What Dream Locations Really Mean


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We’re going to talk a little bit about the landscape and LOCATION that you’re finding yourself within your dreams. The place you project yourself into actually could mean something in terms of dream interpretation and it may be your subconscious mind trying to tell you something.

As with all dream interpretation, it’s up to you to decide if you’re interested in it, or if the explanations apply to you, but they’re usually fairly accurate. As explained before, the true meaning of your dreams is largely something you must discover for yourself, as it’s different for everyone, but reading articles like this about the meaning can help you to come to a realization on your own.

For example, you could read the first ‘dream location’ section on here about Urban or city type places, and relate that to your own life, for example and say ‘Yes, that makes sense, I AM going through some changes in my life, and I do think of them as difficult, maybe I need to relax and try meditating etc to think about the challenge in a more positive way’.

By reading things like this, you can get a better understanding of your mind and what it may be trying to say to you.

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Without further chit-chat, here are some common locations or landscapes you may find yourself in a dream, and what they could mean..

Urban or city environment

A familiar city center suggests that you are exploring your environment for ways of advancing or improving your self in life.You’re used to the places in your own life and you’re looking for something more, you’re trying to break out and explore.

A city in a dream

Finding yourself in an unfamiliar city could mean that you are going through some changes or that you’re about to start something new. To be inside a skyscraper indicates it is time to reach for your goals; to view the skyscraper from the outside indicates that you may feel the challenge you’re going through or are yet to go through is difficult.

Countryside or a village

To see luscious, green, rolling fields signifies great prosperity and happiness in your personal and business life, while fresh dew or soft rain on rolling hills bodes well for sensual pleasure. Dry, uninhabited areas foretell of reversals in your fortunes, whereas a newly ploughed field indicates that your ambitions are within reach if you are prepared to toil ahead.

Reading that, you could relate it in the following way:

‘I dreamed of a dry uninhabited area the other night, and the field had just been ploughed. This is said to mean that there are rewards ahead and they’ll be available to me if I work hard’. So then you work harder. It’s almost like you’re receiving a message from your subconscious mind: ‘Work Harder’.

A seaside resort or Beach

A busy seaside resort suggests new romantic inclinations tied with financial improvements. Walking alone along a rugged coastline denotes challenging relationships. As a dream omen, sand dunes warn against questionable schemes or proposals from acquaintances whose intentions are manipulative and exploitative. Lying on a beach can imply that soon you will have no time to wallow, so enjoy the respite while lasts. It’s like you’re being told to enjoy your rest, because there’s hard times ahead, or hard times have already begun and you’re not quite at the stage where you’ve realized it yet.

A desert

Desert or ‘sandy dreams’

Perseverance and stamina through a long and difficult journey are indicated in a dream of an arid desert, but with the promise of success if you hold true to your vision. A sandy desert denotes contentment and good news about your most recent efforts; however if your trek was hindered by sandstorms, then difficulties may temporarily blind you. Dreams set in desert scrublands imply that the pickings in life are good, albeit infrequent and sparsely scattered.

Mountain Ranges

Soaring peaks suggest major obstacles to overcome; while ravines and gorges are emotional chasms into which you could fall. Being in a valley means that emotional conflicts abound, but they will not rock the long term foundations of your relationships. A snowy mountain scene implies hardship calling for ingenuity. An erupting volcano means that an old situation may explode, pouring out disastrous results.

Tropical Landscapes

A difficult passage through a tropical jungle warns against getting involved with other peoples financial problems. Getting caught in undergrowth is an omen of foolish romantic entanglement. To be stranded on a tropical island signifies that there are obstacles ahead of you, while living on or visiting a tropical island implies new, exciting liaisons and experiences. To be in a wild forest indicates that someone you trust could let you down.

Dreaming about a jungle

The power of the subconscious mind

So although some of these may seem like a spiritual interpretation, many of them can provide a better understanding of your dreams and what the locations are trying to say to you. Your subconscious mind is a VERY powerful thing, and it can sometimes detect or realize things long before your conscious mind becomes aware.

It’s good at picking up on tiny things like changes in the tone of people’s voices etc, and it’s capable of almost foretelling the future, or at least being hyper-sensitive to the world around you, and for this reason, sometimes your dreams can appear to ‘predict the future’. What’s really happening is that your mind (subconscious mind) picks up on things that are normally in plain sight, but your conscious mind doesn’t register.

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Learning more about your dreams

Dream interpretation can be a VAST topic and it’s different for everyone, because we all dream differently. That being said, there are some dream symbols which tend to have the same meaning across lots of dreamers. you might also want to get yourself a basic dream dictionary to learn more about what your dreams mean.


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