The Amount Of Time It Takes To Learn Lucid Dreaming Explained


🌙 Written by Stefan Zugor, international lucid dreaming expert and teacher. Learn how to lucid dream in 7 days or less.

The amount of time it takes to learn how to lucid dream depends on a few things, but it could happen within just a few nights.

Like everything in life that you try to learn it will depend on your natural pre-disposition to it (how well suited you are to the skill) and the amount of work and effort you put in. Don’t expect instant results but at the same time, don’t regard anything as impossible.

There are lots of people who can learn to lucid dream very quickly indeed, and seem to be able to control their dreams without much effort at all. These are lucky people and should not waste their gift. Lucid Dreaming is an art and a skill which normally takes a bit of time and regular effort to learn.


How long it will take you depends on the following things:

  • Your normal ability to learn a new skill. Everyone is different in this regard, but think about how fast you can pick up an entirely new skill in other areas of your life. How naturally intelligent and receptive are you? Are you the sort of person who can learn how to work out mathematical equations after only a few hours, or does it take you a bit longer to learn the framework for a skill?
  • How much time do you have to dedicate to learning how to Lucid Dream? This is a big factor, because learning this skill takes time. You could learn how to Lucid dream very fast but you’ll have to practice the aspects regularly, like reality checks and recording your dreams.
  • Do you actually believe in it? Lucid Dreaming is a skill that most people don’t even believe exists. It’s sometimes classified as ‘mumbo jumbo’ or ‘hippie nonsense’ and to people who can’t do it, the idea of ‘waking up in their dreams’ seems impossible. If you don’t believe it, you won’t  be able to do it. (It’s been scientifically proven, don’t worry it’s not nonsense!)
  • Whether or not you practice the reality checks. Learning to regularly test your reality is the best way to learn how to lucid dream quickly. This will be a huge deciding factor in how long it will take you to learn. Every day get used to testing your reality by performing one of these checks.

How long does it take to learn?

There really isn’t a short answer for this.

If you want a certain time frame to work on, then we’d say about 2-6 weeks on average. The chances are you haven’t been thinking about controlling your dreams much before, so it’s going to take some work to build up the skill and mindset. It’s more of a lifestyle, because you’re training yourself to always question everything.

A lucid dreaming book

You could be a very experienced lucid dreamer but if you don’t do your reality checks throughout the day, you’ll stop becoming self aware in your dreams. It’s like with most skills, ‘Use it or lose it’. Applying this mentality will hopefully motivate you to reality check more often throughout the day.

Can you learn to lucid dream in just one day?

Yes and no. You can certainly learn a lot about the skill, what it is, how it works etc.. in one day. That’s the easy stuff, but the chances are you’re not going to have a lucid experience the first night you try. It’s just not likely. You could do it but the chances are you’ll need to practice this and build your way up over time.

‘But there are stories of people learning it in one day, and my mate had one the first time he tried’. Yes, there are certainly lots of stories like this, and there ARE people who can learn it in one day. They’re very lucky, because for the MAJORITY of us, it takes a lot of work and won’t happen overnight.

That being said, there are a few things you can do to maximize the chances of it happening and of you learning how to lucid dream faster.

Try to remember that there’s not really any sort of rush, and a lot people get put off when they don’t get results the first night. Even if it takes you a couple of months to learn it, surely that’s worth it because you now have a lifetime of dreams ahead of you that you can control! Despite how difficult it may appear at first, you’ll probably have a lucid dream within about a week or two. Keep trying!

How to have a lucid dream faster

Although the title suggests that you’ll lucid dream in one night, it explains about how it varies and not everyone can do this. All it offers is tips to make it more LIKELY that you’ll hit it big the first time.


  • Go through this bootcamp, is will practically guarantee you have a lucid dream within 30 days, but probably more like 4 days. IT’s effective
  • Consider using some lucid supplements, because they’ll maximise any efforts you put in.
  • Be patient and don’t give up easily. It might take you longer than you expect, but it’s worth it