Understanding the Meaning of Money in Dreams (Surprising)


🌙 Written by Kai Riverstone, international lucid dreaming expert and teacher. Learn how to lucid dream in 7 days or less.

Money makes the world go around.

The 1996 hit musical “Cabaret” perfectly explains the importance of money in our lives.

In this post we’ll explain the MEANING of money in dreams, and how it can help you. 

Money is more than just a commodity. It is a symbol of power, wealth and prestige that often we associate it with good and bad deeds.

Although others see it as the source of all evil, can you imagine living without money?

You won’t be able to afford anything and wouldn’t be able to eat, sleep or drink.

Money affects our daily lives that it drives pretty much everything.

It is the source of our functionality that without it we would be in a state of chaos. 

Stealing and crime would commence, but with money, it serves as your motivator to work hard to earn it. It facilitates growth, invention, and hard work. It drives our lives and makes it easier.

It is the panacea for our problems. 

Dream Meaning of Money

Now, what if you dreamed of money? What does it mean?

There are many different dream meanings and interpretations, but today we’re looking at MONEY. 

When you dream of money it is a sign of incoming wealth, prosperity, and success. It may attribute to the material aspect of money, but it may also mean wealth in love, family, friends, and spirituality. 

There are tons of meanings for money for different people.

It may mean material gain. Or it may mean an elevation of your status.

Money in your dreams can also be attributed to success or wealth as to your mental being or self-worth.

It can also mean richness in your life’s purpose, pursuit, and wisdom. But it also means you will be rich in one area of your life while feel lacking on the other.

Money may also relate to your overall energy which includes your health, psyche, mind, heart, and spirit.

Meaning Of Receiving Money in a Dream

When you receive money in your dream, it is often reflected as a positive symbol. This may mean you will be gaining something. But what you gain can be based on your context.

It can mean that you will receive the following:

  • Wealth
  • Success
  • Prosperity

Wealth can be through physical or abstract forms such as money, car, house, etc.

It can also mean you will gain love, husband, wife, friend, support, etc. 

What you will gain will depend, but this will often leave you feeling happy and contented. It will also leave you feeling lucky and confident which will help you in your daily activities.

You will proceed with your routine with enthusiasm and confidence. You will begin to believe in yourself and every choice you make.

On the other hand, these dreams may just be an indication of your dreams and goals. Your unconscious desires are being reflected in your dream. 

Losing Money in a Dream

When you lose money in a dream, it often leaves you disturbed and panicky.

It leaves you with a sense of loss, dread, and anxiety, because who would want to lose money?

The loss of money can mean material things such as the loss of something valuable to you. Or it can mean your lack of energy, self-esteem, and emptiness in your life.  

This kind of dream can mean the following:

  • You have lost your will or purpose that you are being advised to stay back and pause to regroup. 
  • Your life is unbalanced that such as your relationship with your peers and family.
  • You are not taking care of your financials such as spending on immaterial things rather than focusing on your basic needs. 

Since relationships require a give-and-take, it may mean that you have been taking so much from your partner, that now it is being taken away from you.

If you have this dream, you need to be careful and take the necessary steps to find a solution to the problem.

Winning Money in a Dream

When you are winning money in your dream, it means you are getting lucky in one aspect of your life.

This could mean you will soon be getting the following:

  • A promotion
  • A raise
  • New clients

This doesn’t necessarily mean you will be winning in the lottery, but it can mean you will soon be winning at a contest or you are in a really good position in your life.

Your dream could also mean that you are ready to take on a new path and it will be highly supported by many. 

It would also mean that you have been working so hard for so long and you are finally reaping the rewards to your labor.

With this, you should never slacken and continue to do a great job for you to come closer to your success.

Since you will be attracting good opportunities and positive energy, you should capitalize on this feeling in your everyday activities.

When you have this dream, you often wish to never wake up because it is so good to be true.

But you should look at it from a positive view and continue to work hard to achieve your dreams. 

Saving Money in a Dream

Saving Money in a dream can have a positive and negative meaning.

It can mean you are in a secure and stable position in your life because you can allot some of your money for future expenses, or you have plenty of resources/fundings. 

It can also mean you are generally happy about life that is overflowing.

However, it could also mean that you are not enjoying things by hoarding what you have and not sharing it with others.

If it was indicated in your dream that you are deliberately keeping money, you should try to give and share what you have.

Sharing with others and enjoying their company is a fun and fulfilling experience.

You should also go out and enjoy your life because it may mean you are spending too much time at work or school. Maybe you should also try to open up to others and let go of your controlling mindset. 

