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There it is again! You wake up after walking down the aisle in that beautiful white gown and holding pretty flowers in your hands. What does dreaming about a wedding mean?

To dream about a wedding symbolizes that you are ready for a new beginning in your life. Let’s find out what other meanings there are for a dream about a wedding.

Dreaming About an Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is a beautiful, sparkling object, but most importantly engagement rings are a symbol of love. Dreaming about an engagement ring suggests that you are thinking about a long term commitment and marriage. Proposing to someone causes a lot of anxiety and mixed emotions. Your dream is an indication to how nervous you feel.

Dreaming About a Wedding Proposal

Whether you are thinking about marriage or being proposed to the dream is a hint that you are thinking about the long-term. Dreaming of a wedding proposal also symbolizes how you really feel about marriage.

Dreams About the Bride

Whether you are married or single, dreaming of a bride has two interpretations. Dreaming of a bride either symbolizes a union of partnership. Or it represents your desire to get married.

Dreaming About a Wife

To dream about your wife means that there are unresolved issues looming in the air. Or if you’re not married and don’t have a wife, it expresses a desire to be in a relationship.

Dreams of Weddings is also a Feminine Sign

Dreaming of weddings brings out feminine qualities about yourself whether you’re female or male. You desire temptation, illicit pleasures, or a feminine quality that has suddenly come to an abrupt end.

What Does it Mean to Dream About Love?

Love is one of the hardest topics to explain. Dreaming about love has several interpretations. Dreaming about love means that you are content in your relationship, you’re seeking a relationship or have questionable feelings for how someone feels about you. You want to relationship to seek love and self-identity.

Dreaming of the Bachelor

Depending on which gender is dreaming of the bachelor, a dream about a bachelor means that you want freedom from your love life. While being a bachelor represents a bachelor’s masculinity, if a man dreams about himself as a bachelor its an implication that he is having trouble gaining his own sense of self freedom and a relationship.

Dreaming About an Engagement

You want to be in a relationship. Although some people are okay with being lonely, you want to be happy in a relationship. Dreams about an engagement indicate that you want commitment and a sense of security.

What Does a Dream Mean when I Become Engaged to my Father?

Don’t worry, dreaming about becoming engaged to your father has a much different dream meaning than what you’d think. You’re seeking a father figure. You want to have a relationship with your dad and even spend more time with him. Or you’d like to marry someone who is like your dad.

What Does it Mean to Dream of a Runaway Bride?

Weddings are a commitment. Dreams are here to help you with difficult decisions in your life. Are you ready to commit to a big change or a decision? To see a runaway bride in a dream means that you are not ready for the next phase in your life and that you need more time.

Dreaming About a Tuxedo

Dreaming of a tuxedo, either wearing or seeing one, represents culture, sophistication, and/or grace. You want others to notice you, to remember your name, and to appreciate your successes. You want to have more.

Dreaming About Your Anniversary

To dream about your upcoming wedding anniversary is a symbol of celebration and love. It’s also a helpful reminder of an important date that is right around the corner. Remember to mark your calendar! A dream of an anniversary also suggests a new start that is yet to come.

Dreams About an Arranged Marriage

Do you feel controlled? Are you feeling forced to move into a new stage of your life that is not your decision? Dreaming about arranged marriages is an indication of how invisible you feel to the world. Can you speak? Then, speak up! Voice how you feel to the people around you before it is too late.

Dreaming About the Honeymoon

Honeymoons are the first night with your husband/wife. While dreaming about a honeymoon indicates that you’re looking forward to a getaway, however, a dream about the honeymoon indicates fear in your sex life. Marriage is a gigantic commitment with so many changes happening before your very eyes. You’re either nervous or want more excitement in your relationship.

What Does it Mean When I Dream About a Husband?

A dream about your husband refers to your inner feelings about how you feel about him. Are you hiding things from him? Sit down and have a talk about how both of you are feeling. Marriage is communication. A dream about a husband also means partnership and commitment.

Dreaming About A Wedding Dress

Wedding dress shopping is an adventure. Aside from searching through a bunch of beautiful wedding gowns, a dream about a wedding dress means that you are evaluating your personal relationship. Or if you see someone else wearing a wedding gown it represents insignificance and how you feel unworthy.

Dreaming of Bridesmaids

Ever see that film Bridesmaids? To see your best friend get married is a beautiful scene. Dreaming about a bridesmaid signifies a looming romance and how you want to be in a relationship.

What Does it Mean to Dream About Remarriage?

We all need to find time for ourselves in marriage. Your first relationship isn’t going to be the one. To dream about remarriage signifies trust and acceptance in oneself. Without pushing yourself over the brink in your mental health, dreaming about a remarriage means that you have given yourself a second chance and have resolved your own issues on your own without help.