built into my psyche. By the time I had my first lucid dream in the tank, the float discipline had enhanced my awake lucid time, I started engaging differently with the “real” world.

I stopped making decisions based on fearful assumptions. The place where there were no consequences too complicated to manage, started spilling over into how I experienced the world. Or – maybe it’s just that my circadian rhythm finally settled with three doses of B12 a day,

Maybe it’s because my evening ritual with my family, of hot golden milk on our double bed before everyone potters off to sleep by candle light, changed our home into a quieter, and happier place.

It could be that the switch from fizzy drinks and coffee to camomile tea, matched with a new discipline of purposeful relaxation changed the tempo of my life, from hurtling, to progressing fluidly. Or it could be that my inner sanctum finally got mapped with enough precision, that I now know who I really am.

Isn’t that what I was after? A new alignment, for a pliable, and receptive spirit, and a fearlessness for the changes that come, when you start taking control of the bits and pieces of your life, around you.

This post has been a bit of a rant but if you’re interested in getting started with floating and you just want to have your first float experience, have a look nearby where you live to see if there’s a float tank! If not, click here to get a great price on a private home float tank!