How to Use Mind Mapping To Interpret Your Dreams Better


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Have you ever had difficulty interpreting your dreams?  Do you sometimes struggle with remembering your dreams? Mind mapping could be the solution, and yo could end up remembering much more than you THOUGHT you’d dreamt. 

Even if you are able to remember your dreams, do you find that it’s hard to really get a grasp on what your dreams mean because there are so many different elements within your dreams?

If any one of these circumstances sounds like you, mind mapping may be a great way to help you both remember and interpret your dreams. Mine mapping is a perfect way to recall the details of your dreams so that you can finally understand what they mean.

What is Mind Mapping?

Mind mapping involves the use of a diagram to help a dreamer recognize the context of their dreams through words and images.

Usually with a mind map, there is a central word, thing or idea that is placed in the middle of the diagram. From this central word, thing or idea other words or images are linked to it. The supporting words and images help to provide more information about the central theme of a particular dream.

Mind mapping is actually very easy to do. It doesn’t require anything fancy. You can simply make a diagram using a pen and a piece of paper or some people even decide to make them fancy by adding colors and other attributes that can help them remember and interpret their dreams a bit better. Mind maps can be as simple or complex as you desire. You create the mind map that will help you interpret your dream in the best way possible.

How to use mind mapping to interpret your dreams

You may be wondering how a simple diagram can help you interpret your dreams. It’s pretty simple. Mind mapping takes you on a journey of breaking down your dreams into easily understood concepts and ideas through words and images.

Often times, dreams can be quite fuzzy and nebulous making it difficult for people to really understand their dreams in totality. Just think of all the times that you’ve had a dream, and you spent the entire day trying to figure out what the dream means as well as the true meaning of various elements within the dream.

In some ways, mind mapping is a very visual way for you to better understand your dreams. Think of dream journaling except you’ll be using a diagram that allows you to connect the central theme of your dream with specific words and images.

After doing this, you can review your mind mapping diagram to better understand your dream by connecting the various images and words to the overall theme of the dream.

Mind mapping is a very creative way to interpret dreams especially if you are the type of person that has recurring dreams. A single mind mapping diagram can be added upon to help you connect the dots between various dreams with the same theme. Remember; think of mind mapping as a creative form of dream journaling. Mind mapping in many ways is similar to dream journaling except the format of interpreting the dream is different.

Different types of mind map and how they work

There are various types of mine maps from the ultra-simple to the super complex. The type of mind map that is best suited for you depends upon the way you interpret information.

Some people like simple mind maps that are direct and to the point. Others may prefer more complicated mind maps that require more detailed construction and interpretation. No matter what type of mind mapping diagram you prefer, it is always important to select a mind mapping method that makes sense to you.

Some examples of mind map diagrams include:

  • The Basic Mind Map: This type of mind map is usually the go to for those just beginning with the process of using a mind mapping diagram. It’s quite simple to do. Using a piece of paper and a pencil, you simply create the central theme of your dream in the middle of the paper. Then, using lines and other circles you record ideas about the main theme of the dream within the supporting connected circles.
  • Sunburst Mind Maps: This particular type of mind map is a bit more complex and actually allows you to delve into a dream deeply. Fashioned off of the structure of a sun and its rays, the sunburst mind map is very useful for individuals that are very visual and like the idea of being able to expound upon their ideas one on top of the other. With this type of mind mapping diagram, you can get very creative with the way in which you interpret a dream. Some people choose to follow their dreams in sequential order when using this type of mind mapping diagram while others may find it easier to focus on a central theme of the dream and expound upon details as they remember them.

No matter which way you choose to better interpret your dreams, mind mapping is recommended for anyone that is interested in better understanding their dreams. If you want to learn more, there is an awesome book on understanding your dream meaning you could read.