IMPORTANT! – If you sign up to this waiting list today, there’s a very good chance you’ll get a discount of some sort when we launch, or at the very least a free bonus or something special. I’ll reward the people who signed up before we launched.

Members Only Lucid Dreaming Area –  The Dollar Dream Club

We’re going to be launching a special members only area of this website soon, for only $1 a month. It’s such a low amount but it will separate those who are really serious about lucid dreaming from those who just don’t have the motivation to learn properly.

In this members only section, you’ll find a number of things. You’ll find special articles, member submitted lucid dreaming stories and a few special bonus resources that I have yet to create. There will be a few special Ebook downloads, cheat sheets, technique guides and also a ‘lucid calendar’ where you can download a printable schedule for learning and practicing various techniques.

Pretty good value for only $1 a month, right? If you’re interested in this, please sign up to the waiting list using the form on this page now. I’ll email you with updates about it and you will be the first to know when we launch.