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Whales are among the biggest animals we have around. The blue whale, for instance, can weigh up to 200 tonnes. The other types of whales are not as weighty, but their mass is something to behold.

With these huge bodies, comes boundless strength – a property that is usually attached to dreams involving these giant ocean mammals.

Though the meaning of dreams about whales is hinged on religion, experiences, and beliefs, forte is a common theme. Additionally, whales in dreams lean on the protection and spirituality sides; the appearance of a whale in a dream being an assurance that all is going to be fine, serenity.

That’s all positive.

Since there is a wide variation in cultural interpretation of this dream, it’s only natural that it falls on both sides of the spectrum – the good and the bad. On the not-so-good side, the whale can be a symbol of your darkness. It can also represent the likelihood of experiencing a loss of some kind moving forward.

But just how serene or dark your dream is will be determined by the role of the whale in it. And that is precisely what you are going to find out in a few. Before that…

The whale as a spirit animal

The properties of the whale as a spirit animal are vital in unmasking the meaning of dreams about them.

Here are a few common ones:-

  1. Peace – as mentioned above, whales are a symbol of peace. Having a whale as your spirit animal means you are shielded from all that is bad. You can rest easy.
  2. Awareness – having the ocean giant as your spirit animal means you are conscious of the universe. You are not easily deceived by how things appear as you know there could be more than meets the eye.
  3. Emotions – the whale stands for deep-seated feelings. As your spirit animal, it means you are comfortable with letting out how you feel concisely.
  1. Communication – whales can still keep in touch even across thousands of water miles. If a whale is your spirit animal, it means your communication is not only crystal-clear but also truthful.
  2. Darkness – the fact that whales live the deepest waters points to your darker side, usually hidden. Think about it – what are some of the things that you’ve kept under folds?
  1. Family – whales value their families a great deal. As a spirit animal, the whale symbolises your commitment to being around your family members.
  2. Forgiveness – the whale appearing as your spirit animal will signals that you need to let go of aggressions. It is time to move on with your life, and enjoy it.

These spirit characteristics are tied into most dreams about whales. The dream may hint of them depending on other details of the said dream.

Dreams about whales may involve

  • Your actions towards a whale
  • The actions of the whale
  • The particular whale type
  • Unique situations involving you and the whale

Your actions towards the whale

Dreaming about chasing a whale

The dream indicates that you are willing to go the extra mile as far as your ambitions are concerned. Sacrifices and hard times, name them. You are willing to endure it all for the sake of your goals. That said it is important to evaluate if it is worth going through all turmoil.

The dream can also be a reminder of these sacrifices – if at all you’re not aware of them.

Dreaming of training a whale

Whale training in a dream reflects the changes your perception is going through – all thanks to your efforts. It means you are in the process of fine-tuning how you see things.

Dreaming of killing a whale

The meaning here will depend on the circumstances under which you killed the whale; either out of the blue or during a hunt.

In the first case, the dream symbolises your resistance to your spirituality. Instead of embracing it, you are in a constant struggle not knowing what’s required of you this side (the spiritual)  is concerned.

The second case denotes a home run in a venture you were working on.

The actions of the whale

Dreaming of a whale passing a message to another

Having such a dream signifies your desire to yell out about an issue that is not yet clear to you. In that case, having a deep self-reflection can give some hints.

Dreaming of a whale attacking you

The perpetrator here is usually a killer whale. The dream symbolises some pretty tough situations you’ve been through lately.

Dreaming about a whale flying/jumping

A dream about a flying/jumping whale signifies the feeling of relief and freedom from letting out your emotions. But you should also be careful of the resultant events the freed emotions might cause.

Dreaming about a whale turning over your vessel

This spells doom for relationship or investment projects. Both of them are currently too demanding for you. You are not ready to jump in yet.

Dreaming of a whale swimming under your boat

When you have such a dream, it means you are expecting and ready for a major occurrence. The only caveat is that you don’t know the direction it will go – good or bad.

Type of whale

Dreaming of a killer whale

Maybe you’ve been too withdrawn of late. This dream is a sign for you to step out there and make your voice be heard. Be sure to also make acquaintances while at it.

Dreaming about a beached whale

The dream means you need to give more attention to your spirituality – because you have completely lost direction as far as it concerned.

Dreaming about a humpback whale

If you have this dream, it means there will be variations in some or all aspects of your life. These changes will pave way for a blissful love life.

Unique situations

Dreaming about a dead whale

The dead whale here represents your unaccomplished goals. You gave up on them hence they are technically dead.

Dreaming a whale tail

This signifies that you have emotional balance. As such, you can navigate tense moments with ease.


Whales are symbols of strength and a host of other positive traits. Their properties as animal spirits prove this. As such, dreams about them are regarded positively. But they also feature on the negative side.

The particular meaning of your dreams – good or otherwise – is influenced by the scenarios outlined above.