I Don’t Know What Lucid Dreaming IS Or Why I Should Care!

If you’ve come to this site and clicked onto this quiz without knowing what lucid dreaming IS, you’re in for a treat. Lucid dreaming is incredible and can be defined like this: 

Lucid dreaming is the ability to become self aware DURING your dreams.

This means you can control the dream, guide it, and do whatever you want. It all feels incredible real, and you’ll wake up with beautiful, vivid memories of your adventures.

BEST option: Read more about it

I’d say the best thing to do, if you’re completely new is to just read more about lucid dreaming and why it’s so awesome. Here’s some articles to get started with:

SECOND option: Just get started

The second option is to just start LEARNING how to lucid dream.

I would suggest that you get our lucid dreaming bootcamp course. It’s a printable calendar template telling you EXACTLY what to practice for 30 days. It guarantees that if you follow the steps, you WILL lucid dream within 20-30 days or less. IF not you can get your money back.

It also contains a TON of free bonuses worth over $50, and you get lots of value here. This is the course that’s helped the MOST people lucid dream, and you can read lots of peoples reviews of the bootcamp as well. THIS is where I would suggest starting, because it makes SURE you’ll lucid dream.