Dreampad Pillow Review 2024: Does The Shark Tank Product WORK?


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Dreampad Relaxation Pillow is a therapeutic pillow that uses sleep technology to reduce stress and improve your sleep quality. By turning music and sound waves into soothing vibrations, it provides a calming effect and enhances relaxation.

Sleep is something that is either a struggle, or it’s taken for granted.

A lot of people have problems falling asleep due to anxiety, or just their brain refusing to shut down. They need music in the room or white noise machines to calm themselves down. (We have a handy article on how to fall asleep faster, by the way). 

At first, the pillow was conceived as a therapeutic tool to calm children with autism. At a later time, it was used as a sleep aid for people with complex sleeping difficulties.

What is a Dreampad?

Unlike speakers or headphones, through vibrations to the inner ear, the Dreampad delivers music directly into your nervous system.

This method helps calm the mind and puts your brain in relaxation mode.

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Does Dreampad pillow really work?

The technology behind Dreampad is based on the natural conductivity of the human body.

If you’ve ever wondered why your voice sounds different on a recording, this is because of bone conduction.

When we speak, we hear ourselves both externally and internally. Our voice carries through the air into our outer ear; at the same time, our bones carry the vibrations of our voice to the inner ear.

Dreampad replicates this natural process by using electromechanical transducers to convert music and other sounds into vibrations, which travel very well through solid material. As soon as your head touches the pillow, you start picking up these vibrations.

Compared to natural sounds, the vibrations used in bone conduction can only be heard by you. This way, you don’t have to worry about disturbing your sleeping partner.

Your job is to download the app and connect your phone via Bluetooth or plug it directly through the 3.5mm jack. After you connect it and decide what you want to listen to, you can put your phone into the mini-pocket and enjoy.

Design and Comfort

There are four different models of Dreampad Pillow that you can choose from.

They all include a mini-pocket with a zipper and the company’s patented Intrasound Technology. The models are based on their support level, and they are Medium, Memory, Firm, and Slim. We’ll discuss a little more about them below.

  • Medium: This model is considered to be the company’s most popular one because it delivers a “perfect combination of comfort and support.” It features a 100% cotton shell and hypoallergenic polyfill down alternative. Measuring at 20” x 28” and with a weight of 2.25 lbs, it’s lush, soft, and has enough flexibility for people who like to sleep in all positions.
  • Memory: This model is the same as the Medium one; the only difference is that it’s filled with memory foam. The foam is softer on the sides for gentle give, which allows your head to sink into the contour of the pillow.
  • Firm: This a slightly heavier model with a weight of 2.88 lbs, and it has all of the same features as the previous two. The difference is that it’s filled with a denser polyfill, and it has a slightly higher loft. Despite it being higher, it still offers plenty of softness, whether you’re a back or side sleeper.
  • Slim: Recommended for people that prefer a thin, low-loft pillow. It can be used by itself, or you can slide it under the pillow that you currently use, and still enjoy the music. Since it measures just 13” x 18.5” and 1.54 lbs, it fits perfectly into carry-on luggage, which makes it ideal for travel.

Dreampad mobile App

This product is accompanied by a free app that you can get for Android and iOS.

The app looks simple; it’s easy to use and contains music provided by the company to help you fall asleep.

Music from the app is developed in-house, and the company says that it’s “based on the latest sleep research findings, including the core aspects of tempo, frequency, nature sounds, and brain wave activity during sleep.”

By the way: We also have an app for Iphone at the moment, which helps with lucid dreaming and remembering to do reality checks. You can check it out here

Possible Side Effects

Like any standard speaker or headphones, listening to loud music using the technology of bone conduction can still harm your hearing if done wrong.

When it comes to using the Dreampad, the manufacturer says there are “two health-related caveats.”

If you’re prone to motion sickness, it’s recommended that you start with quick 5-10 minute sessions. This way, you can make sure the “vibrational music doesn’t trigger a reaction similar to that of motion sickness.”

Due to the risk of SIDS, the product shouldn’t be used by children under the age of one. Also, “children and adults with medical conditions should consult their doctor before using.”

Benefits of Dreampad

This product is relatively new to the market, but it already has some promising research to back it up.

Tests conducted on veterans experiencing PTSD have shown that, when using the pillow, they were able to fall asleep faster. Some of the veterans have also reduced the severity and frequency of nightmares.

There is also some promising research that indicates the Dreampad promotes better rest for ADHD and Autistic individuals.

The most significant advantage of the Dreampad is that you’re the only person that hears the music coming from it. More importantly, your body’s relaxation response is triggered by the vibrations moving towards the bony area surrounding your inner ear.

The calming effect of the pillow is a result of the vibrations stimulating the vagus nerve, which activates the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS). The PNS helps to regulate stress, and it’s the part of our nervous system that relaxes us to a point where we can fall asleep.

Dreampad review summary

Team Dreampad, the manufacturer, markets Dreampad as a luxury pillow that helps induce sleep and relax your mind. By playing music through gentle vibrations, the pillow does exactly what it’s advertised to.

If you or your child has ADHD or autism, this pillow could be of great help to you.

Though its price is a little higher, it doesn’t hurt to try it out. There is also a 30-day money-back guarantee, so the only thing you have to lose is a little bit of your time.

You can read more reviews of the Dreampad here and learn more about how it works.