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Did you just wake up after dreaming about a beautiful waterfall and now you need to go to the bathroom? What do dreams about water mean? Dreams about water interpret life, death, change, rebirth, and renewal. What are the other meanings of water reflected in dreams?

Dreams About Showering

Ever have a dream where you wake up after a nice shower? Although it was soothing, a dream about showering means that you need to take better care of yourself. Resolve emotional conflicts plaguing you.

Getting enough water during the day

Dreams About Floods of Water

Do you feel out of control when you’re submerged in a flood of water? You are overwhelmed. It’s time to discuss what is making you feel so overwhelmed so you can breathe again.

Dreaming About Rain

In a dream, rain is a symbol of sadness. In a sense, dreams help you figure out problems and lingering sadness. Don’t be afraid to cry. Crying is okay. It does not make you a weak person. Rain interprets emotional cleansing and healing in the near future. You will feel better soon.

What Does Dreaming About the Ocean Mean?

Dreaming about the ocean represents your state of mind and emotions. Depending on how calm or how rough the ocean is, dreaming of oceans shows your positive or negative emotions. Dreaming of an ocean also indicates a willingness to overcome life’s challenges.

Dreams About Waves

Those waves are always fun to jump through on the beach. If you successfully jumped over that wave in the dream then you can handle anything life throws at you. However, if that wave knocks you over then you’re being carried away from your life goals by a great force. Stand up for yourself and keep moving forward.

Water in a dream

Dreaming of Tsunami’s, Hurricanes, Tornado, and Tidal Waves

Natural disasters are never fun. It’s an easy sign with all these storms brewing that you are feeling overwhelmed and out of control. It’s time to put your emotions out there to resolve your emotional dilemmas to finally be at peace. Breathe and enjoy the calm weather around you before you get blown away by the force of the winds.

Dreams About a Waterfall

Waterfalls are beautiful to look at. You have finally found your inner peace. Waterfalls are a sign of emotional cleansing and healing of the mind, soul, and body.

Dreams Where You are Under Water

Having a dream where you’re underwater and can’t breathe? The dream symbolizes that you’re feeling very overwhelmed with a situation. Oftentimes, a dream about underwater reflects your return to your mother’s womb where you were safe and didn’t have to deal with the crazy world.

What Does it Mean to Dream About Ponds and Lakes?

Dreaming about a pond or a lake represents your waking life and how you express yourself emotionally. If you’re happy with your place and mental state the water is calm. If the water is a frenzy that means something is not right.

Have You Ever Had a Dream Where You Walked on the Water?

Yes, having the power to walk on water is impossible, but it symbolizes that you have garnered control of your life and decisions, building confidence in yourself. You can do anything you set your mind to.

Dreams About a Swimming Pool

Swimming in pools are fun. It also means that you want to relax from all the drama in your life. Take control and end all these emotional dramas plaguing your mind. Remove yourself from toxic waters to relieve you from past episodes.

Did you Get Splashed in Your Dream?

Wake up! More figuratively than literally. Don’t forget about your goals. Stay on track and never lose yourself to the overwhelming everyday world.

Dreams About Rivers or Streams

Depending on how ferocious the river or the stream is in your dream, it represents how at peace or how things are moving too quickly at an overwhelming pace for you to handle. Take things slowly. However, if the river moves at a slow and steady pace then you are making progress with your goals at your own pace that you feel comfortable with.

Dreams About Trying to Cross a River?

Having trouble crossing the river in your dream? There is an obstacle holding you back from obtaining your goal. Find out what the blockage is to keep moving forward.

Dreaming About Muddy Water

Does the water look dirty in your dream? You’re repressing emotions, confused, or you’re uncertain about how to deal with a situation. Stop over thinking! You’re only overflowing your mind, drowning yourself. Sit down, think of the positives and then try to settle your issue calmly. You need to see clearly to fix the problem.

What Does it Mean to see Holy Water in a Dream?

You’re at peace. Or seeing holy water means that you’re seeking spiritual help. Nobody should fight their battles alone.

What Does it Mean When the Water is Boiling Hot?

You have had it. Let that steam out. Don’t bottle up your emotions. Holding in emotions is never good for your mental health. Don’t let yourself suffer. Instead, find time to relax and take a break from the stresses of your life.

What Does it Mean to Drown in a Dream?

Ever wake up struggling to breathe because you were suffocating underwater? You’re in way over your head with your emotions. Take a moment to breathe instead of drowning in dramas.

Crossing Water in a Dream

Crossing water without difficulty in a dream result that you have everything under your control. Unlike others, you like to be independent.

Dreaming About a Shipwreck

Swimming through the water you come across a shipwreck. Are you alone or are you with someone? You either have all the support you need or you’re struggling to find help.

Drinking Water in a Dream

In order to stay healthy, we need to drink water to stay hydrated. If you dream about a nice cool drink of water then you should do that right when you wake up.