What Does Lucid Dream Food Taste Like?


🌙 Written by Stefan Zugor, international lucid dreaming expert and teacher. Learn how to lucid dream in 7 days or less.

Eating food in a lucid dream can sometimes be the most incredible food you’ve ever tasted, but other times, it tastes like nothing. Why?

When you do something in a dream, what is actually happening is your mind is creating an experience for you. It’s sometimes hard to grasp the fact that not only is your mind creating the experience, but it’s also at the same time ‘having’ the experience, and exploring it. It’s strange to imagine that your mind is able to do this, but it does…

So, what happens when you have sex in a dream? Or eat a pizza? Well, your mind simulates that experience, usually based entirely on what you ‘think’ it will be like.

If you’ve done the thing in question before, you’ll simulate that memory in the dream. If you haven’t, for example, if you’re a virgin and you have sex in a dream, your mind tries to ‘fill in the blanks’ and give you the experience of what it is probably like.

Eating food in a lucid dream

And what’s this experience like? Well, and this is especially true if you’re Lucid, whatever the experience is in reality, your mind amplifies it a fair bit. This means if you have a fear of dogs or being chased, in reality, you see a dog and you’ll just move away or stay a set distance from it, depending on the degree of which you’re afraid of them, right?

Well, in a dream if you dream up a dog, it will often appear much more frightening, even though it’s the same thing: a dog. This is because your mind has a habit of exaggerating things like this. It works the other way as well. If you have sex in reality, of course it will feel good (hopefully!) but in a dream it’s more intense.

The mind simulates the experience but it leaves out the boring bits and gives you the full whack of the intense climax for an extended period of time. It creates the experience and amplifies it. If it’s a bad experience such as a nightmare or something you’re scared of, it will make it seem more scary. If it’s eating food, then it will taste nicer!

What does dream food taste like?

If you’ve never had food in a dream, you might find this weird to read but lucid food tastes REALLY good. IT sometimes doesn’t taste of anything, but when you CAN taste, it it’s incredible.

Tasting lucid dream food

It tastes exactly how you’d imagine it to, but better. If anything, it also feels better because no matter how fatty or bad for you it normally would be, in a dream you can eat as much of it as you want, without getting fat. It’s a great way to enjoy lots of junk food without actually gaining any weight from it. Here are some really good foods to try eating in your next lucid dream:

  • Cherry pie or apple pie
  • Ice cream
  • Cheeseburger with all the trimmings
  • A soft, steak sandwich
  • Thick, creamy chocoloate cake
  • A crispy slice of bacon

Eating food in The Matrix

Here is a short clip from ‘The Matrix‘ which explains it a little differently. Of course, Lucid Dreaming is similar to the film ‘The Matrix’ but not exactly the same. When they talk about eating a piece of steak in this clip, when Agent Smith talks to Cypher, it explains that he knows the food isn’t real, but it still tastes amazing.

You can create any experience you would like for yourself. If you want to fly around, you can! If you want to just sit around eating the best tasting ice cream you’ve ever had, then you can do that too, and no matter what you try and eat, it will be amazing!

Things to try

Next time you’re in a lucid dream, try eating the food! Explore a building and try and find a kitchen. When you find a fridge in the dream, it will be full of food usually. This is because our minds create what we expect to be there in a lucid dream. You can also try the following things:


  • Try making your own lucid meal when you’re in the dream! Combine weird ingredients you’ve never eaten or heard of before
  • Some people report that by trying certain herbs like Mugwort, they find themselves eating more in the dream, and it seems to taste better as well!
  • You can also try playing music in a dream and create songs you didn’t think you could play!