Nightmares About Falling Aren’t Always Bad


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Most people have had falling dreams. You’re falling, normally very fast from a great height. Either a building, or a cliff, and it seems like although you’re falling, you never seem to get closer to the ground. Until about 5 seconds before waking up in a panic.

These dreams are usually called nightmares, by people who can’t control their dreams and change their mental state during the night. For tips on turning nightmares into dreams, see Overcoming nightmares. If not, I’m going to tell you why I love ‘falling dreams’.

Falling dreams cause you to face your fears

A lot of people are scared of falling, and heights. It’s a sensible thing to be afraid of, as normally if you fall from a great height, you injure yourself or worse. It’s a survival instinct, to keep you away from the edge of a cliff.

Facing your fears however, is actually a healthy thing to do. It causes you to feel ‘more alive’, and can push you to new limits in your life. It makes you live ‘in the moment’ and causes you to experience life for what it is and not to hide away in your house. Falling dreams for this reason are sometimes a good thing.

They can over time help you to get over your fear of heights and understand that it’s just a way of your mind protecting you from falling and injuring yourself. Your mind makes you afraid of it so that you won’t go near a steep drop.

Turn falling nightmares into lucid dreams

If you experience falling nightmares every night, you can start to recognize them as a dream sign. You know that usually, you don’t fall fro a huge height on a daily basis, except in your dreams, so you can tell yourself ‘I’m dreaming’ when you notice you’re falling.

It might be hard to do at first, but if it’s something that keeps bothering you, you can turn this common falling nightmare into a normal dream by practicing your reality checks and by trying to make yourself more aware of yourself during the day.

The most common nightmares are..


Something chasing you.

A feeling of being lost or in danger.

Seeing someone you love or care about being hurt.

Falling is very common, probably because it’s something that no one likes or wants to do, it usually hurts you so you learn to be wary of heights, and stay away from the edge. Unless you’re a skydiver of course.

So it’s not unusual to have  a dream about tumbling through the air, nothing to worry about either. If you don’t like it, by learning how to Lucid Dream, you can recognize it as a recurring dream and sooner or later you’ll become in control during the fall.

Falling dreams are exciting!

If you have these dreams about falling but you aren’t scared, then you’re in minority. Either you like jumping out of planes or you are very laid back, either way, falling dreams are interesting!

They are in my opinion more fun than just a night with no remembered dreams or nightmares. It’s all experience. If you’re scared of falling then you can work on that fear, but the dream of it is really exhilarating!

They let you skydive for free!

So if you haven’t guessed already, I’m a skydiver and I love falling/flying, so in my Lucid Dreams, I fly around the world at super high speeds. It’s a lot cheaper than a skydive as well! And you can wake up and go and make a snack in the comfort of your own home. Do you enjoy falling dreams? Are they something which scares you?