Stealing Money in a Dream

Stealing money can mean you are not getting what you deserve or you getting greedy.

Stealing may arise from mixed feelings because it depends on your values and beliefs.

Your answers to these questions can help you fully determine the meaning of your dream:

  • Is it alright to steal?
  • Do you believe stealing is wrong or are there circumstances you can make an exemption to the rule?
  • Do you believe you are at odds with this rule and the authority?

If you do believe it is wrong to steal, you will be left with a feeling of guilt or sadness. But if it is in contrast, you may think you deserve taking the money, albeit the actions.

Stealing money can also be a reflection of your life such as you constantly fight with the authorities or you recently broke a rule.

It could also mean you are not getting what you deserve conventionally.

Hence, you have to resort to difficult means.

It may also mean you are getting greedy and selfish in life.

You are succeeding but at the expense of another.

Your conscience is telling you in your dream to change your ways.

Despite all these, stealing money also has a positive meaning such as you’re finally about to receive what you deserve, or you’re finally having a good attitude at work.

Spending Money in a Dream

Spending Money in a dream can mean you have achieved great heights in your career that you are finally receiving the benefits of your hard work.

You are in a good position in your life, may it be through career, school or family.

For example:

  • If you are a student, it means you can finally relax and spend a day pampering yourself after a grueling academic year. 
  • If you are in a relationship, it could mean you are finally being answered by your special someone or an exciting announcement is about to come. 
  • About your career, it can mean you are seizing every opportunity and checking all your goals.

Spending money can also mean your lifestyle or inner desires of shopping and spending on items you wish to buy. However, it is also a warning to you as to your lifestyle.

If you are spending your money on frivolous items, you may want to re-evaluate and budget your money.

If you are wasting money on your dream, it may mean you are wasting your energy on things that are not important. 

The act of spending money on everything may also mean you are dissatisfied with your current life.

Nothing seems to please you despite buying everything. This may mean you need to re-evaluate your goals and take the necessary steps to plan it out.

If the feeling of dissatisfaction stems from unattainable goals, you should create a step-by-step plan that is attainable that can help you.

Borrowing Money in a Dream

Borrowing money in a dream can be a reflection of your current situation where you have overspent your money or you lack funds due to a low wage.

If this is so, you have to create a budget on how you will be budgeting your money and find ways to earn another source of income.

Metaphorically, borrowing money can mean you have stretched yourself or overexerted your efforts to the point you have nothing else to give.

You need to re-assess your steps and plan on how you can stand up again.

It may also mean that despite your success, you should be aware of not overspending or overexerting yourself.

Plus, it may mean you are climbing the ladder of success in a fast and quick way without thinking of the repercussions.

Since you are borrowing money, you owe the person whom you are borrowing to. It may indicate you have to pay for the persons whom you owe in kind or deeds.

You should be careful because you may or may not like the payment for this loan. 

Giving Away Money to Others in a Dream

Giving away money to others can depend on the situation on your dream. Were you giving away because you want to or not?

If you were giving away money without your consent, this means you are scared of losing the abundance and wealth in your life.

You are scared of losing all your hard work. 

If you were happy in giving away your money, this means you are happy with your life and would like to give back to those who are in need.

You are contented with your life that you opt to help others through simple acts. 

It can also mean you will be encountering a person with a difficult situation and you will serve as an anchor from that person. You will help the person stand-up and regain strength.

Watching Others Exchange Money in a Dream

If you see people exchange or count money in your dream, it can mean you are jealous and envious of their abundance and success. You may be experiencing disappointment in yourself for not succeeding in the goals that you grow envious of people who have surpassed you. 

It may also mean you are feeling lonely for not being able to interact with others.

You feel neglected and lonely.

On the other hand, it can mean you want to learn new kinds of stuff.

It can be seen through the exchange of the persons in your dream. You want to learn about the life, love, business, etc.

Finding Money in a Dream

It is often a good sign when you find money in your dream.

It means you are discovering something new about yourself and everything is going well in your life. You are discovering a different aspect of yourself and learning to embrace it. 

Finding money can also mean you are about to have success in your relationship.

You have been in a quest for love for so long and you are finally able to achieve it.

This dream can also mean you will have success in your job, family, and friends.


Money is more than just a piece of paper.

It is a necessity and a tool for our world to live harmoniously.

Dreaming about it can have several meanings and interpretations. But no matter what your dream is, you have the power to control your life. Whatever challenges or success may come, it is up to you on how you wield your life.