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Seeing (let alone dreaming of) the Giant Gippsland earthworm can be scary. It is the largest of its kind, growing to a length of as much as 3m. Dreaming of such a giant wriggler is straight-up nightmarish.

It is unlikely that you’ve never come up against it in real life or slumberland.

But you might have dreamed about the regular worms and you’re keen to find out what the dream means. Keep reading because you are a few steps from finding out.

Worms in dreams (General)

Worms in dreams are usually associated with negativity. They could stand for the vile people in your life looking to bring tragedy to you, toxic emotions or generally not-so-good surroundings.

You can either smile or worry depending on the scenario in which the worm(s) appeared to you. There are cases when the worms signify better days to come. Yet still, the same worms can point to a dark future or a possibility of the people around you being the opposite of how you perceive them, in a bad way.

As it is with any dream, it’s the tiny details that will reveal the underlying meaning.

Getting more specific with the dream meaning of worms

Worms manifest in dreams in a couple of ways. You have to take note of them to fully interpret your dream.

Here are common worm dream scenarios

  • One or many worms
  • Different types of worms
  • Worms and food/eating themes
  • Worms in or on the  body
  • Worms in a particular location other than your body

And now in detail…

One or many worms

Dreaming of one worm is a sign that you have genuine friends, even if you don’t know it. The friends will turn out to be important in offering you a solution to a problem – something you won’t be expecting. Alternatively, the dream can mean the possibility of making a new valuable connection.

Many worms call for precaution. They signal imminent deceit. Some malicious individuals are going to try and benefit from you – by way of finances or property ownership. It is up to you to stay vigilant.

Different types of worms

Dreaming of silkworms

Silkworm dreams are a good sign – in terms of the people close to you and your finances.

For the people, it means you can count on them; they are dependable. You can face all the tough situations with their sincere help.

On the finances side, the dream signifies a bright future. Money won’t be a problem anymore as your ventures are going to pick up steam.

Dreaming of earthworms

Earthworms refer to enemies in your real life. Encountering them in a dream symbolises that these are way weaker than you imagined – not worth losing sleep over.

Worms and food/eating themes

Dreaming of eating worms

Eating worms in a dream is a sign of impending success. There is a high likelihood of achieving your goals. As a result, you’ll earn the admiration and respect of those around you.

Dreaming of worms in food

Just as it is disgusting to have worms in your food in waking life, it is equally not a good sign to dream about it.

Dreaming about worms in food is a sign that there are people around you jealous of your achievements, especially at the workplace. As such, they are going to use all means to try and taint your name and bring you down as a result.

You can take the dream as a warning – being on the lookout lest you fall into a trap.

Dreaming about your food turning into worms

Dreaming of your food turning into these wriggly creatures calls for a self-evaluation. It means you have certain wicked habits that you’re worried could cost you in terms of health.

Worms on or in your body

Ridding your body of worms

Such a dream signifies your disregard for money or other material things. Instead, you are more interested in spiritual nourishment as it is what fills and makes you happy.

The worms here can also represent difficulties in your life. Trying to get rid of them from your body is you trying to find solutions to the problems.

Worms crawling on your body

You better be careful with all that compassion. Someone is going to take advantage of it for his/her selfish gains.

On the other hand, the dream could also mean that you’ve set your monetary goals a bit high. This has made achieving the said goals a tall order for you.

Dreaming of worms in your skin

The interpretation of this dream can go three ways:-

  1. It can mean that you let down someone who was counting on you. As a result, you are unsettled about it.
  2. Or maybe you are covering up vile past deeds you were part of.
  3. Lastly, you could be wishing to hold yourself accountable for all the atrocities you took part in by coming out about them.

A worm crawling out of your eye

Been feeling some pressure lately because of suppressed harmful feelings? This dream is a call for you to let go of this tension.

Dreaming about worms coming out of your body

This is close to the above. The worms represent emotions you’ve been keeping covered finally coming out for you to deal with.

Worms in a particular location

Worms on the floor

The floor represents your social life in dreams – family, work, etc. And worms crawling all over it is a sign of doom. Sooner or later, you are going to end up in a tussle with a family member, friend or co-worker.

Worms in soil

Everything is looking up as far as the future is concerned. Success is on the horizon and you might end up with more than you can imagine.

Worms on grass

Worms crawling on grass points to a possibility of future wrangles with your family members or workmates.


Worms are generally bearers of bad news when they appear in dreams. But looking at certain factors (listed above) in the dream can mean the exact opposite.

Considering that, what is the meaning of your dream about worms?